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PHL: Philadelphia’s Hellish Landings

Not that I have any personal reason for this, mind you….

Having returned this evening from parts southward (Savannah to Charlotte to Philly), I felt somehow mysteriously compelled to seek out this story from USA Today earlier this month:

Efforts to reduce excessive delays at Philadelphia International Airport are developing on two fronts.

Signs of the most immediate solution will begin this summer as the airport begins to reconfigure Route 291, also known as Industrial Highway, in front of the airport to make way for the construction of a 1,040-foot extension of runway 17-35. The $60 million expansion is expected to take a year. […]

However, it won’t be enough to accommodate projected growth at the airport and to alter Philadelphia’s ranking near the bottom of the nation’s top 33 airfields for on-time departures. It ranked 28th for on-time arrivals.

I’m almost surprised we weren’t dead last on every list available.

Image source: UCal Irvine.

Revolutionary Characters

Tonight at the Constitution Center, author and Pulitzer Prize winner Gordon Wood will be discussing our nation’s forefathers and his book, Revolutionary Characters: What Made the founders Different? tickets are $15 for non-members, $12 for members, and $6 for students.

Damn. I wish I were still a student.

A Little River Music


The Schuykill Banks Center kicks off it summer music series tonight down on the Schuykill River Path. Standard Funk Promotion’s resident dj Kevin Rucker with special guest dj Soma. Soma will spin summer grooves and ethno-house under the Walnut Street Bridge. They’ll be out there every other Wednesday night until the end of summer.

Click here to learn more about the events happening on the Path this summer.

Image Credit: Rainmelon

Brady Hicks Kangaroo

I just realized I never shared a picture, so…

More kangaroo pictures here.

Container Gardening Workshop


Summer emphatically arrived in Philly about four days ago, and one of the things that pops to mind for me when I think of summer is gardening. I live in an apartment on the 20th floor of a high rise, so my gardening options are pretty limited. I do have a couple of pots placed around my dining room window sill, and have often been curious about what more I could do with other containers.

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is offering a workshop this Saturday morning, from 10-11 am entitled “Growing Vegetables and Flowers in Containers.” It is part of their City Gardening Series and will be held at the Holly Street Neighbors Community Garden at 421 N. 42 Street. To register call 215-988-8872

Image credit: craftyasschick

The newest Metroblogging City

As of this morning, the fifth-largest city in India became the newest Metroblogging city. Metroblogging Philadelphia would like to offer a big welcome to Hyderabad. Go on, go say hi.

A Memorial for the day.

What did you do this Memorial Day? Did you go to a baseball game? (GO PHILS!) Or attend a BBQ? Did you go to the KGB Beaches Jersey Shore? Did you actually stop to remember those who died?

Have you?
Across the street from the Liberty Bell was an exhibit of graves. Each one honors a service person who has died in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

I don’t agree with this war or occupation or whatever the hell it is this week. I don’t agree with the reasoning behind it. I don’t agree with the decisions that have been made. I can’t even come out to say “Support the troops!” because I’m not sure I do. But I do support making a public show of the senseless loss of life our country has experienced.

2,500+ service people have been killed so far.
That’s 2,500+ plumbers, electricians, business men and women, athletes, chefs, doctors, lawyers, and artists. 2,500 mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. 2,500 people who did not have to die.

And today, on the lawn of the Liberty Bell, Arlington North @ the Liberty Bell had a grave for every single one. Did you go by and see it? Did you? Did you even remember?

I went. I had to. I have friends there.

Summer’s here

Last weekend, I gushed to friends and family, both in person and over the phone, about the beautiful spring Philadelphia was having. I even took it so far as to say that I actually wished for three or four more degrees in temperature. Well, about four days ago, I got what I was asking for, and now I’m wishing I could take back my words. I had forgotten how sticky and uncomfortable a warm day coupled with humidity could be. I’m not complaining, I know it could be a whole lot worse, but summer in Philadelphia always makes me ask what exactly made me leave the west coast.

Of course I remember exactly what I’m doing here when I find myself sitting outside on a friend’s porch, talking, drinking sangria and watching the people and traffic go by. And then I can’t imagine being anyplace else.

Apparently, regular oil changes are actually necessary

I have a confession to make. I’m terrible about getting the oil changed in my car. Part of my problem is that I don’t drive much, so it takes a long time to travel the recommended 3,000 miles between oil changes. I realize that they say that you should do it 3,000 or every three months, but I’m at the point in life where I feel like three months passes every time I turn around, and I just don’t want to be changing my oil that fast.

But Monday, I decided that it had to be done and so I headed over to the Jiffy Lube at 10th and Spring Garden. I pulled in and they had space for me right away (I made sure to remove the sticker from my last oil change before I got out of the car, they didn’t need to know that I was 8 months overdue). I turned the car over to them, and headed inside to read a book while they worked. At one point, the guy who I had been dealing with came in and tried to sell me some extra services, but I firmly said no and he went back outside. When they were all done, I got back into my car and headed off towards the free car wash that had come with the oil change. Driving, I noticed something different immediately. My car was running a whole lot more smoothly. I didn’t have to punch the gas when I shifted from the clutch to the ignition, the transition was easy and gentle. I was floored. I guess there really is something to this regular oil change thing after all.

I would totally recommend that Jiffy Lube too, if you need a quick oil change in Center City. They were fast and efficient, and it came with a free basic carwash from the place over at 13th and Race. Not a bad deal.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Yesterday afternoon I attended a preview/walk-through of The Franklin Institute’s new Animation exhibit. The exhibit has lots of hands-on stations to practice activities that make up the process of animation, including stop motion photography, storyboarding, and sound effects.


My favorite site was likely the “soundbooth” where I failed miserably in applying foley to a brief clip. Perhaps even funnier than the out-of-sync sounds was the way the microphones captured me talking to my co-previewers as I tried to move quickly from station to station.

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