You know what stinks?

I’ll tell you what stinks. Unemployment. I live just outside the city and thanks to my lack of ability to save money, I’m now imprisoned at my parents’ place. Except for when I am looking for work. Then I allow myself to go out on job interviews and such. Otherwise, I’d be spending all this money I don’t have. It’s tough, but at least I’ve been able to add to and fix two songs of mine that will be on my upcoming album (whenever I get around to releasing it). I guess that’s good news.

Fear not, dear readers. As soon as I get a job, I’ll be celebrating down at the Khyber. It remains one of my favorite places in the city, and is mere blocks from my brother’s place, which means I’ll have a place to crash when I’ve spent too much on Yards and Guinness.

Sad thing is, I’ll probably wander online the following morning and tell you about it. Not that you’d care or anything.

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  1. Marisa (unregistered) on July 30th, 2005 @ 10:26 pm

    Come on, we’re always interested in hearing about an interesting night out. Especially when all we did (okay, me) was spend almost $10 to see Wedding Crashers. That was a mistake.

  2. suzanne (unregistered) on July 31st, 2005 @ 12:37 am

    Getting a job in this city is so frusterating!
    I happened to luck out on a job via CL, but I’ve been out of work since April.

    It’s mostly the fact that we’re flooded with grads.
    But man, give us some updates about life out there!

  3. salas (unregistered) on July 31st, 2005 @ 9:22 am

    I finally got a job in the city and will be starting Aug. 29th. I’ve been living at my parents place in the ‘burbs, working nearby for a while now, but I’m finally moving in. Hopefully you and me both will be throwing random city stories online in the near future.

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