Snowed in.

So I dunno about you folks, but Cory and I got snowed in out at La Salle last night. We headed that way to host a night of Family Feud, complete with a womanizing host (on the left). All in all, good fun. Until we walk out.
OH NOES! Snow is sticking! Roads are icy!
Cory is a new driver! suzanne is scared!

So we pursued alternate plans, basically doing what any good college student does and crashing where space happens to be. In this case, St. Miguel Townhouses. A friendly crew of seniors (mostly connected to WEXP) took us in and offered us a bed and a couch and even some floor. (Big ups, guys! I appreciate the space and time and fun! )

Part of the fun of being snowed in at college as a commuter is staying up late with friends, laughing at the weather, taking random pictures, and sleeping on an uncomfy, unfamiliar bed/couch/floor. And fighting with parents. And stealing food. And tromping across campus to make last minute car runs. On one such trip across campus, Cory paused to take a picture of the tennis courts in all their winter glory. It’s a little blurry, but it really was beautiful at midnight.

After we snagged the picture of the tennis courts, we kept on towards the car and happened upon two young ladies from North Carolina. My accent matched theirs, and they requested pictures with a rather nice snowman (their first!) and then offered to snap pictures of me, the Cory, and our host- Pat. (I wish I had that picture, too.)

The rest of the night was less eventful, but still pretty fun. Maybe a video of frozen tundra exploring will surface…

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