There’s a punchline somewhere…

Cory tells me it’s some kind of Philly-area cosmic joke that I’m applying to Beaver College. And part of the joy of applying to Beaver College is telling everyone that you’re applying to Beaver College so they can make jokes about Beaver College and involve your name. These jokes seem to be equally funny if you are male or female or trans or any other gender you please. These jokes are funny when applied to anyone, because the idea of ANYONE going to Beaver College is funny, according to Cory.

So there. You have your joke.
suzanne + Beaver College = ♥♥??

PS: Both Brady and Jeannette of this very blog went to Beaver College. Believe it. Brady rocked Beaver College La Salle. But Jeannette rocked Beaver College. Oh man…

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  1. Brady (unregistered) on February 13th, 2006 @ 11:59 am

    Sorry to disappoint you, but I was strictly LaSalle :)

  2. Jay V at Work (unregistered) on February 13th, 2006 @ 12:07 pm

    and i thought it’s called arcadia now.

  3. Andrea (unregistered) on February 13th, 2006 @ 1:29 pm

    Undergrads are accepted into the Beaver College of Undergraduate Studies at Arcadia University. I believe it’s their way of keeping the old name part the school still. I was accepted for fall 2006 admission, but postponed my enrollment.

  4. suzanne (unregistered) on February 13th, 2006 @ 4:12 pm

    Sorry, Brady! Changes have been made to reflect that info. Oops.

  5. Jay V at Work (unregistered) on February 13th, 2006 @ 4:43 pm

    i promise i will not attempt cheap humour at the expense of your college.

  6. suzanne (unregistered) on February 13th, 2006 @ 5:38 pm

    It’s called Arcadia, but the recommended name is still Beaver College. Isn’t Beaver College a funnier name than Arcadia? Oh yes it is. And you are totally allowed to make as many jokes about it as you want to, Jay V.

    I invite cheap and low humour.

  7. Brady (unregistered) on February 13th, 2006 @ 11:05 pm

    Jeannette’s dad offered protection for Beaver (security guard) for a number of years as well…

    He kept crime from penetrating Beaver’s (student) body.


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