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Building a Better Beast

This link came to me through the norgs listserv:

The ripple effects from McClatchy’s acquisition of Knight Ridder and its sale of a dozen former KR newspapers and their companion web sites continue with the announcement that Philadelphia Media Holdings (operator of is dropping for help-wanted rival Such a move likely wouldn’t have been possible when was owned by the same company that had a one-third interest in CareerBuilder, described in the Philadelphia Inquirer today as “fast-growing but money-losing CareerBuilder.”*

I consider myself ignorantly indifferent about this shift: since I work in such a specialized job sector, I’ve got a few key sites to find appropriately targeted job ads.

But I’m wondering what the rest of the real world thinks of this. Good move, bad move, wait and see?

*Emphasis in the original.

Web Standards Geek-out with the PSO

If you love web standards and good beer, then tonight’s your night! Come on over to the Dark Horse, walk upstairs, and swap shop talk with the Philadelphia Standards Organization (PSO) for its first birthday. As a small social factor, there’s a blog and a forum at the website, but alas there’s no beer over the internet. Geek-out starts at 7 p.m. and if the beer isn’t enough to entice you: the cheese fries at Dark Horse are excellent. If you like what you see, meetings are first Thursday of every month.

Philadelphia’s Craigslist

I’d like to report that I’ve sold my first item on Craigslist Philadelphia successfully. I had a MIDI keyboard I never used so I posted about it on A dude offered me $100, we met up on my street corner, exchanged goods and cash, talked about music for a bit, and parted ways. I suggest if you want to sell ANYTHING locally, you try the list baby. Works like a charm.



Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles: What Does Madden Say?



360 Produces Lines and Empty Pockets

Early yesterday morning lines were formed outside stores across the Delaware Valley, as well as the rest of the country, for the launch of Microsoft

I just learned HTML…

I just learned HTML for the very first time. Therefore, I decided to grace the MetroBlogging world with a picture of an animal from a pet store. His eyes reminded me of one of my friend’s eyes. Isn’t he cute?

He’s from the Philadelphia area.

Follow these directions Brady. Believe me I know, I went to computer school.

Ok So I know this should actually just be a comment on Brady’s previous post but well it became quite long so I am posting it here instead.

I wouldn’t do it because I know better and actually know how to do what you want to do but my advice is to take a powerful magnet to your computer and then drop it out your office window, or down the office stairwell. After that try the disc again, see if it works. If it doesn’t, kick it and yell obscenities at it. Then try it again. If at this point it still doesn’t work, it needs a bath so fill up your tub with water and add bubble bath stuff (the computer should be comfortable) then drop it in, unplug it first so you don’t electrocute yourself. It should at this point work perfectly as it is now clean.

If it still doesn’t, take a picture of it and grab your camcorder, it’s time for a road trip. Take it to Best Buy to the Geek Squad counter (with camcorder recording) and explain to them what you did and how because you bought it here (even if you didn’t) they should fix it or at least give you a brand new one.

Blogs and/vs Newspapers

Karl of Philly future and I discussed at the meetup yesterday the relative journalistic merits of newspapers and blogs, both how they complemented each other and how one medium might be better than the other — newspapers have structure and can offer legal and financial support to a writer; blogs let citizens write about what they know without having to be a professional writer and can be more easily criticized by knowledgeable readers. The topic of distribution also came up, but that’s probably a marginal issue compared to which medium has more potential to churn out credible, in-depth stories.

I thought other bloggers might be interested in this topic as well, and figured I’d also provide a link to a talk Dan Gillmor gave at Stanford on October 19 about the relative merits of each — the talk is titled “We the Media: The Rise of Open-Source, Grassroots Journalism” –it’s currently the second one down on the page; click Video Source to watch. Gillmor was a popular columnist at the San Jose Mercury News for 10 years and left early this year to become essentially a citizen journalist evangelist. His blog is Bayosphere.

Cellular Service?

It’s that time of year, where Verizon is telling me I need to sign another multi-year service contract or kiss my 266-number-and-account good-bye.

Now I’m not entirely averse to taking a cell-phone contract instead of playing the month-to-month route. I mean, it’s not a matter of principle or anything. Verizon’s been very lax—it took them some 15 months to realize I was off-contract, so kudos to them for trying to catch up on the paperwork and get my profile in line with the rest of their customers.

BUT, if I need to look at contracts, I might at well look around. So, what do other Philadlephian experiences suggest about the best wireless carrier? Is Verizon’s shitty customer service compensated by the low price? Is the convenience of the Cingular rollover plan lessened by the fact that you can’t get a signal beyond the Schuylkill? Recommendations, for or against?

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