Strippers at Rush week? Not for long at Penn State..

Wow. I had never heard of such a thing, though I did go to a small liberal arts college where the only stripping was done in the form of streaking, and usually you didn’t want to witness that. So Penn State, and I will natually assume other schools have them too, use strippers during rush week to lure in pledges. Well now all the fun is out the window at Penn State.

“IFC Executive Vice President Shaun Clair tells the Digital Collegian that restrictions on exotic dancers and other such rules fall under the university-wide ban on acts of degradation toward women.”

When I saw this on tv last night I couldn’t believe this was allowed on college campuses. They regulate alcohol, and other bad behavior, so I am happy to see that this is now part of the new rule. The kicker, and the part I can’t understand, is that if they are stating that this is in fact an “act[s] of degradation toward women” then why are they allowing it to continue for this semester’s rush week???

Here’s why….

“Because many fraternities have already booked their entertainment for the spring rush week, IFC Vice President of Membership Grant Miller says the amendment will be fully enforced in the fall semester.”

How hard is it to cancel a stripper? This just seems quite stupid in my opinion.

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