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Who Ordered the Snow?

As if the rain wasn’t bad enough, Mother Nature decided to kick us in the behind and send us some of that slushy white stuff. Snow in April? I know April showers bring May flowers, but what could snow possibly bring us but a horrible commute to work? Well, what a way to begin the week. Only four more days left until the weekend (Sigh).

Global Warming Grandmother

My Gram has recently been on this whole Global Warming kick. It’s all she talks about. Usually I take what Gram says with a grain of salt…

But currently I’m in Maine and it’s the sun has been out, the snow is melting.
I just talked to Courtney, and she says that it’s sunny and snowing in Philly.
I’m watching the Red Sox pregame report and it’s snowing in Texas…and the dugouts AREN’T heated.

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but I really think Gram might have a point. I still don’t think they’ll reinstate the draft or that she should be driving a car, but I’ll give it to her when she’s talking about Global Warming.

Happy Spring?

ALBUM OF THE WEEK: “Because of the Times” Kings of Leon
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Sitting at my computer, putting off going to bed and declaring the weekend officially over, I caught a flash of light out of the corner of my eye. It looked suspiciously like lightening, but I couldn’t be sure. But it was quickly followed with a rumbling thunderbolt. Confirmation.

Thunderstorm season seems to have arrived. Summer can’t be far away now.

Global Warming?

Just when we thought winter was over and done with, Yardis Alpolfo, reporter for the Action National Weather News, just announced we are in for a twelve to fifteen inch snowstorm this Thursday.
So while you are enjoying this spring weather over the next few days you had better stock up on more rock salt and keep your shovel handy.

A coat quandry

The weather we’re having these days has me totally and completely stymied as to how to clothe myself. Heading out today around 11:30 am, I put on my long down coat that has been my go-to outer layer for weeks. I live on the 20th floor of a high rise, so stepping outside to figure out how the weather feels is not an option. I do have a small thermometer that hangs in my living room window, but when it told me that the temperature was 50 degrees, I discovered that I had lost the ability to judge what that meant in terms of coats. So I put on the heavy coat and headed downstairs. When I got outside I discovered that I was impressively overdressed, as the shining sun made the day almost balmy. But not quite balmy enough to be outside with no coat whatsoever.

As I walked to Penn to meet some friends, I started sweat inside my unzipped coat, causing a heating and cooling system that was most uncomfortable. When I arrived at lunch and took off my coat, I discovered that my arms and back were completely damp. One of my friends looked at me and asked if I had been splashed by a truck going through a puddle. That’s how sweat-soaked I had become.

Mother Nature Hates Me

I haven’t been posting here lately because I’ve been ill since March 3rd. After almost 2 weeks and lots of doctor-prescribed treatment, I no longer feel like the walking dead. Nevertheless, my ongoing cough makes this perennial non-smoker sound like I have a three-pack-a-day habit. And now the weather pundits are predicting a 30 degree swing in the high temperature between today and tomorrow. It’s a classic recipe for my pulmonary infection to recur and come back stronger, especially when you consdier how yesterday’s high went all the way to 79.

I think Mother Nature wants me dead.

Image source: Channel 6 Accuweather forecast, 16:30, Thursday, March 15th, 2007.

Snowed in on V-Day

Today is the day that love is suppose to conquer all and prevail over the odds, but with high winds and icy streets- I beg to differ. Of course countless dinners were most likely canceled, and big surprises put off to another day, so where does that leave us? A quiet V-day at home wasn’t all that bad. As long as you have the one you love beside you, does anything else matter?

Choosing the Proper Forecaster

I’ll admit it: I was too darn lazy to watch the Monday evening/late-night news, so I missed the updated forecast explaining that both my communting walks would be with pieces of frozen water blowing into my eyes and cheeks (which are about the only bits of exposed Sherri once I bundle up for the cold mornings).

Of course, if I’d remembered to check the Philly Weather Blog, I woulda known better.

That’ll learn me.

And we thought we were going to have a mild winter

How’s everyone holding up in the face of this nastily cold weather? According to NBC10 and Glen “Hurricane” Schwartz the temperature in Philadelphia hasn’t gone above freezing since last Saturday and it looks like we’ve got another day of frigid temperatures before the daytime high just barely brushes by 32 degrees.

Personally I’m ready for slightly less painful temperatures. I’m tired of wearing the most unflattering coat in the world that leaves me looking like an uncooked pork sausage with electrically charged hair. When I go inside after walking somewhere my hair is standing on end and I look like I’m ready for a very large grill.

I feel like if it’s going to be this cold, that we should get something in return, like a nice, cozy snow day. PhillyWeather says that there’s a chance we’re going to get some snow this weekend, but that the conditions have to be just right in order for it to happen.

How are people feeling about the weather? Lovers or haters, we want to hear from you.

A Whole Lotta Ice

Bright ice

Does anyone know what happened today at the old AAA building (wasn’t it someone’s campaign headquarters last week?) at 21st and Market? When I was driving home from class tonight, I noticed that the front of the building and most of the sidewalk is covered in ice. It looks like it might have come from an upper floor, because there are some serious icicles hanging from the eaves. If this chunk of the city is in your normal commute, please be careful tomorrow, that ice is treacherous.

I braved the cold tonight to go back out and take some pictures of the ice. Apparently my gloves are no match for 12 degree weather, because when I got back my fingers were bright red and hurt like crazy. I had to warm them up in cold tap water, and they are still a little puffy and stiff. Ah, the lengths I go to for the Metroblog. If you’d like to see the complete set, go here.

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