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Comcast Center has a Waterless Problem

The 57 story Comcast Center, the city’s tallest sky scraper, is scheduled to pen next year but the city’s plumber’s union is not very happy about the idea of 116 waterless urinals being installed which would mean less work for them. Philly unions in the past have caused headaches for other projects. I am not entirely sold on the waterless urinal idea. Thousands are used around the country (according to the Associate Press) including the San Diego Zoo, the Rose Bowl and Walt Disney World. As I have never used one myself I am slightly skeptical. When I go to use the men’s room I expect a stream of water to flush my business out and at least rinse off the urinal for the next guy. They aren’t the cleanest things but at least that little flush puts my mind at ease. Anybody ever use one of these contraptions? Do they seem sanitary?

CT Hockey Association Talent Making a Name For Itself

Two teams from the CT Hockey Association are making an impact on the Northeast Roller Hockey League. Not only did the Sabres (captained by none other than myself) and Team Hemi, finish in first and second place respectively in the regular season, both are now primed to face each other in a best of three series for the league championship. The championship series starts tonight at 8PM at The Arena, located at Grant Avenue and Krewstown Road, connected to the Northeast Raquetball Club. The two teams met once during the regular season with the Sabres coming away with a 6-4 victory. Hemi defeated Tot Lot 3-0 to advance to the finals last Thursday, while the Sabres defeated the Ch’od Clan 4-3 last night. Admission to The Arena is free.

A Party to bring in Spring

You are invited. Welcome Spring in with some friends at my place. Free booze. Plus Brady owes me a bottle.

The Great Free Paper Poll

I’m unsure if I can call it an office, but my workspace is rather fond of City Paper. We are just not a PW workplace. Not that I can explain this situation, but I think we feel like City Paper is more of a class-act instead of just a three-man show. (My own personal feelings and allegiances aside, even.)

Which got me thinking…within the realm of Philly free papers, which one is your office more fond of? Not just you, but the majority of your coworkers?

ETA: Marisa brings out a good point; this poll is about the free weeklies. The Metro is a different class altogether because it’s a daily thing.

Cool New Feed

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish there was a single feed I could subscribe to that would let me know any time any Metroblogging blog was updated!!

Well, the folks in LA who steer this Metroblogging thing have heard your requests and have made it happen. You can now subscribe to one feed to keep track of happenings all across the globe. A very cool thing. So go here and get your feed today.

For the love of libraries

I tend to run hot and cold with public libraries. I will actively profess my love for them for a number of months, before getting violently turned off by one little frustrating experience (like when a book I knew I returned kept showing up on my account as still outstanding). While I was growing up, I was an avid reader who hated libraries. This was because I wanted to own a copy of every book I read, in case the characters called out to me from inside my imagination and I needed to revisit them. But with the price of book what it is these days, and this city woefully lacking in good used bookstores (come on, I grew up in Portland, OR where Powell’s City of Books reigns supreme) I turn to the library to get my fix.

Lucky Bastards

Thursday night Philadelphia music fans are in for a rare treat in the form of legendary UK shoegazers Th’ Faith Healers playing at The Khyber for just $8.

This Philly show is one of only six exclusive engagements in the entire United States! If you are a fan of crazed guitar playing, especially of the noisier shoegazer variety – then you do not want to miss this show. It is going to be spectacular. I am so convinced of this fact that I am driving up from Washington DC to take advantage of this rare Faith Healers sighting.

I’ll be guest posting about my Philly trip and the show in the next day or so. If you’d like to know more about me go here.

PS- I don’t know what you Philly writers are up to tomorrow, but if you’d like to meet a DC metroblogger come to the show!

All the Time In the World

Mark Franek, Dean of Students at the William Penn Charter School, has an op-ed piece in today’s New York Times* about that bane of all college applicants: the SAT.

(More below the bump.)

Books are good for much, even meeting new people

Friday morning I got on the trolley to get to work just like I do just about every morning. Sitting in one of the single seats by the back door, I looked up and noticed that a young woman standing near me was holding Anne Tyler’s new book, The Amateur Marriage. I have always loved Tyler’s books, but I was really kind of disappointed with the last one I read, which was A Patchwork Planet. So I did an unheard of thing. I asked a complete stranger on public transportation how she was liking the book she was reading. It took two “excuse me’s” to get her attention, but once the conversation was going, she was happy to talk. She said she was enjoying the book, but that it was the first one by Tyler that she had read.

We both got off the trolley at 33rd Street, and appeared to go different directions. Except that as I approached the corner across from my office building, I noticed that she was walking that direction as well. We both stopped at the light, and I turned to her and said, “I swear I’m not following you.” She looked at me with surprise and then a grin spread on her face. We both walked into the building, and on the stairs introduced our selves. It was a fun way to make a new acquaintance on a Friday morning.


(I fear I may jinx us all by making the following observation…..)

After a ridiculously poor night’s sleep (things weighing on the mind meant I got 3.5 hrs if I’m lucky), I am readying myself to crawl off for an evening nap.

Can I just say how nice it is to be able to open the window and nap in a hint of spring breeze?

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