Idiot at the supermarket

Who’s the idiot that decided at 1pm, mere hours before the storm of ’06 arrives, to hit the Super Fresh on Delaware Ave? The Super Fresh is a giant grocery store, usually not so crowded at off peak times, but it is the largest grocery store in Philly proper..if not the largest, then close, but usually has the best selection. So anyway, Idiot Ian thinks, on advice of a friend, that he should believe these weather people. They say 8-12 inches of snow. Knowing how bad the roads are when a few inches fall, he decides that it might be best to get food for the week one day early. At 1pm the place was packed, it was chaos. It’s only a blizzard and it’ll be in the 50’s next week, but everyone feels they have to buy a few weeks worth of food “just in case.” After foregoing the deli and buying the prepackaged deli meat, avoiding the cart crashes left and right, racing down the aisles and grabbing the food, arriving at the self checkout line with about 5 carts in each line, screaming babies expressing how we all felt inside, idiot shoppers unsure how to use the touch screen, questions like “how do I scan a Pineapple?” and “where does my change come out?” send yours truely into fits of rage, (inside of course since it wouldn’t help the situation to let the morons know they are in fact morons), checking my watch to see the seconds move slower as the babies screamed to get out of their carts.

Why did I do this to myself? Why did I follow the shopping crowd? I hope Amy Freeze and Hurricaine Schwartz are right and that I am snowed in tommorrow, or I’ll be calling NBC10 to let them know what they did to me yesterday when they created a city wide panic that led to supermarket hell. And yes, I am an idiot for going, I knew it before I parked when the entire lot was more full than Thanksgiving day eve…

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