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Election Day Robbery

This is unbelievable. Two men wearing Tom Knox campaign shirts walked up to his campaign headquarters and held it up. Seriously. They took an unknown amount of cash at gunpoint and ran. They must have heard Knox was the richest mayoral candidate and decided they wanted him to share his wealth a little more directly.

Maximum Intensity Tuesday!!!

Back when I used to work on the boats in Maine, we lived by a rule called “Slow Motion Wednesday. It was simply based on the idea that Wednesday should be taken with some ease. The reason for this is because another rule we lived by was the idea of MAXIMUM INTENSITY TUESDAY. You need Slow Motion Wednesday because you needed to recover from MAXIMIUM INTENSITY TUESDAY. After that was Big, Fat Cheeseburger Thursday.

The point of that was that in regards to local news, we will certainly need Slow Motion Wednesday.

– The sixth and final mayoral debate last night was highlighted by a near wrestling match between Bob Brady and Tom Knox, ignoring Dwight Evans, and Chaka Fattah saying that Michael Nutter shouldn’t have to remind himself that he’s an African American. Currently Nutter and Knox are duking it out for the lead, followed by Fattah, Brady and Evans. It will really be a shame when this over.
* (On a side note, Brady was at the Museum Sunday morning, shaking hands with MS Walkers. When I pointed him out to Courtney, she said that there was no way he was really going to walk in those shoes. He didn’t walk, but he did manage to squeeze on a t-shirt.)

– Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb finally broke his silence about the NFL Draft. The Eagles first selection was Houston QB Kevin Kolb. When asked, McNabb replied, “Was that our first pick?” And here I thought everyone watched the NFL Draft. McNabb was probably holding out for the MLB draft, which this year, for the first year will be televised on ESPN. Even with all of the problems in the world, we can still rely on ESPN.

– A terrorist plot was thwarted by the FBI last night, with six suspects arrested. 5 were arrested in Cherry Hill, NJ. The suspects were allegedly planning on attacking Fort Dix, although one of the suspects was under the impression that the target was the Cherry Hill water tower. The suspect could not be reached for comment.

Okay. I’m going out with last week’s Philadelpia Weekly to take the tour of the 10 hottest drug spots in Philly. I hope there’s food provided. I’m starving.

No more psychics?

did someone mention and i miss the fact that in philadelphia you can’t be a fortune teller anymore? i just read about this on msnbc (link to story). apparently there’s a law prohibiting fortune telling for profit. it’s actually a state law, which means all across PA you may not be allowed to charge for a tarot card reading! weird, huh?

i once got my palm read in college. during freshman orientation at drexel this girl amy took my palm and looked at it, pointing out that my life line splits at a point where i’ll either live a long time or be severely crippled, or something; and pointed out that i have a lot of friends, wouldn’t make money; and also she couldn’t find my love line. i didn’t pay for this service, but damn that girl was right on on just about everything so far. the life-thing i’d have to wait another twenty years at least to prove, in my estimation.

hey, anyone out there read palms? or do i have to go to the black market now to get a new reading?

Carrot Attacks

This one is from the ‘burbs, far too odd to pass up. Extraordinarily rich bitch Susan Tabas Tepper thought she could get away with assaulting her housekeeper with a phone and bag of carrots. After all, Daddy owns the Twelve Caesars (that hideous thing on City Line Ave) and is chairman of Royal Bank, while hubby is CEO of TRM.

The housekeeper, Xiomara Salinas, quotes her as saying “You’re not calling anyone…I’m important, you’re nothing. No one will believe you.” Well, it turns out someone did believe her. Salinas was treated at Bryn Mawr Hospital for cuts and bruises to her face and now Tepper is on probation for a year.

Four killed at the Old Naval Yard

According to news reports, five people have been shot at the Old Naval Yard in South Philly tonight. I was talking to a friend who lives on S. Broad Street a little while ago when NBC10 interrupted Heros to report this story. He said that he had heard a whole clutch of police cars scream down Broad Street earlier in the evening, and that this must have been why.

Reports on 6abc say that the shooter was a business owner who tied up four of his employees and shot all of them before turning the gun on himself.

Our hearts go out to all those affected by this tragedy.

Republican Finally in the Running for Philadelphia Mayoral Race

It’s already a very interesting field, but the current slate of candidates are all from the same party. Businessman Al Taubenberger is the first GOP candidate to run against the current Democratic pool of candidates: Michael Nutter, Chaka Fattah, Tom Knox, Dwight Evans and Bob Brady.

Taubenberger is either very brave or very crazy putting his hat into the ring in this heavly left-leaning city.

Fire Extinguishes Five Spot

On Saturday morning, a 4-alarm fire in Old City totally destroyed the Five Spot. Thankfully, no one was injured in fire. The Five Spot was a venue that in so many ways embodied the eclectic, artistic spirit of Philadelphia. I have many musician friends who have been welcomed to the stage of the Five Spot. I’m sure that they along with many other Philadelphians are saddened by this loss. The site’s website has not been updated to reflect the events of Saturday which seems to add to the sadness of this event, as you can witness the full and vibrant schedule of events.

Wing Bowl Winner: Joey Chestnut

Before moving to Philadelphia I’d never heard of the Wing Bowl. I thought it would be similar to the Nathan’s hot dog eating event, but not quite. The Wing Bowl seems to have only domestic competitors and much more emphasis on the scantily clad women.

This year Joey Chestnut won once again, polishing off 182 wings. Many more details, photos, videos, and shiny bikinis at

Royal Traffic

Perhaps you’ve already noticed the Federal Homeland Security police cars around town, and if you read Sherri’s post about Kerri-Lee’s dress quest you know why they’re here. This weekend Philadelphia will host Prince Charles of Wales and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. I happen to work for someone who was invited to one of their events, so I can pass along some etiquette. If you happen to run into Chuck and Cami on Broad Street tomorrow, remember to first address them as “your royal highness,” then as the conversation continues refer to them as either “Sir” or “Madam.” It’s also customary for men to do a head-only bow and for women to curtsy.

Warm Fuzzies

This story is far too cute and feel-good to pass up. Seventeen year old Malakiah Ayres ran back into his house past protesting firefighters to rescue his little kitten, Missy. This was after already going back in for his grandmother. A gas line nearby ruptured and caught fire, thankfully it was put out before it spread.

It’s so nice to see a story like this about a benevolent animal loving Philadelphia teen among all of the crime and violence. I hope he and Missy have many years of fun together.

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