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4 Things I know about the Phillies right now…

I don’t know who is right about Iraq – McCain or Obama or Clinton or Rush (the band, not Limbaugh.)
I don’t know what will happen with Randy Moss.
I don’t know how the Sixers keep winning.
I don’t know how Milton Street doesn’t have a radio show.

I do know that it’s incredibly nice outside, The Mighty Cole Hamels is mighty pissed off, the Eagles are still looking for a game-breaking wide reciever, and the Spurs will probably win the NBA title.

This weekend I watched the Phillies Spring Training game on Saturday and then listened to parts of Sunday’s game on the radio. As a result, here are a few things I know about this year’s Phillies:

1.) The Phillies offense might possibly score 3,782 runs this year. The difference is Pedro Feliz, the new-look outfield, and their bench. Even Carlos Ruiz is looking good this year, which is fantastic because that means that we will see even less of Rod Barajas this year. And yes Philadelphia, less Barajas is always a good thing. Always. Even if you’re related to Rod, it’s a good thing.

2.) The Mighty Cole needs to learn to back up his complaining. It’s one thing to complain about money – we all do it, I’ve done it twice this morning. But if you’re going to complain about how much you’re getting paid in a performance-based profession, then dude, you need to back it. And giving up rocket balls to the Yankees is not the way to do it. Cole needs to get his act together and keep his mouth shut. Last year, it was money and the Phillies lack of a chiropractor. This year, the team picked up a chiropractor, but he’s still complaining about money. Keep it up, Cole. Pretty soon we’ll be complaining about your complaining and God forbid, your lack of production if somehow the National League keys in on your curveball and slider. Unless it’s the Nats, those guys couldn’t figure out where there car was if it were parked in front of them.

3.) I love Charlie Manuel and if you don’t right now, you will soon. Trust me. I’ve from Maine, we know country bumpkins and we know that a good ol’ boy who knows the ins and outs of baseball is a valued commodity. Come on, Philly…at least he’s not Andy Reid. Ouch.

4.) Adam Eaton is still terrible. Absolutely terrible. I’m going to go big right now. I’m the pitcher for Team G.F.Y. and I will put Nailz’ cat Izzy on the table that I’ll have a better E.R.A. than Eaton, and if I wanted, a better goatee. Granted G.F.Y. is slow-pitch softball, but I stand by words. Any takers? Anyone? Come on! It’s Adam Eaton!

It’s 27 days until Opening Day, the sun is shining, and it’s almost March Madness. Sure things could be better, but things could be worse. Enjoy the day. 

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