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Cold Case: North Philly/Chestnut Hill

I’m a big fan of the Philly-based mystery show Cold Case. This week, a clue links two five year old murders — one of a 15 year old drug dealer in North Philly, and the other of a straight-A student in Chestnut Hill — and causes both crimes to be re-opened. For an extra bonus, the soundtrack features U2 this week. They focus on the case and character development and there’s usually a resolution at the end, so it’s easier to watch than courtroom dramas. The camera work is nice and it brings you into parts of the city you might not normally go. (CBS Sunday @8, though replays come occasionally on cable)

Kerri-Lee Halkett Wants Your Vote

I’ll admit it, I have fancy dress balls a bit on the mind these days. Not only is the sesquicentennial Academy Ball happening tomorrow, I’ll be getting all dolled up for a certain exhibit opening in the near future.

So I couldn’t help taking particular notice of D-Mac’s* post on Philadelphia Will Do about how Fox-29 anchor Kerri-Lee Halkett has invited the Internet-surfing public to choose her dress for tomorrow night’s gala event.

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The Philly Edition of Antiques Roadshow

For a brief time last summer, the area around Reading Terminal Market was abuzz with people carrying paintings, wheeling around unwieldy dressers strapped to hand trucks or straining to see over the large box that contained their grandmother’s china.

Tonight at 8 pm on WHYY, you can finally catch the first of three episodes that were filmed last summer. You’ll see more of Philly next Monday, January 29 at 8 pm as well. These episodes will also be available on Comcast’s On Demand feature. Just select “Get Local” from the On Demand menu, and then choose “WHYY” to access these programs.

Little Jackass

Wallison Costa, 11 year old boy genius, decided to ignore the warnings in Jackass Number Two and threw himself out of a bedroom window in his northeast rowhome. Neighbors claim he and his friends are “crazy kids” who play on the roof, cut school, and walk around the neighborhood in the middle of the night shooting a bb gun. Unsurprisingly, Wallison’s mother could not be reached for comment, and DHS is now involved. The beloved Bam Margera’s publicist has been mute thus far as well.

I’ve never been a fan of the Jackass series, movies or any of Bam’s work. It’s not so much the physical stunts I didn’t care for, but his complete disrespect and disregard towards his parents. Sure, kids will sometimes imitate stunts they see on TV. Remember Beavis and Butthead? They or one of their friends ends up hurt – lesson learned. However, encouraging kids to ignore their parents can have deeper and more far-reaching consequences. Perhaps Wallison’s mother did her best to control his behavior, and did warn him not to try to imitate the jackasses. But why listen to her? He wanted to be cool like Bam.

Tonight’s TV Lineup: The Mutter Museum

We got digital cable a few weeks ago (which is why I now require this T-shirt), and we’re just beginning to discover all the electronic addictions now available to us.

Tonight, we stumbled across a network I never knew existed doing a special on our own Mutter Museum.* If you’re close to your TV and are more a nightowl than I, you can catch the rebroadcast at 11. Or, if you have DVR capability (can I say once again how much I need this T-shirt?), just record it for later enjoyment.

* Yeah, I should go one of these years. I fear I would be too loud in going Ewwwww! at certain artifacts—-not at all appriate for such a serious place of learning as I imagine the Mutter to be.



I almost forgot it was Wednesday but as soon as I remembered, I started to get all excited inside. The topic of this update is eliminations. I want to see Melrose go home this week. She was a total you know what (I can’t say on the blog) last week. The only thing that bothers me about ANTM is that once the girls win you hardly see them. The only two girls I see are Eva and Yoanna. Everyone else has seemed to have fallen off the planet. Please feel free to share your thoughts for this evening!

ANTM UPDATE: Monique The New Jade?


Top Model Fanatics, the first episode is always the best. I think there are some very pretty girls this season. Monique will definately be the girl we love to hate. The next runner up will most likely be Melrose. I also got to experience the NEW CW. I liked the new fun colors and the fashion tips. The only problem I have with top model in that they havn’t had another big girl since Toccara. Come on Tyra, plus size women are beautiful too.

I am already routing for Anchal; she has the look that is deifnately missing in the fashion industry. Well, until next week ANTM fanatics.


The headline says it all! Tonight is the season premiere of Top Model and I am very excited. The drama, the beauty and the fashion has kept me watching since the very beginning. I look forward to the new season and fresh faces. I love fashion (at a reasonable discount). Maybe we can have a weekly Top Model Update! I call my friends at every commercial break and discuss the show. I know life isn’t all about looks but it’s a fun show to watch and it keeps you wanting more. So, I’ll have my fix tonight. Project Runway Fans: EAT YOUR HEART OUT!

Project Runway Anybody?

Who’s excited for the new season of Project Runway on Bravo? Huh? Huh? I personally am going over my friends’ house for a Project Runway party tonight. Got me stoked. It’s going to be a blast, even if i’m feeling a little less manly right now.

So tune in 10 PM on Bravo.

And no, I’m not coming out of the closet.

It’s Always Funny In Philadelphia


I’m impressed, FX. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of the FX’s most heavily-promoted shows, and I think all that advertising isn’t for nothing. The show is set in our fair city, and it tells the story of four friends (Dee, Charlie, Mac, and Dennnis) who own an Irish bar in Philly. The show combines our familiar settings with dark, twisted humor all into a show that has been acclaimed as a dark version of Seinfeld. I would agree. I caught a download for a free episode on iTunes (Episode 103: Underage Drinking), and I thought I would give it a spin.

According to Wikipedia, here’s the synopsis for the episode:”After a profitable night at the bar populated by underage drinkers, the guys decide to lower the drinking age at Paddy’s Irish Pub to provide teenagers with a safe place to experiment, while also earning some money. Sweet Dee then meets Trey, a popular high school jock, and tries to fulfill her dream of dating a popular guy and going to prom in high school. Dennis is blackmailed by Trey’s ex-girlfriend into taking her to prom. Meanwhile, Charlie and Mac go to a party hosted by one of their new customers, Sarah. Sarah asks Charlie to prom, and feeling left out, Mac decides to go stag. It is then revealed that Trey and his ex-girlfriend were using Sweet Dee and Dennis, and end up getting back together. Only Charlie ends up going to prom.”

Despite the show’s shock value (She’s 18, Dennis. Don’t da… don’t… oooh. That’s creepy.), the humor can shine through if you don’t take things too seriously. Yes, a whole bunch of underage kids are drinking. Yes, this bar actually thinks it’s a good idea. But I think the absurdity of the whole situation makes it funny. And the last scene when Charlie ends up going to the prom with “Forever Young” playing as the slow jam is laugh out loud funny, if just for its awkwardness.

I enjoyed this show, and now with a little more star power (Danny DeVito joined the cast for season two), I think this show has the chance to be at the least, a cult classic, if not something more universally appealing.

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