The new look of Peanut Chews

I listen to the radio in the morning as I get ready for work. I’ve always done so, I’ve never been someone who can flick on the tv to accompany their am routine. These days I listen to WHYY, to get some news, find out what the weather is like out there, and generally stay awake as I drag myself out of bed and into the day. I’ve been noticing an odd thing recently, in my morning news. The weather report on Morning Edition, which has always been a sponsored segment, has been brought to us by “The new look of Peanut Chews” on a fairly regular basis. I don’t know why, but I find it odd that a candy bar is sponsoring the weather. I realize that Peanut Chews are a Philadelphia institution, and that they are aggressively trying to remarket their brand, but I didn’t think that WHYY listeners are their target audience. I took a look at the Peanut Chew website, and right now they seem to be focusing on the youth, extreme sports market. They are the official candy bar of the Dew Action Sports Tour, which seems totally incongruous with Public Radio. But I’m all for supporting NPR and if Peanut Chews wants to throw some money their way, I say go for it.

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