Saying Good-bye to Papa Bear


When I was young, I loved to be read to (which is strange, because I hate it now). Every night I would beg my parents to read just one more book, in addition to the three they had already performed, and often that one more was a Berenstain Bears book. My mom would finish the story and then tell me that when she was a little girl she lived down the street from Stan and Jan Berenstain, which always elevated her cool quotient in my four year old eyes. I loved the Berenstain Bears books, and there are some images from the those books that are burnt into my memory to this day (the most vivd is Mama Bear giving Sister Bear a lesson on how you can’t judge people by their outside, by cutting open two apples. The one that looks beautiful on the outside is all wormy, while the misshapen apple is perfect on the inside).

On Saturday, November 26th, Stan Berenstain, or Papa Bear, died of cancer at Doylestown Hospital. Stan, you will live forever through your books. I hope Bear Country treats you well.

Read the Inquirer article here.

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