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Barack Obama kicks off his Philly campaign…


At the Electric Factory. With King Britt. Folks, this is not your average campaign event. Unfortunately, it is a little bit pricy, especially if you aren’t a student (or don’t have an undated id) and can’t squeak in at that $25 point. But as the friend who sent me the flyer pointed out, it’s a good thing to go to if you’re an undecided voter and need a little bit of exposure to the man to determine if he might be the candidate for you. To buy tickets go here. If you have questions, email the event coordinator here.


That was my voter number at my polling place this afternoon. I checked in around 4:50 pm, at which point they told me it was about a half hour wait. I found a chair and waited. I returned some phone calls, read a book and chatted with some of my neighbors as over an hour ticked by. I didn’t get into the voting booth until a few minutes before 6 pm, at which point I was running dangerously late for the first night of my summer class. I zipped in and out of the voting booth in record time (I had planned all my votes out ahead) and headed out.

That was the longest I’ve ever had to wait to cast my ballot and I feel fortunate that I had the time. I watched as several people stopped in after work, checked out the line and headed out again. They all mumbled that they would be back to vote later in the evening, but I imagine that several of them gave up and stayed home. In talking to the main guy in my polling place (the poll workers in my building are always the same, so we’ve gotten familiar over the years), he said that it had been crowded like that all day long, so there wasn’t any better time to arrive. As always, I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate, in whatever small way, in the democratic process.

Polling Places

Do you know where to go to vote in today’s election? The polling place locator at can help you out! Just enter your address and viola! Your polling place.

This tool came in mighty handy a couple years ago when we moved and had to find our new location.

Vote Today

There are five serious contenders for Mayor. In alphabetical order they are, Bob Brady, Dwight Evans, Chaka Fattah, Tom Knox and Michael Nutter.

Bob Brady brokered every major problem this city faced over the past 16 years and brought it to a just conclusion. He came into this with a lot of financial backing and, as one past Philly Pol said, ‘Money talks and bullshit walks’. Bob Brady showed us the goods time and time again.

Dwight Evans came into this primary without much respect from me. That has changed somewhat from listening to the debates. I now believe he is a man of principle who wants the best for this city. I did not like him because of his stance on education. I think I misunderstood his attempt to improve education by offering choices like charter Schools and Edison. His choices were wrong, but his heart was in the right place. My heart is also in the right place. Do not vote for either of us.

Chaka Fattah. What a disappointment. Good at attacking but few original ideas. Plays race as though we were in the 1960’s and from Philadelphia, Mississippi. We all deserve better. He quotes Reverend King but his words are mean spirited and divisive. Not a contender. And I must confess I voted for him everytime in my congressional district.

Tom Knox:. I like Mayor Bloomberg of NYC who is also a businessman like Tom Knox. Mayor Bloomberg is a visionary and a businessman. I am not so sure of Tom Knox. He talks the talk but does not seem to walk the walk. He comes in as a reformer but has already endorsed a City Council president from the tried and tired old school. I do not want more of the tired and tried. We could do worse, but Tom Knox is not our Mayor Bloomberg.

Michael Nutter: I like the way he thinks. He seems balanced with common sense and intelligence. He has always asked the right questions in City Council and stood up to the powers that be. He seems to have a sense between what we aspire to and how to get there. He is a dreamer and a pragmitist. He sends his child to public school. That means he believes in public education and will take great risks for his beliefs. He seems to be more balanced, thoughtful, gentlemanly, articulate than the others. He is not stuck on one idea about how to solve problems, whatever they are.

For this reason I am voting for Nutter.

City Council is just as important as voting for a Mayor.
If we vote in the same old tired, cannot see the forest for the trees candidates, we will be no further along then we are.

I am casting a vote for Toy for an at large seat.

Arithmetic comes into play for the at large seats. The five higest vote getters are the people elected. Each vote after your first vote actually diminishes the value of your first vote. Therefore, it is sometimes smart not to vote for five candidates. The incumbants will usually have an advantage over newcomers. Think it through.

Pronounced with an -orsement

This is one of the funniest endorsements I’ve ever seen, it brings me right back to those good old confused adolescent days when I memorized every single word to “The Humpty Dance” and thought I was the coolest ever. Philadelphia Weekly for mayoral candidate Michael Nutter:

First I limp to the side like my leg was broken…

A Republican??? Meet Al Taubenberger!

Today things are a little quiter on the Philly Mayoral Race front with the most recent polls show Democrat Michael Nutter starting to put some distance between himself and the other candidates. But speaking of those candidates, did anyone know that it’s not just Democrats running for office and that there is actually a Republican candidate?

Well I’m not a Republican, but I thought I’d shed some light on this forgotten candidate.

Meet Al Taubenberger. He is the President of the Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and has never held an elected office. He’s 53, married, and the father of four children. He’s shooting to become the city’s first Republican mayor in 60 years, but so far, it’s not looking good. In 2002 and 2004, Mr. Taubenberger ran…and lost in the Republican primaries for the US House of Representatives.

For more information, go to Or you can visit Big Al on Lonely Street…I mean, Loney St in Philadelphia.

It took a while.

However, I am now firmly in the Nutter for Mayor camp. Sure, he’s participated in the no-bid nonsense, or so says the bright green flyer I got in the mail yesterday. He is also the only candidate to support the stop and frisk solution to gun violence. As some readers may recall, I recapped and expounded on this particular idea on this very blog in November. It is proven to work, why not try it? A few potential civil rights lawsuits are certainly worth a possible 49% decrease in gun crime.

The Big Race

Prior to April 18th, I was a Tom Knox supporter. Why the change of heart? I’ll tell you why – Tom Knox made money early on in his career off of a practice known as payday lending. His ads tout him as growing up poor, underprivileged, working his way to the top – a virtual sweetheart, success story. Tom Knox – he wants to help change this city….but not before he had his hand in exploiting the same people he now wants to help. Guilty conscience? Maybe. Is that a quality I want to see in the next mayor for Philadelphia? Not a chance.

Taxes Tonight

Personally, I filed my taxes months ago. So long ago, in fact, that I keep forgetting it’s tax time! For those of you who waited until the last day, or even the very last minute, never fear. There’s always e-file. Failing that, the main post office branch at 30th and Market is open until midnight for all of you taxpayer-come-latelys.

Register to Vote

Today, Monday, is your last day to register to vote in the Philadelphia primary race and vote on ballot issues.
For information try City Commissioners Office
or Student Voices Philadelphia or The Committee of Seventy
You can download and hand deliver or mail the forms on most of these sites. They also provide phone numbers to answer your questions. One campaign offers to deliver it to your door, call 215-332-5031. I am not sure if that offer is available citywide ot just in the Northeast?
The only opinion that really counts is the one that votes.

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