Happy Winter!

Well I missed the official start of Winter by almost an hour…I read it started at 1:35 today. I always have a hard time with the concept of this new period called winter. I associate winter with cold and snow, and it’s been very cold already and it’s snowed. So what does the begining of winter really mean? I guess the one positive, aside from the fun one has in the cold snow, is the fact that the days are going to get longer!! ritten.jpg

I am not a fan of the daylight savings, and how it bum rushes you in October, so this makes me happy.

Unfortunatly it’s going to take FOREVER for the sun to set after 5pm…not until January 15th will that happen.

February 10th the sun will set at 5:30pm and rise at 7:00am. How cool is that?? Right on the dot.

March 8th the sun will set at 6:00pm and rise at 6:24am.

So part of me waiting for March 17th when we get our 12 hours from sun-up to sun-down. 6:09am and 6:09pm.

The other part is looking forward to the snow so I can go snowboarding!!

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