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CCAC: Closed, Closed, Absolutely Closed

Well, here’s a bit of an update on the sudden closing of Center City Animal Clinic. Today’s mail contained (alongside a letter intended for someone 10 blocks from here addressed by someone with swoopy handwriting making the number almost impossible to understand) this missive:

Center City Animal Clinic has closed. After 26 years at this location, Dr. A has decided it is time to move on. Unfortunately he could not find another veterinarian to take over the clinic, so he had to close it. Doctors B and C were not interested in ownership here and are now both practicing outside of the city.

[. . . P]lease write or call to request your records. Be sure to give your current address and telephone number. If leaving a voice message, please speak clearly.

Thank you for your patronage for all of these wonderful years. Good luck with your pets.

Now, it’s not much more in the way of information than we had before: Jane’s comment back on the 11th contained all that information and more. Still, I thought it was worth providing further confirmation about the total finality of the closing. I’m still appalled by the suddenness of it all, and the fact that the announcement and explanation (paltry as those are) are almost a full month after-the-fact.

One final snark: when I heard the “we’re closed” announcement on the (ex)clinic’s answering machine, that message told callers to leave their information if they wanted their pet’s medical records. I left my info, speaking very clearly indeed, and I have yet to receive a single piece of information. Now this letter is telling me to make that same request again. Anyone want to place odds on whether my request for these records will actually be honored this second time around?

Martial Law in New Orleans

Is anyone else out there having a hard wrapping their brains around the devastation that’s taken place in New Orleans? Check out Metroblogging New Orleans for some first hand accounts of what’s going on.

Here’s a chunk of a report from Bloomberg Canada:

It may be weeks or even longer before people are allowed back to some areas of New Orleans, said Lieutenant Kevin Cowan, a spokesman for the Louisiana Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. He said “thousands” of people in and around New Orleans still need to be rescued.

“The infrastructure is damaged so bad that it’ll have to be completely rebuilt,” Cowan said in a telephone interview from Baton Rouge. “Buildings are down, parts of roads have been washed away and utilities are gone. There’s no food, no water, no sustenance whatsoever ever; there are no services in the New Orleans area, so people are destitute.”

Read the rest of the article

Chess Party!

In trolling around Craig’s List, looking for things to amuse myself with, I found this:

Hi, I’m looking to start up a chess group to meet up in the evenings occassionally or on Saturday/Sunday mornings/early afternoon in Rittenhouse Square or a bookstore/coffee house nearby. All levels welcome and the more the merrier. If interested, please respond to this ad and let me know if you have a chess set you could bring.

Eggcellent, eggcellent. If you’re interested in a Rittenhouse area chess group, email Michele at lafemme007 @ or check out the ad here.

Where are we? #1


Hey folks! So we at Metroblogging Philadelphia have been talking about how fun it would be to rip off an a idea that some of the other Metroblogging sites have been implementing recently. It’s the “where am I” guessing game. The idea is that we’ll sporadically post a picture, and we ask that you guess where it is.

I’m going to start you off with an easy one.

As a prize, I will buy the person who guesses the most locations correctly, a beer at the upcoming Metroblogging Philadelphia Happy Hour (check our site at for more information).

Happy guessing!

2nd Floor Cloud-chase

At the beginning of the month, I posted the view from my window. Today, I’ve been staring out the same window for the past few hours, watching the clouds move. So fast! They are flying! Literally!

I’ve never seen clouds move this fast since I moved out of Mississippi.
It’s been quite a show.

I know this is because of the tail end of Katrina spinning itself out, but it’s still a fascinating weather phenomenon. Sort of. It’s cool to watch on the radar, and it’s neat to see the bits of weather we get up here…but it’s not cool in Mississippi.

Maybe I’m going to make this plea because I’m from Mississippi. Maybe I’m going to make this plea because I know people from the towns that no longer exist. Maybe I’m going to make this plea because some of my best friends don’t have homes anymore and have moved in with my parents. I don’t know.

But folks, if you can, please donate something. It doesn’t have to be the Red Cross. It doesn’t have to be the Salvation Army or the United Jewish Communities. Please. Donate somewhere, if you can.


Yes it’s true, Philadelphia Sport and Social club now has a league for Dodgeballers! But that is not exactly what this post is about. I have no idea how I found this website, but it ties in nicely with my earlier post about Plazes. This new thing is called Dodgeball and you can see the website by clicking on the image

What is it you ask? Well it’s not a new game you can play, or really anything else we have, or least I have not, seen this type of software before. From Discover magazine

If you

Don’t forget…

to Drink Liberally tonight from 6 to 9 pm at Tangier (18th and Lombard).


Have you guys seen this?

The intense love/hate relationship that Philadelphia sports fans have for their teams is now finding full expression in T.O..

Stupid T.O..

Festive Festival-ness

Matt and I were hardly back from vacation* when we were combing over our copy of the Philly Fringe guide. (And yes, I know that the correct nomenclature is now The Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, but ’twill always be the fringe to me…

My first cut through uncovered 27 events I was at least somewhat interested in attending. Matt’s look-see led him to identify 40 or so. Obviously, blessedly, there was some overlap, so we’ve weeded the list down via common interests to something humanly possible.

Now it’s time to balance the checkbook and check our energy levels for the final cut that takes our wished-for show schedule from the realm of the barely possible to the actually manageable, in terms of cost (both financial and human).

It’s been something of an undertaking, all this weeding down and weeding out. Still: it’s a great problem to have. So many possibilities to enjoy, during the Fringe and throughout the year…

* PS: Just for the record, the first day back at work after vacation inevitably rots. Even if you like your job (as, for the record, I do).

PECO says!

I swear to god I just got this in the mail….in my electricity bill.

PECO Energy joins Leadership Philadelphia in challenging the people of our region to Pay it Forward– that is, to do acts of service and compassion without the expectation of personal reward. Taking the cue from the book and movie of the same name, we’re trying to create chain reactions from kindness all across our area. Let’s show others that the Greater Philadelphia region is a special place to live and work. Pay a favor forward and pass along this card when doing so. Send your stories to

I’m unsure if I should be cyincal at this blind and naive declaration or if I should buy the stupid ploy and call PECO a good company.

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