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I made it in the Metro!!

My words are published in a print newspaper!! Well it’s a Letter to the Editor, but it was published! I wrote a response to a letter that was published the previous week, I didn’t think I had a chance, but on try number one it was published!! Take a look here on page 8. I’ll be “famous” at work since A) this is a reponse to a co-worker, and B) there have been a few of us at work that have been published in the past year. I love the Metro, both for it’s ease of early morning catch-up, and the fact that they publish Get Fuzzy.

Gambling companies burying Harrisburg in paper

There are currently five companies vying to bring gambling to the 16 acre plot of land in South Philly, between Reed and Tasker. They all see gold in that formerly industrial tract of land, and are filing thousands of pounds of paper in Harrisburg to convince the lawmakers why each one of them would make the best organization to bring gambling to the City of Brotherly Love.

I’m really not thrilled about the idea of gambling in our city, but being that I find losing five dollars in a slot machine to be a painful experience, I’m probably not the best person to comment.

What do you all out there think about South Philly gambling? Is there a company you’d prefer seeing down there?

Check out the Inquirer coverage of this story so far.

Philly is the #1 Hockey City


Top Two Goal Scorers in NHL to Face Off tonight

Flyers winger Simon Gagne and Carolina Center Eric Staal will meet each other tonight looking to separate themselves from each other with some goals. Both players enter the game with 26 goals on the season. While Gagne has always been a pure goal scorer, the new rule changes, as well as playing with Peter Forsberg, have helped bring Gagne to new heights and is putting him on pace for a 50+ goal season. Staal on the other hand has been somewhat of a surprise. In his rookie season (2003-2004) Staal produced just 31 points, this season has been a different story for the youngster though. Staal has already doubled his goal output of his rookie season and has a good chance of tripling his point output.

The last time the

Preston & Steve: Open Letter to Stern Fans

Howard is done, and Preston and Steve had this to say about it:

An open letter to Howard Stern listeners,

Okay, the time has finally come and Howard has gone on to that great satellite in the sky. While some of you will join Mr. Stern at his new destination, many more of you are now left with the new chore of deciding what to listen to in the morning. The truth is Howard Stern is a tough act to follow and he deserves all the props and accolades he has earned over the years. That said, we would like you to consider The Preston and Steve Show as an option.

The truth is we have been sharing a large group of listeners with Howard for quite some time now and many listeners have decided to make us their first choice in the morning. Many Howard fans have found we offer a lot of what they’re looking for, but with a difference they seem to really enjoy. Our standing challenge is to give us just five days of listening…five days is all we ask. We have every confidence that at the end of those five days you will be converted as well.

The Preston and Steve Show is on 93.3 WMMR Monday through Friday from 6 to 10am. Check out and to listen to past shows and to get a flavor of the often very sick crap we love to do (there are some priceless video and audio clips as well as pics of the very hot Preston and Steve Girls)

Howard Stern listeners, our arms are open wide and we humbly ask you to give us a chance…because we are ratings whores!

Thanks for your time,

Preston and Steve

WMMR – Philly’s 1st Rock Station

CT Hockey: Finals Set

Team Venom lost to the Wolfgang Pucks tonight 10-7, setting up a championship series between the Wolfgang Pucks and Team Hemi. The loss by the Venom could signal the end of the team, unless CT Hockey is able to sustain a fifth season. The first two games of the championship series will most likely take place next week at 7:30 and 8:30 PM.

Flyers Win Again


A big circle of Jersey

“Who wants to live in Jersey? It’s a goddamn Communist country; you have to pay to get out.”


So we’re at the MetBlog Meet-Up, watching Chris (also Kariyanine) consume his eight vodka and cranberry type concoctions at the New Wave at 3rd and Catherine. And he starts spouting off about Jersey. I thought the quote at the top of this entry was good enough to write down so it’s been sitting in my journal, waiting for the opportune moment to drop the quote in a casual entry here on the MetBlog. This is that entry…

Cory (my partner of choice) and I are in Mississippi, enjoying the vast amounts of nothing that there is to do down here. At the moment, we’re watching Futurama on [adult swim]. Fry ended up apartment hunting and found several amazing “deals” including a delish adventure in undersea living. Then, of course, he spies an ad that says “Suspiciously Awesome Apartment”. Of course they go looking, and the discussion is as follows:

Fry: “So…what’s the catch?”
Landlord: “Oh, there’s no catch. It’s just we’re technically in New Jersey.”

Which brings us back to…

Lucky number 40

The Metroblogging family has another new addition. As of 7 am this morning, Mumbai is live. That’s the city formerly known as Bombay, and we are happy to have them in the family.

Flyers Look to Extend Winning Streak

The Flyers enter game three of their franchise record 11 game road trip tonight in Atlanta. So far the Flyers have won the first two. In Pittsburgh it was Simon Gagne playing the hero, in Florida goaltender Antero Niitymaki took his shot and bailed the Flyers out in a shootout victory. Despite the numerous injuries the Flyers have continued to find ways to win. The team recently eclipsed the New York Rangers for first place in the Atlantic Division and have extended their point lead to three. The Flyers are also tied with Southeast Division leader Carolina, whom they face tomorrow and can overtake second place in the conference with a win tonight and a Carolina loss.

Atlanta on the other hand gets a big boost to its goaltending core as Kari Lehtonen make his return to the lineup and may get the start tonight. Rookie Michael Garnett has played well for the Thrashers in Lehtonen

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