Philly is a “Holy land for me”

Ahh Rocky…er Sly as we all know is filimg the next installment of Rocky. He was in Kensington yesterday when NBC 10’s Aditi Roy had a short interview with him. Rocky said “I just love (being in Philadelphia.) It’s a holy land for me. A very special place,”

The other cool part about the interview, and how it’s somewhat similar to my daydream on the walk home yesterday is about Angela Boyd who was just out to see Rocky being filmed. The movie people were looking for one last extra and saw her. In the write up they say she’s “Real Philadelphia” which is what Sly and gang were looking for, and then they go on to say that they found her at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting.. Not sure the implications of NA and “Real Philadelphia” but hey good for her. She got to be in a scene where she was playing a drunk…perhaps not a hard stretch, and got to confront Rocky.

My daydream involved something similar. I was walking by the filming (I didn’t really, but it’s part of the day dream) and Sly picked me out of the crowd to be in the movie. It was a fun daydream. But this shows that they actually might pick someone out of the crowd. How fun is that?

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  1. Paul Sevcik (unregistered) on January 19th, 2006 @ 9:13 am

    Rocky VI was being filmed yesterday night at American and Jefferson on an empty lot in Kensington, Philadelphia…This lot is practically bordering the school I work at (LSA). Look for the St. Michael’s steeples in the movie (a hard to miss combo)…the school’s across the street from that! And I thought I’d never get this close to stardom!

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