Celebrity Sighting!!!

Monday afternoon, I stopped into the Trader Joe’s at 22nd and Market after work. I zipped around the store, filling my basket with some necessities (coffee, cereal, bananas and milk). As I approached the registers, I made accidental eye contact with a guy standing in line. He looked to be my mom’s age (baby boomer) and he was so familiar that I looked again. He could have been a twin to my Uncle Andy (mostly because they are both hairy, Jewish men). Then I realized why I knew him.

When I was a middle schooler in Portland, OR, I would rush home every day to watch Furniture to Go TLC staring these guys. It was my favorite show (okay, so I’m a little weird) and I loved learning about furniture repair and refurbishment, especially from guys who sounded like my mom and her brothers.

Once I figured out that it was Ed Feldman, standing in line a check stand over from me, my cheeks got red, and I called my mom. She told me I should say something, but I just couldn’t. I think that he knew I recognized him, too. Now I realize I should have said something, because he probably would have gotten a kick out of being recognized by someone who thought he was cool during her pre-teen years in Portland, OR.

So Ed, if this blog post somehow gets your attention, I just want to say, your show rocked! Thanks!

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