The Food Truck Don

Is it cool to piggy back on someone else’s post? I don’t know, but Marisa’s post Food Trucks reminded me of a humorous scene I once witnessed while waiting in line at Lee Ahn’s on Spruce Street.

So, I’m in line, a long line as it was a warm and sunny Spring day and I had waited till noon, the beginning of food truck rush hour, when I hear a deep rumble from behind me. I turn to view the traffic on Spruce Street and I see this huge pimped out Hummer H2. Maybe there’s no such thing as a Hummer that’s not huge and pimped out, but this one looks like it has even more blinding chrome than some that I’ve seen. With the glare off the wind shield and the tinted windows, I can’t see who’s driving this factory fresh maroon beast, but whoever is behind the wheel deftly maneuvers the oversized conveyance out of traffic and nestles it snugly behind Lee Ahn’s food truck. Impressive.

Fascinated, I all but forget about my food and stare openly at this unfolding scene. Big engine still rumbling, the driver’s door opens and out comes the driver himself, a very slight elderly Chinese man wearing a silk shirt, impeccable slacks, and a pair of shoes into which some Italian designer had poured his heart and soul. All business, this gentleman, who I will call the Food Truck Don, casually surveys Lee Ahn’s food truck. After a few brief moments of contemplation, he reaches into the back of his Hummer and pulls out a stained cardboard box full of those chips you get at the start of a Chinese meal. Efficient but not hurried, he walks the box to the cart, refills their supply, and returns the now half empty box back to his Hummer. With a final summary glance at the food truck, he climbs back into the driver’s seat, closes the door, and pulls out into traffic back towards Center City, leaving me to stare after him in slack jawed wonderment.

You tell me, ok? Sometimes we Philadelphians wonder if there’s any money to be made in food trucks. I believe the Food Truck Don has answered that question, but opened so many more.

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  1. Marisa (unregistered) on August 19th, 2005 @ 11:08 pm

    Hey, it’s cool with me if you piggyback. Ride away…

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