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Philadelphia Discounts Every Week!

No, I’m not being paid for it, but I’m trying to clue you in on some great deals! A while back, a close friend sent me a list of shows she might like to see, all at discount prices. It turns out that these are accessible to anyone. I always thought the PhillyFunGuide was meant for visitors, but no! It’s for you and me, too, Philly residents! To sign up, go here, and just fill out your info. Every week, you’ll get an email, showcasing a number of events and the low, low prices you are privileged to. Among the choices of categories: classes and workshops, film, free, dance, gay & lesbian, kids, lectures & literature, multicultural, museums & galleries, music, outdoors, sites & attractions, special events, sports, theater, and visual arts. Check it out!

Day Pass Shenanigans

I really like the SEPTA One Day Convenience Pass, or as us public transit folks call it, a “day pass”.

You pay $6 and get to use it on the bus, subways, trolleys, and the El up to 8 times in one day. So, if you’re takin’ the bus, then the train, then the El, then the bus again to your destination and the bus, the El, the train, and the bus (third base!), it’s pretty damn useful. Really awesome if you wanna see the historical sights of the greatest City in the land and save some gas money/parking stress.

Just watch out for inept SEPTA ticket window people or the “One Day Convenience Pass” will become the “Half Hour Pain In The Ass”.


Hors D’Ouevres (Which Shall Be Obeyed At All Times Without Question!)

Don’t mention the war…I think I did it once..but I got away with it..”

Yeah, The Germans” is my favorite episode of “Fawlty Towers“. Which reminds me – My awesome new friend and I checked out the 1st ever Christmas Village at City Hall on Tuesday. Now I’m REALLY angry that my new computer isn’t here yet – because I took some rockin’ photos of some hilarious stuff I found.

I’ll tell ya about it, any way.


Philadelphia Inquirer Sudoku National Championship

Saturday, October 25 will be the date of the Philadelphia Inquirer Sudoku National Championship. I have some sudoku skills, but I wonder if I could compete with these competitors! There are beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, all with monetary prizes for each 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers. All age ranges compete at the Pennsylvania Convention Center for a $10,000 prize and advancement to the World Sudoku Championship. Who knew that a little puzzle would have such a big event surrounding it, and in our own community? Check out more details at

Cherry Blossom Time

The cherry blossoms have started opening, just in time for the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival. Lots of events are scheduled throughout April. See


Philadelphia Flower Show

Philadelphia Flower Show

These frog musicians are getting into the theme of this year’s Flower Show: “Jazz It Up”, a tribute to New Orleans

Theater Season in Philadelphia ON SALE

Every Philadephian and visitor to our city should know about Philly and funsavers. The site gives you great information about what is going on in Philadelphia and if you sign up for funsavers you can get half-price tickets for many of the events.

Tomorrow, Tuesday August 27, they are offering half priced tickets for entire theater seasons for the Arden, Walnut Street Theater, Peoples Light and Theater Company, Flashpoint Theater Company, Theater Exile, Theater Horizon, Luna Theater Company, Curio Theater Company, Lantern Theater Company and others.

Theater is so expensive but not if you purchase these specials. They start at $7.50 a play with many topping out at $12.

The Walnut Street season which is the most expensive offers 5 plays at $25 each. That is about what you would pay for the tax on a NYC ticket. But you will see productions of Les Miserables, Peter Pan, The Price, The Odd Couple, and Man of la Mancha, for the price of one $125 seat in NYC.

With the money you saved you can treat yourself to a pre-theater dinner. Check it out

Restaurant Week in Philadelphia Sept.2007

If you have been away on vacation, or just avoiding going out in the heat or rain, I want to remind you Center City Restaurant Week starts September 23 and goes to September 28.

106 restaurants are participating and you better stop what you are doing and make a reservation now. Some of the best reataurants in Philly are offering three courses for $30. A great chance to taste food from a restaurant that normally would be out of your price range or a restaurant you just wanted to try.

Alma de Cuba, Amada, Bistro St.Tropez, Davio’s, Xochiti, Le Bar Lyonnais, Tangerine, to name a few are going to make you say wow! Tourists, if you are smart, you will take advantage of this opportunity. But folks, you have to reserve now or you will miss out.

Hope to see you out and about during Center City Restaurant Week.

Kelly Drive Safety…Further Thoughts

The East River Kelly drive walkway was never intended to accomodate walkers, bikers, skaters, joggers, etc. It is too narrow, for starters.

The rules about using the path are an attempt to be all things to all users, but they do not work. If you are biking or skating you don’t want to have to worry about running into something, especially a fellow citizen.

Philadelphia has recognized the problem which is why, at least part of the time, West River Drive (MLK) is exclusively for ‘recreation’. Which, in theory, should leave East River Drive to walkers.

Let us also admit not everyone is on the path for exercise. Strolling, after lunch or dinner at the Art Museum Restaurant or the Waterworks Restaurant along boathouse row, could be a romantic walk. Walking single file with your lover is not anyone’s idea of romantic.

Tourists, I would guess, also have a problem as they venture out of the Azalea garden and onto ‘the path’. Or imagine the experience of three or more friends who have deceided to take a walk along the drive.

Also as you are walking, as Marissa points out in her post, ‘Taking Care on Kelly Drive’, if you are taken by flora or fauna, you had better not be so amazed that you abruptly stop and look.

I propose, at the very least, the section from the Art Museum to the Stone Bridge should be Pedestrian Only all of the time. That is about one third of a mile on a course that stretchs for eight miles.

Art After 5 Philly Jazz

One of the things I like about Philadelphia is there is a lot of music. A lot of different music. Tonight at the Art Museum you can have a drink, catch a set, stroll through the galleries. Performing tonight is The Fractals and Meg and The Cliftones. Rock and Roll and 60’s inspired jazz.

Performances usually happen around 5:45pm to 6:45, 7:15 to 8:15 pm.
All music comes with the price of admission.

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