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Now with 20% more (Com)crap!

I caught this tidbit via the consumerist. Since Comcast has a total monopoly on Philadelphia cable, I thought all of you current and potential customers would like to know what their future plans include.

– Comcast technicians will no longer do inside wiring for free in single-family homes.
– Separate fees for wiring and activation.
– Installations taking over 10 minutes long considered “custom” work and subject to new charges.

For more information and a peek at Comcast’s very own how to screw you harder slideshow, see

Turn off your TV

TV Turnoff week starts today (April 23rd) and runs through next Sunday, April 29th. Started in 1995 as a way to raise awareness about the amount of time Americans spend in front of TVs (and computer screens!) it is a week in which people are encouraged to turn off their TVs and spend time being with friends and family. It is planned in late spring with the hope that the weather is nice so that people will want to spend the time they would be watching the tube outside instead. Thankfully Philadelphia weather has recently decided to cooperate (wasn’t this last weekend unbelievably gorgeous!?). The coming week’s weather looks prety nice as well (although it could get a little crappy on Thursday and Friday). I’m planning on doing my best to reduce the time I spend in front of my TV and my laptop this week, in part to appreciate the beautiful weather as well as a test to see if I can go without checking my email every ten minutes. That will be a challenge.

Jive Talking

We were out tonight (as usual) during Dancing with the Stars—I’ll let Matt tell you more about where and why. But I’ve watched through about two-thirds of my DVRed copy of tonight’s episode in order to make a semi-well-informed commentary about local dance pro Brian Fortuna and Shandi Finnessey’s latest routine.

And I’m feeling quite “eh” about it.

This feeling isn’t actually about any single couple. Something about tonight’s whole show (or, at the very least, the majority of it I’ve watched) was just—— off. So many of the music choices were bad, so many of the couples seemed worn out and low energy.

I can assuredly say that I enjoyed Brian and Shandi’s jive more than last week’s mambo. I still think Brian’s outshining Shandi in a way that doesn’t help the routine look as good to us regular TV viewers. I am extremely grateful that either the editors have been friendlier, or (more likely!) Shandi and Brian just got circumspect enough to not give the editors ammunition in the behind-the-scenes footage.

Based on what I’ve seen so far? Clyde should go home. But damned if I can tell who will. After such an underwhelming set of performances, I don’t think anyone’s safe.

American Idol: Finally

Ok first things first, Antonella Barba is gone. She went home last night and has finally stopped torturing me and all other viewers of American Idol who still believe it is a singing competition. Also going home with her are Sabrina Sloan, Jared Cotter and Sundance Head. The finals start next week and now we just need to get rid of Sanjaya Malakar but you won’t hear me bitching about him here at the Philly Metblog because the show is now out of “local” contestants (and I used that term liberally but I don’t think they would appreciate if I adopted parts of Maryland as local just to keep posting about Idol here). Feel free to drop buy my personal blog and check out my thoughts each week on the remaining contestants at Kariyanine Online.

American Idol: Wow I’m Impressed

Kinda-sorta local girl, Antonella Barba didn’t flat out suck. That’s not to say she was good but she didn’t turn out a terrible performance. Maybe I am being a little too nice here but I didn’t think she had the worst performance of the night. I still think she is terrible and will hopefully go home tonight but if she sticks around this week I would not be too surprised or angered.

Consumer Report – COMCAST DVR

Do you have Comcast as your cable provider? Probably right? I mean who really has another cable provider in this area, especially if you want to watch the Flyers, Phils or Sixers. Most of you that have Comcast probably have digital cable through Comcast because they have made it just about impossible to use their Analog service anymore. So those of you with 400 channels might be thinking with all this programming to watch how can I watch it all, well Comcast claims they have the answer for you in their DVR (Digital Video Recorder) package.

For me I get my HDTV Digital Cable box with a built in DVR, basically just a computer hard drive that has been formatted to record and playback video. I get the option of watching a program while recording another, or I can set it up to record while I am at work. Or maybe I want to record all the episodes of say American Idol over the course of a week, well it can do that to. Or so claims Comcast.


I wanted the title of this post to read Americans Reward the Bad but I thought that would have been a bit harsh to all Americans so I think disgusted sums up my feelings towards last nights American Idol results show. As some of you may know (because I posted it right here) Antonella Barba sucked during her performance this week some of you may not know (because I posted it at Kariyanine Online) that Sanjaya Malakar was just as sucky. So how the voters allowed these two ass clowns to garner more votes than anyone (let alone two anyones) is beyond me. The good news is this gives me at least two free posts for next week because I am considering Antonella a local girl (despite her living in New Jersey on the beach). The bad news is that the competition lost two singers that were actually pretty good. Even the judges were surprised by the outcome of the voting.

The contestants that were sent home last night were the beautiful Alaina Alexander, who had a tearful breakdown after being eliminated, Nicholas Pedro, who was actually quite the good jazz singer, Leslie Hunt, who also was quite the good jazz singer despite her man voice, and AJ Tabaldo, who would probably have been more comfortable in a drag show but could actually sing.

Antonella Barba Still Sucks

So the girls were on and they weren’t as good as last week which narrowed the gap between the top 10 guys and top 10 girls overall but some still stood out and not all for good reason. Melinda Doolittle was, in my opinion, once again the best female vocalist. She displays a maturity, range and control over her voice that none of the others have (including Lakisha who has a phenomenal voice). Once again local girl, Antonella Barba, sucked it up (this time singing a Celine Dion song) and all week online pictures of (supposedly) her were materializing of her sucking in another fashion but lets leave it at that. Paula said she made leaps and bounds over her performance last week, if by leaps and bounds she meant falling into a deeper pit of hell she would be right. In her defense she did look cute in that short little dress but there are prettier people in the competition than her so I don’t expect the pretty vote to be a factor tonight when two more will be eliminated.

Bad Over Weird

Yesterday I came on here and told you how local girls Antonella Barba and Nicole Tranquillo performed on American Idol the night before. So everyone knows Antenella Barba was, at least in my not-so-humble opinion, the worst performer of the night while Nicole Tranquillo was just plain weird. America voted and decided that not being able to sing is better than performing like you come from another planet. Nicole, the closer of the two “local” girls and FOX 29’s pre-semi final darling was given the big boot. Sometimes I just don’t understand the thought process of the American public. At least on the guy’s side they knocked off the worst performer and Pee Wee Herman look-alike, Rudy Cardenas. I’ll be watching next week to be angered all over again by the stupidity of America. As long as we don’t vote Milton Street into the mayor’s office I guess past indiscretions can be forgiven.

Paul Kim and Amy Krebs were the other two contestants cut.

Local Girls Doing Bad to Weird on Idol

I’ll freely admit it; I am a giant dork and watch American Idol. While I am not so much a fan of the music I love the competition aspect of the contest and really who doesn’t love Simon. Anyway there are two rather local contestants and I use the word local loosely here because despite being listed as coming from Philadelphia, PA, FOX news reveled Nicole Tranquillo comes from Wernersville, PA. The other “local” contestant, Antonella Barba, is from Point Pleasant, NJ. While Nicole obviously deserved to be in the semi-finals based on her highlight tapes why Antonella is on the competition is a mystery to me. Let’s start with the bad.

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