On Film

Currently the VCR is whirring while my muted TV shows images from WHYY’s showing of the film Rittenhouse Square. I admit it: I’m trying to avoind the station’s begathon breaks. A long day’s schmoozing and fund-raising can sometimes leave me with very little patience for being on the receiving end of someone else’s fund-raising pitch.

(In my defense, I’ve got the WHYY mailed appeal sitting in the stack of bills and other important papers to handle that sits on my coffee table. I give to charities, just usually on my own timetable rather than in a Pavlovian response the the TV or radio pledge break.)

I look forward to watching the film over the next few nights when I’m not quite so exhausted. I am also very much intrigued by a programming note I spotted on WHYY’s website while retrieving the link for here. Next up is a re-broadcast of Streisand’s 1966 Color Me Barbra, which contains a key sequence filmed at the PMA.

Guess that VCR will be whirring for a little while longer.

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