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Extreme Home Makeover: The Missing Link

I have never watched ABC’s “Extreme Makeover” shows, either the ones with scary plastic surgery or the ones with heart-warming home renovations. But Isaw enough local press about the Py family on Channel 6 that I couldn’t resist tuning in for the final half hour of tonight’s episode.

As the family members toured their new digs, I thought back to something I saw on a Philly blog during that hiatus between actual events and ABC telecast.

This blogger reminisced about a relative (father? uncle?) who’d worked in contracting, construction and home repair. This relative believed in taking the time to do things right, and the blogger couldn’t help but wonder if a house built pillar-to-post in just seven days might have some potential issues with the quality of the construction. After all the physics of setting concrete and grouting the tub can’t be altered by a TV film crew, no matter how photgenic that crew may be.

And, as I watched the Py family express their thanks, I wondered if this blogger isn’t onto a truth. If things start breaking down in a few months, will ABC still be available, or will the family be left high and dry?

(I very much wish I could remeber where I read this: I’ve poked around my bloglines in a futile search, but the link isn’t forthcoming and I need to get off the computer and go get some sleep. If I find it on my own, or if someone posts a reminder in the comments here, I’ll be sure to update the post accordingly. G’night!)

Third Annual Thrilladelphia

The third annual Thrilladelphia Music Festival was this past week, with a variety of indie bands playing all over the city. One of the concerts was literally right outside my apartment building on North Hancock Street. I heard the bands playing from my room and liked their sound (Blood Feathers and Hi Soft), but when I went out, they were done performing. I did get a copy of the latest edition of the artsy Trixine newsmag and saw the makeup of the crowd — the most hippie white people I’ve seen congregated in one area since I moved here from Cali.

Wired 96.5: Where HIT Music Lives!

History of Philadelphia food

Young Involved Philadelphia is sponsoring a 50-minute walking tour of Reading Terminal Market tomorrow (Saturday) at 3pm. From their website:

Where does Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese really come from? What food did George Washington love even more than cherries? Where did one-time Philadelphia resident Milton Hershey get the idea for Hershey’s Kisses? Learn the story behind cheesesteaks, hoagies, pretzels and other Philly food favorites, as well as the 113-year history of the Reading Terminal Market during this 50-minute walking tour.

I have to work this weekend, so I can’t go, but it should be informative and delicious.


A new piece by Robert Phillips, Cheryl Levin and the Mural Corps Youth will be unveiled by the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program on Monday, at 5:30. The mural, “METAMORPHOSIS” is on Girard Ave, at 31st Street, not far from the Philadelphia Zoo and is “a sculptural and mosaic public art project dedicated to the community and its cycles of change.”

Philadelphia is a city of murals and we are happy to welcome another.

Note: This is not an photo of the mural to be dedicated, this one is at 47th and Baltimore.

Image credit: Warszawianka

Jamie Lidell

I’ve been contemplating seeing Jamie Lidell tonight at the First Unitarian Church. So today I walked around the corner to Rustic Music on 13th St. between Pine and Spruce to get a Les Paul copy I bought fixed up. While in there, I noticed this dude with a British accent checking shit out. He then said he was playing a show “at the church” tonight and I went “Oh cool, with Jamie Lidell?”

He replied “Yeah man. That’s me.”

He was a really cool guy, was tall as hell, and got me a spot on the guest list. Really awesome. You should go see his show tonight for only $10. You’ll enjoy it. Trust me. It starts at 8pm and the Church is at 22nd and Chestnut. Check out a live video of him here:

Cheap Bike Repair Class

Have you ever wanted to learn to repair your bike by yourself? Neighborhood Bike Works is offering you a chance to do so. They are offering a series of four classes, running on Mondays 6-9 pm, starting May 1st. The cost is $60. The course will be taught by a League of American Bicyclists certified bike safey instructor.

lf you are interested, email or call 215.386.0316. Include: your name, contact info (email & phone), and a short description of your bike and ability level.

Image credit: gonzo10010

More about Neighborhood Bike Works after the jump…

Stealing Newsstands

Someone got upset about not having his newsstand applications clear City Hall, and decided to just take them. He hired a crane, took six of them, and moved them to different parts of the city. These are the big newsstands that people stand in. He seems to enjoy racking up the miles, as he moved one from 15th and Chestnut and to 38th and Walnut and another from 36th and Market to 12th and Walnut. Still, he managed to go unnoticed until they owners tried to open up on Monday morning.

The link below includes a video.

Newsstands Mysteriously Vanish in Philadelphia

The Penn Relay Carnival

The Penn Relays officially kicked off yesterday, and gets going in earnest tomorrow morning at 10 am. This is the 112th year for the Penn Relay Carnival (I never knew the official name included the word Carnival until today when I took a look at their website). Over the course of Friday, Saturday and Sunday there will be more 33 hours of competition, which they say, works out to more than one race every five minutes.

What the Penn Relays mean for the rest of us who are not attending or competing is that the area around Franklin Field is going to be overwhelmed with people and cars for the next couple of days. Parking will be at a minimum. If you have to come out to Penn or Drexel in the next couple of days, it is highly recommended that you take public transportation, or be prepared to park very, very far away.

Woman hit by car at 34th and Market

A minute ago, I heard an unusual sound from the street below my window. There was a clunk and a muffled gasp and then a moment of total silence. I stood up, and tried to look out my window, to see if there was anything to see, but my window is high up and not designed for street-looking. I sat back down and resumed typing an email.

Soon after, a co-worker came into my office and said, “did you see that?” It turns out the clunk and gasp I had heard was a woman being hit by a car in front of our building. I just stood on my desk to get a better look, and I can see that there is a minivan stopped at the corner, and the hit woman is sitting on the street, surrounded by both Penn and Drexel security personnel. I haven’t seen an ambulance come by yet. I hope that everyone involved is okay.

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