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Don’t Piss Off the Wookie

Incident Date: March 10, 2007

The following story takes place at Giggleberry Fair, a wonderful child play excursion located a slight ways outside the city in Peddler’s Village. For those that want more information on Peddler’s Village just head on over to their web site –

After some more brutal cold the weather had warmed up to the point my wife felt that we should take the kids out for a walk. Normally, being the vampire I aspire to be, I am one who shies away from sunlight and fresh air but for some reason I was feeling maybe a little walk around the lake at the township park might be a good thing. Much to my dismay the park idea is shot down by both my wife and three year old daughter.

Suspiciously like the flu

I’ve been down all week, with something that seems very nearly like the flu. I had a fever and chills for the first couple of days, and now it’s settled down nicely into my head and lungs. I cough every time I try to laugh and the volume of phlegm exiting my body is quite impressive. I’m not detailing my ailments to disgust everyone out there in reader-land, but instead to try and find out who else has been wacked with this thing recently. I know that my fellow author Sherri has been suffering. My friend Georgia and her boyfriend Michael were down over the weekend. Who else out there is achy or sniffly or congested or more? Tell us about your flu! Share the stories of your virus! We at the metblog care about your cold!

Where are you playing??

So I do this thing every once in a while where I post an ad on Craigslist asking bands, if they got a show coming up, to tell me about it. I ask for them to tell me about their show, and then ask for a few more details, including band name, their website, etc. Unessential things compared to the fact that they have a gig.

So invariably I get the idiots who can’t seem to read. What do they do? They tell me their band name, their music style, their website. Do they tell me about the show? NO they do not! Why? I don’t know!

“This is pneumonia weather”

So it’s Saturday, bright and sunny, and I’m getting ready to fill up my car at a local gas station. One of the employees comes out and strikes up a conversation with me. “This is pneumonia weather,” he says. “A lot of people don’t know that cold kills bacteria. Warm weather allows bacteria to grow.”

Happy New Year, Shiny New Crime Count

After ringing in the New Year with ComedySportz and walking home, I tucked myself safely in bed. And since our townhouse is near a firehouse and a few well-traveled ambulance routes, I will admit myself feeling relieved that I didn’t hear the familiar wail of sirens until 1:17 a.m.

But as I was drifting back into dozing after the 1:17 wake-up, I found myself wondering what the city’s final murder count was for 2006. A quick morning web-search turned up this December 30th story from NBC-10 that talks about how the count stood at 405.* And that number is horrifying in its own right, but I’m wondering if the final hours of ’06 made that grisly number rise even higher.

Whatever the number of lives lost and families grieving, I fervently wish that 2007 will bring us crime counts that are much smaller than those from 2006.

Thanks for sharing, I think?

I think we all have moments where it seems like we’re trapped in our own private episode of Overheard in Philly. My latest moment for unintentional eavesdropping occured late this evening, walking down Walnut street after an epic-long day at work.

Out of the open window of a white car barrelling down the road, I heard a disembodied voice* announce:

I don’t do anal!

Thanks, dear. I’ll sleep better knowing that.

(For another such moment—this time by someone who actually saw the speaker–check out this morning’s entry from Mac at Pesky Apostrophe.)

Kariya in Philly to Face the Flyers

Paul Kariya and the Nashville Predators are facing off against the “red hot”, two wins in a row Flyers tonight but really you don’t care about that, what you really want to know is how I got my internet call sign – Kariyanine. Well I like hockey. I happen to like it a lot and have played quite a bit since I was seven years old. My favorite player at the time I began playing hockey was Wayne Gretzky but as I got older and realized he was revered by everyone and I picked a new “favorite” player. That player would be Paul Kariya, then of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. Shortly thereafter I began using the internet more frequently and thought I need something a little more flashy than ChrisScott as a call sign, so I created one. Using Kariya and his uniform number 9 I came up with Kariyanine. So there you have it the story behind the call sign I am most recognized by. It goes without saying I will be watching the game tonight to catch my “favorite” player in Philly.

How I Remember

It’s funny how you remember things differently than how they actually happened. Versus (the old Outdoor Life Network) is currently running some sort of Rocky marathon and I just caught the tail end of Rocky V. I distinctly remember that he hits the guy he is in the street fight with into a Septa bus. My memory told me that Rocky hit the guy so hard he flew into the bus from something like 10 feet away. After having seen it again, this is not the case. Rocky does hit him into a Septa bus but the guy doesn’t fly into it and they can’t be more than two feet away. Regardless Rocky V still stunk but the new Rocky film (Rocky Balboa) is looking pretty good and I will most likely be there to see it on opening night.

A Wawa miracle

I may have witnessed a miracle today. I watched as a normally surly Center City Wawa clerk took the time to make sure that an elderly woman’s cup of coffee was bagged and then bagged again so that she could carry it easily. The care and kindness with which the clerk treated this older woman was lovely to watch. Sadly, when she turned to me to scan my purchases, her surly mask was back on. It was nice while it lasted.

Synchronicity Abounds

Back in August, I wrote a post about the Rocky statue and the then-uncertain struggle it was experiencing in finding a permanent resting place. Because of that post, I got an email from a rep at a Philly publishing company, asking if I was interested in receiving a review copy of a book called “Rocky Stories,” written by two Philadelphia Inquirer journalists. Never one to turn down a free book, I said yes. He put me on the list and said I should receive it sometime in late October.

Yesterday I was sitting at my dining room table, reading the Inquirer, when this article caught my attention. The student writer in me appreciated the style with which it was written and my soft heart loved the subject matter. When I came to the end of it, I was moved to hop over to my computer and email the reporter to tell him I enjoyed it. It was the very first time I’ve emailed an Inquirer reporter to tell them I liked their piece.

He wrote back to my note within the hour and said, “And if you liked that story, you will love my new book that comes out in a few weeks. Check it out at”

That’s right, it’s the same book.

I know that Philadelphia is really just a small town, but I am still delighted by every instance of synchronicity I experience in my life here. I’m also thrilled, because I know that there’s a book coming my way that I will really enjoy. (I’ll be sure to let you all know what I think when I’ve finished it).

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