Now You C It…

My dog’s having a sudden health issue. Not worrisome enough for a trip over to the UPenn Veterinary Hospital, but important enough that I thought I’d leave a voicemail on my regular vet’s machine so’s to get early in the queue for setting up an appointment for the coming week.

Except the outgoing message said this:

Center City Animal Clinic is closed. We are considering opening our doors again in September. If you are a past client and would like copies of your records, please leave a message here with your mailing address. Thank you.

What the hell?!? Does anyone know what the deal is? I did a very quick google and didn’t come up with anything—and you’ll forgive me if I don’t currently have the time for more extended internet research.

More pressingly: any good recommendations for a replacement vet? The unavailability of our customary vet hasn’t made Cinder’s illness magically disappear…

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  1. joann l. (unregistered) on August 4th, 2005 @ 2:47 pm

    i just got the same message and started looking online for answers, which brought me to your site. i needed to schedule a follow-up appointment for my cat, who has a pretty serious liver problem, and i was told when i called there on july 12 that they’d be reopening after “vacation” on august 15. now i call the office today to leave a message and it sounds like they’re closed for good. wtf?! i thought dr. stremme worked at penn vet ER but i can’t find him in any staff listings. maybe penn folks can recommend vets — taking my kitty there tonight. after bringing my two cats to CCAC for 15 years, some notice of the apparent closing would have been nice!

  2. Jane (unregistered) on August 11th, 2005 @ 10:17 am

    Re CCAC Incredibly Unannounced Closing: I had a similar experience yesterday. Had passed CCAC’s Pine St Office Sunday, saw a “for sale” sign out front, and when I called yesterday, got the same answering machine message. Somethimg made me call back, however, and someone answered and said pbecause of the tragic death of a staff member last winter who held the place together, basically, and because the vet wanted to devote more of his time to marine mammals at the aquarium, the decision was made to close rather than train new people but that the vet would probably resurface this fall part time occasionally working in another vet’s office, possibly Dr Wellens at Queen Village. I feel awful about this closing for a variety of reasons, one because the people there were really nice and I occasionally boarded my cat there, but two, they didn’t give the clients any notice, which is incredible when you think about it. I for one buy prescrption cat food there for my cat’s medical problem and if i knew the place was going to close, i would have bought three twenty-pound bags. so. mystery solved for some of you?

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