Back at the Gym

Ahh the first day back at the gym after New Years. A typically busy 2 weeks for all gyms across the US, and I am sure it is the same in many other countries. The regulars know to come in early to avoid the rush for equipment. During lunch it seemed like the amount of people doubled during the normal time I head over. It’s very predictable and it will be sad to watch the numbers peel off in the next 2 weeks. Usually by the 3rd week in January the new people are gone. Most people have good intentions, exercise is good, and I applaud those that try. It was never my New Years Resolution to start working out again, but I think it was more of a New Me resolution that did it.

So I have one little tidbit of advice that I take when I haven’t been to the gym in a while, and today was the first time in a month. Take it Slow. There is absolutely no way that you will be able to work out like you did the last time you were in a gym, and those pounds will not come off right away. The most important thing is to just go to the gym, if you can go on a regular basis you will be well on your way to keeping that N.Y.R. If you start out to strong or quick, you will wake up and feel too sore to go, or too tired to go, and then you’ll slip up and soon it’ll be a week and something else will come up. I find that if you just go and workout a little, and keep going back, it will become part of your routine to hit the gym, or go running. When I first went back about 3 years ago I got on the Elliptical machine next to a really fit woman and she kicked my butt…I was stupid and tried to keep up. I couldn’t walk for days, and that stopped me from going for a while.

So today, knowing if I lifted what I was lifting last month I’d be dead tomorrow, I took it easy, and I am looking forward to working my way back up. To those of you I saw in the gym today, or for those that are attempting to go. Applaud yourself for going, and just make it a point to go back, and good luck. Even if you just step in, lift a 2 pound weight 1 time, you’re well on your way…just make sure you go back tomorrow and do it again.

And if you are a guy and peer pressure helps you keep going to the gym, come to Weston Fitness where you’ll hear the following directed to a regular that apparently might have eaten more than he should have over the break “If that shirt gets any tighter, your voice will change”

Ahh gym rats…It’s good to be back.

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  1. Chris (unregistered) on January 3rd, 2006 @ 3:57 pm

    I personally hate the gym. I don’t like walking through the doors and having everyone stare at you (I know they don’t but it feels that way). I do enjoy the elliptical machine though, it’s a good time. I actually stopped going to the gym because with the traffic it took me longer to get there than I would actually work out. I now get all my excercise through my roller hockey leagues and skating in the park. But more power to those that go to the gym and stick with it.

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