Churchless Road

Why aren’t there m/any churches on Church Road? There are a lot churches on Old York Road and Broad Street, but I can’t think of a single church on Church Road. Why would you name a road Church if there weren’t m/any churches on it? Or, was it the power of suggestion? Was someone suggesting that one day there should be thousands of churches on Church Road?
The way construction in Montgomery County is going, by the year 3004, they could probably complete half of a steeple. Seriously, half the road is blocked on some parts of Church Road…. But it doesn’t look like much is wrong with the side being fixed. Can someone tell me what’s going on? It takes me forever to get to Montgomery County because Township Line is partially blocked, the 309 entrance by Cheltenham Avenue is partially blocked, and Church Road is partially blocked. I guess it was named Church Road because people have to pray to get where they need to be on time.

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