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Photo of the Day

 The beautiful University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology & Anthrolopology Courtyard, seen with wonderful soft, shallow depth of field in this photo by A Bryce


That summertime feeling might be here!

It literally just happened.

I just had the rush, baby! The sweet and beautiful rush of summer. And as I just wrote that sentence, a whiff of a grille going, floated through my window…but it could just be Stoney’s running shoes. But regardless, it just happened and I feel incredible right now, just a hair south of absolutely amazing. Last night’s Phils’ game is what possibly got it started. It’s too early to tell.

It had all the makings of a killer summer night. There was the humidity, the dead lifeless air hanging over the city, and on the deck, enjoying a Gin & Tonic, I watched as heavy-lookin’ clouds started surrounding Philly. On the other side of Center City, the Phillies/Cubs game got underway and boom…two quick homers by the Cubbies and the rain clouds coming closer and closer…hold ’em tight, smoke ’em down, knock those crazy good times down because two storms…oh and the Flyers’ game…it’s all coming down now. It’s all happening, Corporate Grande says.

Ludino’s text only said go flyers and I switched over to the game – a tied game, 4-4, against the Washington Capitals. But no, the Phils’ game was just too good to pass up. Even episodes of Arrested Development would have to wait until later…so G.O.B.. Brett Myers was unbelievable. Literally. Around the end of the top of the 7th, I just didn’t believe what I was seeing. There was no fifth inning breakdown or any breakdown for that matter. Break-dancin’? No doubt they should have been up in those high, sweaty bleachers – a good, clear view of the soggy madness creeping up the Interstate.

Pat Burrell hit a dart of a homer and I decided that I will cheer for Geoff Jenkins. He’s gritty, old school. Sure, The Force That is Chaseis gritty as well. And so is Jables Cash and Eddy’s Ice Cream of Team GFY. But Chase is also an amazing ball player and Cash and Ice Cream play slow-pitch softball out in the ‘burbs. But Jenkins’ toughness is endearing. And his helmet is always crooked when he’s up and I think that makes him look pretty cool. ARod would never do that. JRoooll wouldn’t even do that and that dude does everything right!

And maybe two minutes after new closer Brad Lidge closed out the game for the Fightin’ Phils, the rain came down. It came down with the kind of ferocity that would make you think that Mother Nature might be a Cubbies fan and like Cubs’ pitcher Carlos Zambrano, might have quite the firey temper.

We don’t need her anyways!

We’ve got Eric “Give me a few games to settle down” Bruntlett, and Barack and Hill Dogg roaming the streets of this commonwealth. So take that, Mother Nature!

But will the weather hold up tomorrow? Will Team GFY be able to play and possibly score four or even five runs? Or will the rains make us all stay inside and watch the Master’s so we all have something to talk to my Gram about tomorrow night when we call her to talk about Tiger Woods?

Only time will tell. But regardless, the rush of summertime is runnin’ through my veins…cruisin’ on through like one of E Rocket’s slow-pitch, perfectly arched, kinda-fastball.

Good times!

Cameroon Pet Scams – Hits Close to Home

Throughout the past year, I have been searching the internet, doing some research, and trying my best to find a four-legged friend to become the latest edition to my household. I searched Craigslist, google, rescue groups – anything and everything, I searched it.

I came across numerous faux ads (mostly on Craigslist) offering highly desirable pooch breeds for a nominal fee. The ad goes up – not stating a thing about where the dog is located. The picture is cute – so you write to this anonymous person. A day or so goes by and you receive a reply. Let me tell you – these scammers are getting awfully creative all the while their English is getting worse. One person said they are in the Peace Corps and they aren’t home enough to take care of their dog. Another said they travel a lot for business. I never knew so many worldly deceivers congregated in this tiny coutry in West Africa.

I went back on Craigslist – like so many upset pet lovers do – and posted a warning. That lasted all of one hour. These creeps patrol the site – flagging any post that brings light to their scam.

No matter how many warnings are posted on the internet, people keep falling for the same tricks – losing money and hope that they will ever find the right pet for them. The Cameroon puppy scammers are continuing to operate their “businesses” and cheat people out of their money.

Another Subway Attack

Last night at around 8pm, a group of young thugs attacked a 23-year old woman inside the subway concourse at the 8th Street El stop. The woman was brutally beaten, taking kicks and punches to most of her body. Thankfully, she escpaed with her life.

Five young people were charged in the attack. I am confident that they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. They are disgusting human beings with no respect whatsoever.

Every day, it’s another story about someone being murdered, robbed, raped and disrespected. I am tired and sick of it. I am sick and tired of parents that do not get involved in their children’s lives, of teachers who cannot teach because a lack of positive role models in their students home lives, of our government that thinks a large sum of money will make problems disappear.

I don’t know what it is about this city – but it’s as if it breeds this kind of behavior. There is a breakdown in communication and positive influence. Be it parents, the govenment, guardians or schools – we need bring about a powerful change – and soon.

Phillies lose again, town about to chalk up season as a BUST.

Wow…I didn’t think it would happen.

But it did.

Team GFY actually managed more hits on Sunday than the Phillies did last night in a chilly game versus Those Bastards from the South. The Fightin’ Phils managed just one hit last night in a 1-0 loss to the Nats. The Mighty Cole Hamels pitched an almost-gem, the only hiccup being a gimme-a-break homer by Nats’ stud Ryan Zimmerman.

The only plus side to last night’s game?

It lasted just a shade over two hours, which honestly, was an hour and a half too long. Luckily America’s Next Top Model came on right after and that (like it usually does) makes everything all right by me.

Quick note for AM radio-listening sports fans, 950am is now officially part of ESPN radio. They’ve switched around some people- moving Jody Mac to the morning and now having the Mike Tirico show on in the early afternoons. But hey, if you’re not a fan of change, don’t worry. Howard Eskin is still on 610am every weekday afternoon.


Phils’ play the Nats again today, Business Person special (which is why Big White Inc. is going) and it’s also the debut of the Phils’ new alternate home jerseys. Team  GFY also has practice today at the NovaCare Complex if anyone wants to come by and watch true softball brilliance. You’ll even have the chance to buy your own GFY t-shirts with your favorite player on the back: Nailz! Big White Inc.! Knife Fight! Burns! Eddy’s Ice Cream and more! Supply is limited so act now!

And don’t forget the Sixers. They might even make the playoffs!

Yeah dude, but the Eagles still need a wide reciever…nothing’s perfect.

Ha! Ha! funny

I have a funny pal who is into the comedy scene in Philly. His name’s Doogie. He’ll be performing at The Shubin Theatre (407 Bainbridge St.) on Wednesday night. They call the show “Bedtime Stories.” This is sketch comedy – $5. 8pm. Best part about it? The theme is “Hipsters!”

Doogie performs in other places, too. His buddies are funny, too. I hope to give you more updates on where to see them all in the near future! Laughter is great for your health – remember that.

Rustic Overtones at World Cafe TONIGHT…

Flash! Flash? Flash…

Hey, up until the 6th or 7th, things seemed to business as usual for the Fightin’ Phils down South Broad Street. A Brett Myers implosion wasn’t all that surprising and unfortunately, neither was the 4 runs Tom Gordon gave up at the end of the game.

But hey, you a little bummed about it? Are you bummed that Eagles still don’t have a wide reciever or that because Bill Richardson isn’t in the Democratic race anymore, he won’t be anywhere near Pennsylvania? Are you bummed that even though it’s almost 70, the sun’s not out or because Philly Mayor Michael Nutter hopped off the mound yesterday after the ceremonial first pitch like a giddy school girl?

Well if so, don’t worry.

Rustic Overtones, performing at World Cafe tonight, are the perfect cure. A dynamic, 7 piece, rock/funk band from Maine, recently signed to Velour Recordings (Soulive, Kaki King,) Rustic will be tearing up the upstairs stage at World Cafe. The show starts at 7:30pm and tickets are $15.

I know it’s Tuesday and I know it will be Tuesday night. But hey, Tuesdays are for livin’ BABY!

That is all you need to know.

Have a good day.

Obama for Pop Culture Icon!

Are you ready?

Are you?

Are you ready for Barack Obama – pop culture icon?

If your not, then that’s tough business for you because it’s in the process of happening right NOW. See the new posters at all the bus stops around the city, a rough, gray-toned drawing of Obama with a single word describing his campaign.



“Kick Assness”

It’s a bold move by the Obama campaign if you were to ask this wandering dude. Are we to now assume that Senator Obama from Illinois has reached that status of celebrity where no name is needed? I think of pictures of Martin Luther King Jr., Che Guerra, Britney Spears, where the name of the person is arbitrary because we already know who it is.  Is that Obama now? Is he beyond a name now? A few months ago most of the country only knew the name “Barack Obama.” Now I suppose everyone not only knows his name, but his face as well.

So that’s that. Barack might not be President, but he’s a pop culture icon. So he’s got that going for him…which is nice…and probably more profitable.


Phillies, rock and roll, and Hill Dog…

Fun times here in sunny Philadelphia, waiting for Erin to come by so we can go look at Ben Franklin’s house and maybe the Liberty Bell…all while the clock ticks closer and closer to the Final Four, the start of the baseball season, Team GFY’s first game of the season, and tax season to wind down. Tick, tick, tick. Fun times.

The politicians are running wild across the state like lost cattle, begging you and hassling you for your votes. Are you a Democrat? Do you like long walks on the beach…maybe some Chinese food? Does it matter? Sure it does. Chelsea Clinton would NOT be here if it didn’t, but then Patrick Leahy from Vermont comes out and just tells Hill Dog that maybe it’s time to go home and for the Clinton camp, NOT fun times.

But we’re good, God-fearing Americans, and for the rest of us, these are good times. The Phillies unofficially start the 2008 season this weekend in a couple exhibition games versus the Toronto Blue Jays. Then Monday, the home opener, the start of the campaign to defend their 2007 NL East crown versus those bastards from the south, the Washington Nationals and we all just wish they would go away.

The season is looking promising for our Fightin’ Phils and the offense could very easily score 3,000 runs, which they’ll need too given that the pitching staff might give up 2,999 runs. And yes, 2,000 of those runs probably will come from our lovable, over-paid 5th starter, Adam Eaton and his GD goatee that probably scares more children than a nurturing Hill Dog does. Cole Hamels and Brett Myers anchor the rotation, rounded out by Kyle Kendrick and Jamie Moyer, who at 44, is proving that the love of the game is as addictive as buffalo wings are too…Hill Dog. Sorry. I think I like Hill Dog, but I also think I don’t. Whatever. You don’t care about my opinions.

But if you did, and you wanted to know what kind of line-up I’d throw up there if I were good ol’ Charlie Manuel, it would go something like this…

1. JRooooll
2. Svic
3. Big Ry
4. The Force That is Chase
5. Pat Burrell
6. Pedro Feliz/the Dobbserman
7. Geoff Jenkins/Jayson Werth/So Taguchi
8. Carlos Ruiz
9. pitcher

But it probably won’t be that way, and that’s cool.

You know what else is cool? Rock shows at the World Cafe live and this Tuesday, there is a hell of a rock show featuring Rustic Overtones. Rustic is a 7 piece rock/funk/soul band signed to Velour (Soulive, Kaki King) who recently released their new album, Light at the End. Check out Rustic at The show is Tuesday April 1st, downstairs at World Cafe. Big fun promised, big fun guaranteed.

Let’s go Davidson, valiant run ‘Nova, better luck next year Temple…

Photo of the Day

the futuristic interior of Morimoto restaurant, as captured by Kasari:
— from kasari(?)

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