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Groundhog Day

Did I miss winter?

It could be my northeastern bias (I grew up in New England), but I usually associate snow with winter. There’s still time, but now I am hearing of an early spring.

Who the Heck Ordered Snow?

I already have a case of pre-semester jitters due to the fact that my classes start tonight and this is my last semester in Grad School (THANK GOD!). But snow? This just makes me not want to go class even more than before. I hate the white flurry stuff because of course snow will eventually turn into ice. Its not really sticking right now and I’ll keep praying is stays that way.

A brief snow shower

Driving along West River Drive (okay, fine Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive) this morning, suddenly little bits of something started fluttering down from the sky. I looked around, confused for a moment. Had some recycling plant lost control of it’s paper scraps? Were thousands of birds molting pure, white tufts of down? Was it possible that unseen apple blossom trees were releasing their petals in unison?

In a flash I realized what it was and nearly smacked my my global-warming addled head against the steering wheel in the ridiculousness of my thought process. SNOW! It didn’t last long, by the time I got to St. Joe’s, it had nearly stopped, but while it lasted, it was lovely.

Springtime in the City

Yesterday, January 6, my husband and I frolicked in the city in short sleeves. If I could have found my flip flops (put away for “winter” somewhere under my bed), they would have been on. We had a beer at an outside table at The Bishop’s Collar. We certainly enjoyed it, but at the same time it was also very eerie. We just kept looking at each other and saying, It’s January?

Where of where did my Winter go?

I see Brady was complaining about his ski trip and saw someone brought up the topic of there being no snow. As none of you may realize Brady and I were planning a day trip to go skiing in December but outside of the fact that some people dropped out (much like Brady’s current trip) it was also too warm and the slopes were operating at a 30% running capacity. Well it still isn’t warm enough and Jack Frost is only running at 48% with 12 of 25 trails open and Big Boulder at 53 % with 8 of 15 trails. So what does any of this have to do with anything?

Damn You Ernesto

To be honest, I didn’t give one shit about Ernesto.

But he came today and brought us much welcome cooler weather. However that weather included constant rain and wind. I walked out of my apartment to the mailbox down the block and found half a tree down and smashed apart on my sidewalk. I also had my hat fly off several times and got soaked.

Next time a big storm comes up here, I’ll show some respekt.

Longing for raindrops

I was driving on the Schuykill Expressway (known as the SEX in some circles) this afternoon, when I saw a few tiny raindrops start to hit my windshield. I offered up a word of thanks to the weather gods, assuming that this was the beginning of a heavy storm that would clear the humidity out of the air (and in the process, clean my dirty, dusty car). But by the time I got to my destination, the raindrops were but a memory, never turning into a storm at all.

Oh weather, why must you tease me so?

I Was Actually Outside on Saturday

I hate summer. I hate the heat, I hate the bright sun, I hate the humidity. However, this past Saturday found me outside, enjoying the weather. Outside. I left my house to meet up with others from my Harry Potter group to plan some fun events for fall, and by the time I got to Bonte my mind was made up: we would gather at the sidewalk tables. If only summer weather could be like that all the time.

Can’t Beat the Heat


It is so hot out side that I swear I seen the devil himself sitting beside me during my lunch hour. So even though I work where there is air condition, I am currently suffering from a massive heat headache. I was only outside for about twenty minutes! If you don’t have to go out please stay in. I feel so bad for my fiancé. He has been working in the heat all week. Yesterday when he picked me up from work he was too exhausted to drive.

Note to Construction Men: Boycott the job! It’s too hot to work out doors. Say its unfair working conditions and even pass out to make your story believable (which you probably won’t have to fake due to this weather). Take a holiday or maybe even a sick day. Just don’t work. It could be bad for your health (I never thought I would say something like that).

If It’s Indoors, Is It Still a Picnic?

My Harry Potter group Potterdelphia planned a great summer picnic in East Fairmount Park for this coming Sunday, but the threat of thunderstorms caused us to cancel. Of course this leaves people uspet at not only missing out on some fun but also stewing at home with unused fruit, hot dogs, cake and more. But what can we do? We didn’t pay to reserve a pavillion and we can’t possibly have a picnic in the rain—the grill would keep going out and the buns would get a bit too soggy.

Does anyone know of any free or very cheap indoor locations that would be ideal for a rainy day picnic?

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