Making of Battle of Hoods: Part I

Perdie is originally from upstate New York. the family moved to Jim Thorpe when he was about thirteen, and the following year he and his friends were just lounging around on a snow-laiden day when Perdie said, he wanted to try out these special effect on this program he had. He said, let’s film a fight scene.

So the guys sat around trying to figure out what the story would be, when Andrew said, “My hoodie’s better than yours.”

That’s how history is made.

The progression in his technical skill is apparent in his “Battle of Hoods” movies, the first shot in his freshman year, the second during sophomore year, and the third shot over the next three years, in a vain attempt to complete it.

Filming was never completed, but the story just would not die. Perdie’s baby had been born, and needed to coninue its life. The saga of the hoodie had to be told.

Touch me with the mouse and I get biggerSix years later Matt Perdie, now a student at the Art Institute, is making a miniseries based on the first three “Battle of Hoods” movies. It will pick up where the unfinished third movie would have left off. The Dolphin Menace was defeated by the Champion Hoodie in a battle that would live on in story for years to come.

In case you haven’t been following my previous posts, “Battle of Hoods” centers around a select group of fighters wearing magical hooded sweatshirts. These hoodies grant the bearer exceptional strength, speed, and intelligence. Not all hoodies grant their wearers these powers. Only a few exist in the world. No one knows from where they came. No one knows why they exist. And without these hoodies, the fighter is just a regular guy.

All but the Champion Hoodie, who in the legendary battle discovered that he still had his powers, despite the loss of his hooded sweatshirt.

Dave is the hero of this new miniseries. He fought beside Pete, the Champion Hoodie, in the battle against the Dolphin Menace.

Now he roams the land, his motives known only to himself.
The first meeting was last night. We watched the first three movies so we would understand the “Battle of Hoods” storyline. I don’t appear until Episode II so I got outta there early so I can see Ginger Coyle at Club 218.

Most of the cast was there, including Mac, who runs a bar that is neutral ground for hoodies, as well as some of the Dark Phantom Hoodies — the antagonist gang the miniseries focuses on — and part of the film crew.

Dave, who plays the protagonist Dave, showed us a video from high school of where he got hit by a car. And apparently he’s going to get hit again in the miniseries.

Perdie showed us a deleted scene from a storyline that was eventually dropped, but still gave insight into the hoodies, their power, and the eternal struggle between good and evil.

The miniseries has rival hoodie gang members named Chim Chim and Charu.

There’s a trio consisting of Fugazi, Rob, and Vincent.

And there’s a heroine named Sarah.

This miniseries promises to be entertaining. I hope you take the journey with me and follow the story of the Battle of Hoods.

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