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Sixers trade away Kyle Korver to Obscurity for Pointlessness….

It’s painful to say, a tough thing to wrap my head around.

I’m never going to think about Kyle Korver again.

Today, the Sixers traded Korver to the Utah Jazz for some dude named Giricek (who recently got into a verbal disagreement with Jazz coach Jerry Sloan) and a 1st Round pick. Giricek is averaging a mammoth 4 points a game this season. But wait, his career average is 9. So, it could get maybe get better.


So goodbye Kyle, one of the defacto faces of this current Sixers’ squad. If you thought Andre Iguadala was bummed by Allen Iverson getting traded away last year around this time, one can only imagine poor Andre curled up in the fetal position now, wondering what the hell he did to deserve such a fate.

Korver was the main deep threat for the Sixers and set the record for 3 pointers in a season with 226 in 2004-5. Korver gained national attention when he led tiny Creighton University deep in the NCAA tourney a few years ago. That was the first time I ever thought about Korver, him joining the Sixers was the other.


Well I can honestly I’ll never think about Korver again, one of those somewhat average players who you only know because they play for your team.

You know…

Kind of like Geoff Jenkins.


The Fightin’ Phils not so Fightin’ Off Season…

I’m sorry. I have neglected you, but don’t worry. I haven’t been seeing any other blogs, just taking care of some business. But yes, I’m sorry. I don’t even exist on Metroblogs anymore….


With the Phillies in the news and some free time coming my way, I thought I’d update everyone on the shakings and bakings of the Fightin’ Phils.

Aaron Rowand. Yes, our trusty, ball-breakin’ center fielder is now out in San Fran and my roomate, Big White, hasn’t left his room since as a result. Sure, Arow will be missed, but that’s life. Long-term security was what he was looking for and apparently, long-term security is what he got, signing a 5 year deal with the Giants. Hey, have fun out the Arow. No really. With Bonds gone and nothing else going on, it’ll be like going on a paid vacation. Sweet dude!
Tadahito Iguhchi. Hey, this dude kept the Fightin’ Phils fightin’ after The Force That is Chase went down and for that, we should thank him and always keep him in our hearts. But hey, Chase came back and Crazy Tad dodged Phils’ GM Pat Gillick’s offer to play third base for a one-year deal with the Padres, where he can play second base all day long. Can’t really blame him, but I’m going to miss seeing Crazy Tad being greeted like a samurai coming back into the dugout.
Kyle Lohse. Well, in all fairness, he’s not gone yet. But dude, Scott Boras is his agent and I haven’t even heard of talks between Lohse and the Fightin’ Phils. I’d love to see him back, but it looks like we’ve seen the last of Lohse and his straight line fu manchu in Philly.

New Arrivals:
Geoff Jenkins. I’m honestly having a hard time getting excited about this with the other outfielders that are available. But oh well, welcome to Philly Geoff. And hey, he can’t be any worse than Wes Helms can he?
So Taguchi: See above.

And yes, that’s it.
No big signings and it doesn’t look like there are any on the horizon. But hey, there weren’t any current Phils’ mentioned in the Mitchell Report, J Roooooolll won the MVP, and uh…well that’s about it.

How many days til Opening Day, baby!

Phillies acquire closer Brad Lidge


That was my exact thought this morning when I woke up and checked the news to see what was happening on this chilly Thursday.

The Phillies traded for Astros’ closer, Brad Lidge.


In return, the Fightin’ Phils gave up resident speedster Michael Bourn and junk reliever Geoff Geary.

Lidge had been dominant a few years ago until Cardinals’ slugger Albert Pujols hit a game-winning homer off Lidge in Game 7 of the 2004 NLCS. Since then Lidge has been a borderline mess, being bounced around between closer and set up roles for the Astros.

So now he’s on the Phillies.

This means a few things:

1.) Brett Myers can move back to the starting rotation. Myers was at times and at best, mildly reliable last year as the Phils’ closer after being bounced from the rotation at the beginning of last season. So Myers is back. Is he the prodigy he once was or the dud pitcher who went from Opening Day starter to middle reliever in two weeks?

2.) With Aaron Rowand most likely leaving for free agency and now Bourn gone, the Phils have two serious holes to fill in the outfield. Rumors have them looking into Boston’s Coco Crisp, but do they have enough to get him? Probably not. While acquiring Lidge filled one of GM Pat Gillick’s off season holes, it created another one. Anyone know any outfielders looking for work?

3.) What are we going to do with all of those left over Geary t-shirts?

I guess we’ll see.

Stay warm Philadelphia…

Lindros to Announce Retirement

Former Philadelphia Flyer, Eric Lindros has plans to announce his retirement from professional hockey tomorrow. For Philly fans, the opinion on Lindros is basically split between those that loved him and those that hate him. A player of such hype and magnitude has that effect on people, just look at Sidney Crosby in Pittsburgh, however no one can deny the fact that during his time here he was one of the best, if not the best, hockey player in the world.

In 1994 he tied for the most points in the league with Jaromir Jagr and won the Hart Trophy as the league MVP. Playing with Mikael Renberg and John LeClair on the fabled Legion of Doom line, they dominated other teams. He helped lead the Flyers to the 1996-97 Stanley Cup finals, the last time the team has been to the big dance. In 2000 New Jersey Devils defenseman Scott Stevens laid a hit on Lindros that resulted in his sixth concussion. Lindros’ relationship with the team turned ugly and a battle between Lindros and Bob Clarke resulted in Lindros ultimately leaving the team.

Lost…the 2007 Philadelphia Eagles.

Well I made it through Daylight Savings Time. I made it through a rough game of Beer Pong Saturday night. I made it through an early Sunday morning with no cereal.

But I didn’t make it through last night’s Eagles game.

Grande and I went, our first NFL game, and we were pretty stoked. The tailgate scene was the most aggressive, fun-loving Phish lot scene I had ever seen and we were living large, eating hamburgers, drinking Busch Light, and watching the end of the Pats/Colts game out of the back of Jeep. When it was time to head into the Linc, Grande turned to me, holding his fresh “Dallas Sucks” sign in his hand.

“Now I feel like I’m ready for some football,” he said.

“I’m stoked!”

And yes we were. For exactly twenty-three more minutes.

Philadelphia, I’m going to tell you a few things you either probably know, or probably don’t want to know…but still kind of know.

1.) The Eagles are terrible this year. I don’t know who saw them in the preseason and declared them a contender for the NFC East, but that person must have been a lot more tanked than I was last night. The defense is spotty and the offense runs solely through Brian Westbrook. It’s a joke. I think Fast Eddie’s football team could beat the 2007 Eagles.

2.) Donovan McNabb looks lost, disheveled, and disorientated. Halfway through the third quarter, fans started chanting for rookie Kevin Kolb. McNabb has taken the fast road to loser-ville and it’s a shame. And with the rapid demise of the Bears, I’m not sure where he’ll end up next year. But no, I don’t think he’ll be in Philadelphia. And I think both McNabb and Philly will be fine with that.

3.) Andy Reid needs to resign. It was obvious to everyone at the Linc last night that whatever bogus game plan he was going with wasn’t working. The poor guy in front of me nearly had a heart attack as he vehemently yelled for Reid to stick with the I Formation, as opposed to the shotgun. Then the guy started calling me Charlie, before he finally just gave up and sunk into his second plate of gourmet nachos.

And yes, it was that feeling, that feeling of “what the hell are we even doing here?” that swept over the Linc last night and will most likely remain until next year. This year is lost. It’s a shame, but those things happen. The Eagles had a good run, and now it’s time to reload. So say your goodbyes to McNabb, Mama McNabb, Andy Reid, his sons, and anyone else who is looking to jump this quickly sinking ship.

Fly Eagles Fly?

How about, survive Eagles survive?

That seems to work.

How about those Flyers, huh? Or maybe Band of Horses, they’re pretty great. Anyone watching this season of the Office? It’s pretty amazing.

See? It’s not all bad.

Underway and Undefeated

At least it is a good start, something the Eagles nor Phillies can not say at this moment. The Flyers are 1-0 after defeating the Calgary Flames last night to open up the season. New acquisition Daniel Briere started making good on his hefty salary immediately scoring twice, something that will endear him to fans at least until tomorrow night when they play Edmonton. Coach John Stevens is going to be in the hotseat all year, he has a solid lineup of young and veteran players and if he can’t get them to play under him this year, he might as well begin packing his office up now, at least he is off in the right direction.

Phillies 2, Rockies 3 in the top of the 6th…

Over cross town, the first game of the 2007 postseason is in the 6th inning and the Colorado Rockies led the NL East champion Fightin’ Phils, 3-2. Only ten minutes ago, the Phillies’ looked dead, sluggish, borish, dull and labored. Jeff Francis, the snot-nosed punk pitcher for the Rockies’ struck out the first four Phillies he faced Meanwhile, the Mighty Cole struggled out of the gate before ‘losing his energy” and having a typical strong set of middle innings…


Big Grande’s mancrush, Aaron Rowand hit a homer to right…and then Burns’ mancrush, Pat Burrell, hit a homer to left…and then no one’s mancrush, Wes Helms, popped out to center…

But the damage was done, said announcer Don Orsillo.

3-2…top of the sixth…moving shadows across the outfield…

A couple things of note:
1.) The Force That is Chase has struck out twice now, swinging the bat like he either just got out of bed or got attacked by a stray dog. I wonder if an Utley slump through the first half of the postseason will be a possible story line as this continues, a la Johnny Damon for the Red Sox in 2004.
2.) TBS needs better spell checkers, unless all season the Phillies were mispelling the names of “Carlos Ruis” and “West Helms.”
2a.) Why in the name of God is Helms starting??? I didn’t even know he was on the team anymore. As far I thought, our third basemen were Dobbserman and ANew. I thought OverWhelms was long gone and now here he is starting in the first playoff game. Just when I start to think Charlie Manuel knows what he’s doing…
3.) These announcers are killing me. And David Aldridge as the sideline reporter? Are you kidding me? First, I thought he was a basketball guy and Second, was every possible female and then qualified male sideline reporter unavailable? I would rather have Uncle Miltie Street or Rick the Rock Santorum up there than…no. No, that is completely not true. My mistake.
4.) I am growing increasingly concerned that it will be the Red Sox and the Phillies in the World Series. It was my first thought this morning and my most recent thought two seconds ago. I’m a mess.
5.) Check out the “Into the Wild” soundtrack, featuring songs by Eddie Vedder. You know it’s what Jayson Werth was listening to earlier. You know it!

Phillies win NL East…headed to the playoffs!

How about those Phillies???

Just a few minutes ago, in front of millions of towel-waving freaks down at sunny Citizens Bank Park, the Fightin’ Phils beat the Washington Nationals, 6 to 1. The Phils’ win, with the Mets losing, means the team wins it’s first NL East pennant since 1993. The next stop, the playoffs, with possible opponents being the San Diego Padres or the Arizona Diamondbacks…stand by for details…

Fantasy Hockey Season

The new NHL hockey season is upon us and while nowhere near as popular as Fantasy Football (or Fantasy Baseball or Fantasy Basketball), Fantasy Hockey has been a fun past time of mine for well over a decade. When I first started playing it I was in high school and we did the scorekeeping ourselves using the weekly Hockey News and an arcane formula that we came up with in the Holy Ghost gym basement one morning. Leagues have evolved for us since then, no longer do we buy a hockey news to get the weekly stats (which were always off by about a week anyway) instead opting to allow the power of the internet and Yahoo! Sports in particular to keep track of the statistics while we micro manage or teams, making adjustments at the drop of a hat.

So why I am telling you this, well it turns out that the fantasy league that we have had running for the past 10+ years is in need of some new players. And by need I mean the draft is tonight at 11PM (live online draft) and we need two teams or else dummy accounts will be created and thrown out there. Of course everyone would prefer if we had a living people controlling the other two teams so I, being the commissioner, open the opportunity up to you the faithful Philly Metroblog readers…. Log into Yahoo! and sign up for Fantasy Hockey (under the sports tab – Fantasy) and join the private Sabre Hockey League for a fun year of Fantasy Hockey.

The league ID is: 54801 and the password is: sabres.

So if you are in the market for a fantasy hockey league between now and 10PM (I am locking the teams and creating dummy accounts if the league hasn’t filled by then) and can do a live draft or you are willing to risk the computer picking for you, please by all means join up.

Phillies only 1 1/2 back in the NL East…

Oh my Jesus…it’s terrible! The Eagles, yes…E-A-G-L-E-S are 0-2. The season is over! McNabb’s going to get benched for that youngster Kolb who probably isn’t even shaving yet! We waited all summer for this??? What are we going to do NOW???

Well, we could watch the Phillies.

Yes, the Phillies.

The Phillies who are currently only 1 1/2 games back in both the NL East and the NL Wild Card. The Phillies who swept the Mets last weekend in Shea and have already won 2 straight versus the Cardinals. The Phillies who just got the Mighty Cole back. The Phillies, who despite a bullpen that gives up as many runs as the Eagles secondary gives up points, are still fighting and in the fighting to make the playoffs.

Ah…okay. Those Phillies.

The team wraps up it’s series with the Cardinals tonight, before heading to DC to protest the war and destroy those annoying Nationals. Then it’s back home for the last week of the season. Three games versus the played out Braves and then their final three games versus those still annoying Nationals.

So yeah, the Eagles look terrible right now. That’s a bummer. But hey, the sun’s out and the weather is amazing. If you’re starving for football, go outside and toss one around. It’ll be fine, just watch out for dog poop!

And in the meantime, while we patiently wait for the Eagles to turn the 2007 season around, we have the Fightin’ Phils deep in the middle of a pennant race. It’s pretty simple. An easy to do! All you have to do is watch, support, cheer, groan…

Make it happen.

Big Ry will be happy you did.

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