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A dash into the PA Dutch Fest at Reading Terminal

I got out of my apartment early for a Saturday morning today. I hiking down to the Massage Arts School, only to discover that the student with whom my appointment had been made had been taken to the hospital. I took advantage of the fact that I was up and out to wander through a couple of stores at the Gallery and then hit Reading Terminal Market. The Pennsylvania Dutch Fest was going on, and I had to stop at the corner of 12th and Filbert to allow a cart led by a team of miniature horses to pass. Set up in the middle of the Market was a rectangle of tables, with women frying doughnuts, serving chicken pot pie samples and distributing cups of lemonade.

I was there to buy a rosemary plant at Market Blooms so I didn’t stay long, or take a ride on either of the horse-drawn carts. Had I had my camera with me, I might have stayed longer to wander and watch, but I had made the decision to leave it home when I though I was getting a massage. If anyone has pictures of the Festival, we’d love you to add them to our Flickr group.

WikiMapia Philadelphia

I saw this featured on Torontoist and how cool is it? WikiMapia is a wiki based on Google Maps, where you can view information on landmarks and places. For some reason the middle of Philadelphia shows up as New Jersey/Camden in the title, but I’ll forgive them that minor detail. There are a bunch of places listed on the maps, but little information about them, so dig in there and get updating!

The Divine Tracy has closed

About a year ago, I wrote this post about the Divine Tracy Hotel. For more than 40 years, the Divine Tracy has been a quirky, no-frills, cheap temporary housing alternative for folks in the University City area. I remember my ex-boyfriend mentioning that he stayed there when he first came to Philly for grad school, between the time that school started and his lease began. He got in trouble for entering the lobby in his running shorts, as men and women were not permitted to show their legs in public spaces at the Divine Tracy.

Well, it seems they shut their doors in June, without so much as a whisper in the local media (as far as I can find) that they were ending their run. The way I found out that they were no longer was that my roommate had a friend who was going to be in town for a month and needed a temporary place to stay. I mentioned the Tracy as an option and he called to follow up and discovered that they were shuttered.

So goodbye Divine Tracy! We wish you well, whatever your future holds!

We the People…Under Construction

We the People...under construction

Vienna metroblogger, Johannes Grenzfurthner, was in Philly yesterday and visited some of the historic sites around Independence Hall. He saw this and thought it was too good not to share and so emailed it to me, in the hopes that we could use it on the site.

w luxury and newmarket rot

plans are set for a new fancy schmancy luxury w hotel at the convention center, including 95 condo units. i have to wonder, though, who buys these things? there are so many luxury towers going up around town, and even talk of converting some of the liberty tower spaces. do we really have enough filthy rich people to fill up these spaces? furthermore, i didn’t notice any mention of included parking. i sure hope they plan to slap a garage under there somewhere.

it’s a shame none of their prior plans to redevelop the newmarket area near headhouse square panned out. what exactly did will smith and his brother do with that land? did they sell it to someone else? or are they just sitting on it while it rots into an eyesore in an otherwise vibrantly developing area? it’s such a waste, and sad that a wealthy family who claims to care for their hometown let it become as such.

The Mysterious North of Broad And All It Has to Offer

The Freedom Theatre is Pennsylvania’s oldest African American Theatre. Located at 1346 North Broad Street, the freedom theater is one of the best kept secrets in North Philadelphia. Besides from an extensive Performing Arts Training Program, the Freedom Theatre has always hosted some of the most well known African American actors and actresses around the country. Check out the website and support the arts; I promise you will fall in love with North of Broad as I did.

Late Night w/ the PECO Building


I have a perfect view of the PECO building from my bedroom window. Can’t seem to get to sleep so have taken to one of my typical late night/insomniac pastimes (in addition to wasting my time online, of course) of watching the revolving banner list a string of city events over & over (Broadway on Broad Jul 13-14th @ the Merriam, Lights of Liberty, last chance reminder about Wyeth Exhibit at the Art Museum, Afro-Pop Blues & Dancing @ the Kimmel Center, etc etc etc, repeat, repeat again). Looks like there’s quite a few bulbs that need to changed out on the north face of the sign. I can see the tip of the Cira Building too–they gots the red lights on tonight. OK, gonna try to get the PECO Building’s ever-repeating announcements to lull me to sleep.


What’s wrong with this picture?

This picture is easier than most.

What’s wrong with it?

Post your guesses in the thread.

The winner gets the admiration and love(tm) of all the Metrobloggers.

There’s a bigger version in the extended entry.

PhillyOddity Episode One: Cira Center


The Cira Center is more affectionatly known as the Amtrak building. It’s bright, it’s shiny, it doesn’t have a 90 degree angle on it except on the ground, but I’m not quite sure about that. The other thing I’m not quite sure about is the lights. They confuse me. I know they were red during the Phils’ Make Everything In The City Freakin’ Red™ Week. They tend to spaz out during sports games, whether or not the home team wins. One day, the blue field with white spots looked like a Windows Blue Screen of Death.

Is there rhyme and reason to the lights on the Cira Center? Please comment and help me solve this PhillyOddity.

Main Post Office Virgin

I have lived in Philadelphia for 4 1/2 years, I spent a semester here during college, as well as countless weeks during the summer while I was growing up. And yet today, I walked into the Main Post Office at 30th and Market for the very first time. I was mailing a fairly important envelope, and wanted to see it personally off to it’s destination, as opposed to dropping it off in a box, so as I walked home, I popped into the Post Office. I was completely floored as to how lovely it is inside. There is marble everywhere and if you look up, carved wood lines the ceiling. I’m only hoping now that some of that detailing will be saved when it is renovated to be mixed use commerical space when Penn takes over the property next year.

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