Fire In The Hole!

The story starts here at the Hot Sauce Blog. Last December, a guy named Chris dropped the blog a line to mention a new hot sauce on the market: Fire In The Hole. The astute among us will recognize that hot sauce as being the official Preston & Steve hot sauce.

The sauce got a quick mention and that was that. Until a Hot Sauce Collector’s Corner post in early February that said:

Preston & Steve’s Fire in the Hole Hot Sauce – Signed
In the first Collector’s Corner, Chris was kind enough to tell us about the Fire in the Hole Hot Sauce made by WMMR. Here’s the latest from Chris:
I made it to the radio station today and the met the WMMR morning crew. All of them signed a bottle for me. Maybe not a big deal, but I believe its the only signed bottle in existence. Most people wouldn’t find that exciting or special except for the true sauce collectors that frequent the HSB. I can send you a pic if you wish and maybe put it up? I hung around for about 40 minutes, but did not get to plug the blog on air. They had too much to get through on their show. Not to pester you; I had to tell someone who would really care. (the loyal chileheads on the HSB). ~ Chris

This one happened to catch my eye so I snagged Chris in the comments and got his permission to stick his story here, on the MetBlog. In the comments, Chris also mentioned how he went about getting the signed bottle in a little more detail:

Like I said, it was pretty cool of Preston to do this for me. I mentioned to him (e-mail) that their sauce was on Hot Sauce Blog. Preston thought that was pretty cool and checked out HSB.

A couple of weeks went by and I sent him another mail asking if he could sign and send me a bottle of their sauce. He said stop by one morning. I made arrangements and next thing I knew, I was there picking up my signed bottle. Awesome, and as the listeners of Preston and Steve would say:
“You Guys Rock!”

I’m honestly not even sure why I care except Cory natters on so much about Preston & Steve that I have an automatic mental filter to pick up any P&S info for the passing along.

I will say, this shows that Preston & Steve are pretty cool guys when it comes to their fans, and they seem to be pretty interested in being involved with Philly and their Philly listeners so A+ for that. Why not check out WMMR (93.3 FM) and give Preston & Steve a week? They stream live every weekday morning from 6a to 10a, plus they have podcasts available here for no charge, just pure pleasure.

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