My Comcastic idea

My Comcastic idea was to rid the HIGH cost of cable by canceling my service and living in a semi dark world. I have high speed internet through them and I knew I had to keep that, who can live without the ability to check e-mail at any moment, or receive an Instant Message from family or friends while watching TV? Watching TV you ask? how can you when you cancel your Cable TV? Well I had planned on just hooking the cable up to my TV and living without all the channels. By having a live CATV cable coming in for Internet, keeping the same configuration I have now minus the huge paperweight they call a descrambler, I could watch TV without really paying for it. Essentially I am paying for it in my 55 bucks a month plus tax and Misc Fees they charge for High Speed. I figure if they are ripping me off…

So I was all set to cancel my cable this morning. My bill was a whopping 172.46 this month because my promotional period of 6 months was over, and they use sneaky billing to bill a month a head and slipped in 46 bucks from cable from last month. So I called and Jackie answered the phone.

Jackie: “Yes Mr McFarlane what can we do for you”

Ian: “I’d like to cancel my cable but keep my internet”

Jackie: “And what is the reason?”

Ian: “It’s waaaay too expensive”

Jackie: “Well we can offer you a reduced rate if you continue with us of $10 less than what you are paying now, so cable TV would be $69.99 a month instead of $79.99 a month.

Ian: “Tempting but no thanks, I can afford only 55 a month for both Internet and Cable”

Jackie: “If we take off HBO we can lower it to $59.99 a month plus the $42 for internet”

Ian: “Still way too much. This feels like Lets Make a Deal.” – I feel like I have become a negotiator even though I wanted to cancel…these people are good.

Jackie: “How about the same package you have now minus HBO for $29.99 a month for 6 months plus the $42 for internet?”

Mental calculation in my head. Cost difference between Internet with no cable $55 a month, and now Internet($43) with Cable with promotion($29.99)..$72 a month.

Ian: “Um…OK” Damn them, but it makes sense. I still keep my HD and I am addicted to them. I love them. I have the shakes when I think about not having them in my living room. I’m a sucker.

I think I got taken, but it felt good. Mental note, when promotion ends, do same thing, but say no to everything, and when they are ready to cancel, take the best offer. When I hung up I wondered if there was another promotion right under the one she baited me with…

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  1. Brady (unregistered) on January 12th, 2006 @ 12:19 pm

    You should sign up for AOL and try to cancel with them.

  2. Ian (unregistered) on January 12th, 2006 @ 12:31 pm

    AOL is evil in my opinion. I have had to fix my parents computer many times due to that thing. But I did think about doing Verizon DSL, but I need the speed that Comcast gives. I do a lot of web work at home, including file sharing(the legal kind), and a host of other work related. So that’s a done deal. DSL is too slow, or more expensive than what I want. And in looking at having two different services, like Verizon Dsl and satellite, or any non bundled company offer, it’s usually more expensive…

    But I am looking at Verizon’s website. 3MBs download for basically $26 a month if you sign up for a year. I wonder if I tried to cancel my Comcast if they’d match it…if not that should be good enough. Thanks for the idea Brady!

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