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Mr. Speaker…

I call to your attention a possible accompaniment to tonight’s big news event: The State of the Union Drinking Game.

Topical for the Philadelphia Metroblog because I met one of the game’s co-authors when he was a Law Student at Penn. Besides, Marisa’s post about the Drinking Libereally gathering reminded me of Marc and Howard’s creation and I thought it was well worth sharing.

PS–I actually tried to follow the 2003 SOTUDG. Even with taking small sips for each prescribed “drink,” I went through three beers in the course of the event. Tonight I plan to take pleasure from the fact that the game exists, but that’s as close to it as I plan to get. We old ladies don’t bounce back in time for the next workday nearly as fast as we used to….

Four Seasons

Nope not the weather again, this time it’s about the Four Seasons Hotel on 18th and the Parkway. I always walk past on my way home. Starting in the fall or late summer, I would walk past the side entry on the Parkway side and there would be a velvet rope parrallel to the wall, as if to guide people into this small grey door. There was a bus alongside, parked illegally on the parkway. I thought it was odd, unless there was a tour group or something.

Days later the rope was back up, the bus was there, and this time there was a line of people along this velvet rope. They looked like they were waiting for someone to either come out of the bus or get on the bus. I saw a few hockey sticks. I had to excuse myself through the crowd since they were completely blocking the sidewalk. A gruff looking white man came out of the door at that moment and people asked for his autograph. I had no idea who he was, but then again I know nothing about hockey.

September I walk by and again the rope is out, the bus is there, people are waiting this time with paper and markers. The a very large black man comes out and walks past. I didn’t know who he was, but I figured he wasn’t a hockey player. I went home and saw the sixers were playing, saw which team, looked up the roster, and sure enough it was a team member. I forget which team, but he wasn’t a starter.

So anyway, again today, and a few times this past week, the rope was out, with the bus, and the fans. If you are a fan of any team playing the Sixers, or are an autograph hound, hit the Four Seasons side entrance around 5ish before the game. It’s the most random place for autographs, but then maybe that’s why it makes sense.

L-O-V-E ing this weather!

Ahh I got to leave work at 5 and it was still light outside and the temperature was amazing! In the wintertime I usually get the feelings of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) otherwise known as the winter blues. This winter started out worse since I realized in living in a home you will pay way more for heating than you do in an apartment building. Luckily it’s been warm this winter, and I have been able to survive without it.

So thank you Philly for being warm. You’re saving me money and I am loving you for that! I also always find you to be much more amazing when it’s warmer out. Keep up the good work!

Darwin Day: Romance at its finest.

In keeping with my habit of finding events around Valentine’s Day, I present this one which is the ULTIMATE in free romance:

It would appear that UPenn’s Museum of Archeology and Anthropology is hosting Darwin Day on Feb. 12 from 1p to 5p to celebrate Darwin’s 197th birthday as well as to provide a venue for a teach-in. I’m not so big on the idea; but if it makes other people happy, more power to them.

There will be stuff like readings of Darwin’s writings, hands-on hominid fossil casts, a screening of the classic BBC documentary “Life on Earth”, cake, and badminton. (See, that’s not so obvious. In theory, Darwin liked the game. So why not play it? Please dear god have the game be outside in the courtyard and not in the Egyptian tomb room.) Darwin himself (or a reasonable likeness) is expected to make an appearance during the day. Oh, and lots of obnoxious, over-educated Penn students crowing about how self-righteous they are for believing in Darwin instead of God. But that’s standard for just about any event on campus. And maybe a few hung-over sluts who are getting extra credit for showing up. Also standard.

I can’t make this shit up if I tried. Here’s the official press release.

Drinking Liberally–The State of the Union Edition

Drinking Liberally is meeting tonight at Tangier (18th and Lombard) from 6-9 pm as always, but will be staying around later to watch the State of the Union address. Go join them for the discussion, the jeers, the snark and the eventual tears. There will also be free wings (while they last) and $1 off drinks, as usual.

Drugs in Center City? Surely you jest…

Last year I lived at 36th and Spring Garden in University City/West Philly/whatever you call it. Though a block or two north proved to be a very shady place usually when taking the 43 bus home, it wasn’t all that bad and I never SAW much drug dealing. Sure I saw a dude get shot once and heard occasional pops, but whatever. When I moved to 12th and Spruce in late November, I knew being in the Gayborhood had to have it’s shady dealings. It’s really nice here and all, but I spot a ton of drug dealers. Maybe the gays need meth or something like Philadelphia Weekly says. However, I for one have never been approached with someone asking me if I needed drugs. Even while strolling by Bump, Pure, and 12th A.C., no one has ever asked me if I needed my fix. Until last night. A Sunday night at that. I was walking to More Than Just Ice Cream for some dessert for my girlfriend when a man asked me where some club was. Not knowing the name I said “Nah, sorry man.” and continued. He then asked 5 seconds later if I needed blow. I kind of stopped and said “Nah, I’m good.” and kept going.

Nice work Philadelphia. Now if you’d only keep the goddamned deli on the corner open later, I’d be set.

Wacky Weather

One day it’s 30 degrees and freezing and cloudy. The next day it’s 60 and sunny and I’m jogging through Washington Square with my girl and having a blast. The next day it’s rainy and muggy and in the high 40s. Now it’s foggy, sunny, and supposed to almost hit 60. Mother Nature, I realize you’re not Philly’s biggest fan, but stick with something ok? Preferebly the sunny 60s weather. Otherwise, I don’t know what to do but stay holed inside all day. Thanks.

A name change I can get behind

I never liked the switch from Delaware Ave. to Columbus Blvd. West River Drive is still West River Drive in my head. And I’m thrilled that the campaign to change the name of 30th Street Station has been abandoned.

With this history of being resistant to name changes, I warily read an article in the Inquirer this morning entitled, “Washington followers favor renaming a street.” Rev. Paul M. Washington was an activist Episcopal priest from the Church of the Advocate in North Philadelphia, until his death in 2002. He was a supporter of black rights, LGTB rights, of female priests and of antiwar protestors. He was a radical and a warrior for truth during times when others were afraid to step forward. The North Philadelphia community in which he lived and worked is conducting a petition drive to rename Diamond Street between Broad Street and 33d Street as Father Paul M. Washington Avenue.

I hope they succeed.

Philadelphia Wireless Contracts Finalized (finally)

According to an article published today in the Inquirer, Wireless Philadelphia and Earthlink have come to agreement on the terms of the contract to bring wi-fi to the entire city. The service should be available sometime in the spring of 2007. They will start building the network in the Northeast first.

Why the Northeast? I thought that there was already a partial network in Center City. (Okay, as a Center City resident, I am a bit biased) Wouldn’t it make sense to start there? And doesn’t spring of 2007 seems like a very long time from now? Hopefully it won’t fall behind like so many other things around here.

Check out the complete article here.

Valentine’s Speakeasy at the Kelly Writers House

Wednesday, February 1st

8:00 PM in the Kelly Writers House (3805 Locust Walk, Penn Campus) Arts Cafe: Valentine’s Speakeasy – Poetry, Prose, Anything Goes! Open-Mic night at the Writers House. Come to perform or come to listen. With special musical guests THIS RADIANT BOY!

This Radiant Boy are actually FIVE boys who hail from Philadelphia, PA. They play a style of music all their own, some call it heavy twee while others call it baroque soul. Regardless of what you call it, they are a rock band, and bring with them the heavy groove that Philly is notorious for pioneering. In 2004, they were given a City Paper Award as “Sneakiest Rock Freakshow” for their “crazy lyrics” with such “scifi strangeness…we’ll never know exactly what they’re talking about.” TRB just finished their third release, a full length entitled “Feelin’ It: On the Motorcycle,” soon to be out on the Extracurricular label.

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