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Safety and Center City

While I didn’t grow up in Philly, I visited often as a child. My grandparents lived in the same apartment that I now live in and so I’ve had the opportunity to experience Center City (particularly the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood) for most of my life. I remember feeling scared to be out at night, even accompanied by an adult, in the mid-1980’s. I’m not sure if there was actually any threat, or if it was the anxiety my grandparents assumed as their bodies grew frailer and their ability to defend themselves diminished.

Dramatic weather

I have always been a fan of dramatic weather. Growing up in Los Angeles (where there is no weather) and Portland, OR, where it is frequently gray and overcast, always made me crave storms, thunder and lightening, snow that closes school and torrential rain. (Although I’ve come to appreciate and long for Oregon weather, now that I don’t live there anymore). Every summer from birth to age 10, my mom, my sister and I spent time in Philadelphia with my grandparents. I loved peering out the windows of their 20th story apartment in Center City, watching the lightening streak the sky, the windows rattling their protest to the ferocity of the wind, safe behind glass and dressed for sleep in my grandfather’s white cotton undershirts.

City Kitties


Originally uploaded by colorwhirl.

I’m not sure about the rest of Philly, but West Philly has a whole lotta strays. By “whole lotta” I mean “so many that I know more cat ladies and gents under the age of 40 in West Philly than in any other place”. There can only be so many kind-hearted people, I’m afraid. It’s not healthy or safe to have a million and four cats in a single apartment or home.

Which would explain where City Kitties came from. One of the first places it was announced was in a West Philly community and the ground-swell of support for them was amazing. There is a definite need for something in the West Philly area, and City Kitties is filling that need.

From their own About section

“Lori and Lou founded City Kitties in 2004 when they realized they made a pretty nifty cat rescuing team. Lori is a veterinary technician with years of experience, and Lou is a graduate student with a love for animals.”

Based on my experience with them (online only, I’m afraid) Lori and Lou are great folks and sincerely love what they are doing with the kitties, which is tops.

If you are interested in helping out the abandoned animals of the city, check out their support page or buy buttons from them! For a mere $1.50, you can get buttons that are so cute they’ll make your mama melt OR for $5, they’ll make you a personalized button of your kitty! Your very own kitty, on his or her very own button!

Right now, City Kitties really really needs foster homes for their kitties; if you’re able to help out, please do!

While we’re on the topic of Forbes lists….

…Philadelphia ranks Number 12 on the mag’s 2005 Best Cities for Singles list.

This represents a slight uptick from our 2004 ranking of #15. Don’t ask me why: I left single-dom in 2003, so my removal from the bars can only be held accountable for ratings changes between ’03 and ’04…. ;)

Bonus: the first restauraunt I found and fell in love with so-many-years ago hit the city’s top ten for la romance.

Guess who is one of Forbes Best of the Web?

Us, that’s who! (When I say us, I mean the larger Metroblogging community).

Check it out!

New York, San Francisco and LA have had their say about it.

Welcome to the family

Detroit is lucky number 33 in the ever growing Metroblogging family. Why don’t you stroll on over and check it out.

Mental Mapping

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Gate, Rodin Museum

Gate, Rodin Museum,
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I’ve been in the city for coming on 14 years and I have yet to visit the Rodin Museum.

At least now I remember the place exists. When I first moved here, the place was in the midst of a lengthy cosing-for-renovation project. A couple years’ worth of closed doors and renovation efforts, if I recall correctly.

I swear that as I created my own internal map of the city and its attractions, I just left a blank space on the parkway where that museum should be, and my chronic forgetfulness about its existence is one of the main reasons I’ve not taken even one visit to the place.

(Another prime reason has to do with not seeing the attractions of one’s home city, which rather common behavior far and wide and deserves a post of its own someday…)

Whirling Dervishes

This past weekend I had the privilege of seeing a show at the World Cafe Live. It has been a very long time since music exerted its power to move me to another plane. However, that is what good samba music can do. On Saturday, Alo Brasil (a motley crew of local musicians with a strong interest in Brasilian music) were performing. They really know how to send the audience into a frenzy. Instead of coming out from backstage, they appear from a side door and meander through the crowd, clapping – playing percussion – blowing whistles. I knew I was in for an experience. The show featured everything from samba dancers with big tetas to capoeira dancers. Music segued from samba to bossa nova to less known styles, with which I am not familiar.

I advise anyone with a love of latin music to catch one of their shows. Their next performance is in Rittenhouse Square in September.


the cappuccino kid

Oops (or the dangers of treadmills and dating)

Last spring, I ran the Broad Street Run. This was the first road run I had ever done. It was (in fact) the first time I had ever run ten consecutive miles. I finished, I didn’t totally humiliate myself and so I considered it a success. I’ve now committed to doing the Philadelphia Distance Run in September. Considering the mediocre job of training I did for the Broad Street, I’ve been trying to be a little more focused and directed about getting ready for this one (I’m still going to suck, but I will finish).

A crush

I’m currently experiencing something that I haven’t felt since I was in the 9th grade. I have a music crush.

Last weekend, I went to the Tin Angel for a show (and wrote about it here). The opening act was a guy named Eric Hutchinson. The performance he gave was great, he is funny, sharp and a great singer/songwriter. I could feel the beginnings of a crush developing as I watched him sing. I’ve had one week with his cd (which he even signed for me after his set) and now, it’s official.

I heart him.

I better get a grip on myself, or soon I’ll be writing his name all over my notebook during study hall.

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