Extreme Home Makeover: The Missing Link

I have never watched ABC’s “Extreme Makeover” shows, either the ones with scary plastic surgery or the ones with heart-warming home renovations. But Isaw enough local press about the Py family on Channel 6 that I couldn’t resist tuning in for the final half hour of tonight’s episode.

As the family members toured their new digs, I thought back to something I saw on a Philly blog during that hiatus between actual events and ABC telecast.

This blogger reminisced about a relative (father? uncle?) who’d worked in contracting, construction and home repair. This relative believed in taking the time to do things right, and the blogger couldn’t help but wonder if a house built pillar-to-post in just seven days might have some potential issues with the quality of the construction. After all the physics of setting concrete and grouting the tub can’t be altered by a TV film crew, no matter how photgenic that crew may be.

And, as I watched the Py family express their thanks, I wondered if this blogger isn’t onto a truth. If things start breaking down in a few months, will ABC still be available, or will the family be left high and dry?

(I very much wish I could remeber where I read this: I’ve poked around my bloglines in a futile search, but the link isn’t forthcoming and I need to get off the computer and go get some sleep. If I find it on my own, or if someone posts a reminder in the comments here, I’ll be sure to update the post accordingly. G’night!)

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