Four Seasons

Nope not the weather again, this time it’s about the Four Seasons Hotel on 18th and the Parkway. I always walk past on my way home. Starting in the fall or late summer, I would walk past the side entry on the Parkway side and there would be a velvet rope parrallel to the wall, as if to guide people into this small grey door. There was a bus alongside, parked illegally on the parkway. I thought it was odd, unless there was a tour group or something.

Days later the rope was back up, the bus was there, and this time there was a line of people along this velvet rope. They looked like they were waiting for someone to either come out of the bus or get on the bus. I saw a few hockey sticks. I had to excuse myself through the crowd since they were completely blocking the sidewalk. A gruff looking white man came out of the door at that moment and people asked for his autograph. I had no idea who he was, but then again I know nothing about hockey.

September I walk by and again the rope is out, the bus is there, people are waiting this time with paper and markers. The a very large black man comes out and walks past. I didn’t know who he was, but I figured he wasn’t a hockey player. I went home and saw the sixers were playing, saw which team, looked up the roster, and sure enough it was a team member. I forget which team, but he wasn’t a starter.

So anyway, again today, and a few times this past week, the rope was out, with the bus, and the fans. If you are a fan of any team playing the Sixers, or are an autograph hound, hit the Four Seasons side entrance around 5ish before the game. It’s the most random place for autographs, but then maybe that’s why it makes sense.

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