Drugs in Center City? Surely you jest…

Last year I lived at 36th and Spring Garden in University City/West Philly/whatever you call it. Though a block or two north proved to be a very shady place usually when taking the 43 bus home, it wasn’t all that bad and I never SAW much drug dealing. Sure I saw a dude get shot once and heard occasional pops, but whatever. When I moved to 12th and Spruce in late November, I knew being in the Gayborhood had to have it’s shady dealings. It’s really nice here and all, but I spot a ton of drug dealers. Maybe the gays need meth or something like Philadelphia Weekly says. However, I for one have never been approached with someone asking me if I needed drugs. Even while strolling by Bump, Pure, and 12th A.C., no one has ever asked me if I needed my fix. Until last night. A Sunday night at that. I was walking to More Than Just Ice Cream for some dessert for my girlfriend when a man asked me where some club was. Not knowing the name I said “Nah, sorry man.” and continued. He then asked 5 seconds later if I needed blow. I kind of stopped and said “Nah, I’m good.” and kept going.

Nice work Philadelphia. Now if you’d only keep the goddamned deli on the corner open later, I’d be set.

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