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Lucky number 50


It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to write a post like this, I’m all aquiver with excitement. The guys down in Metroblogging HQ have been hard at work to bring another metroblogging site into being and today Graz, Austria was born. They’d love it if you went over and welcomed them to the family.

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The Metboards are back!

Capital of California, now with Metrobloggy goodness

As of today, California has edged out Texas to win the “Most Metroblogging Cities in One State” award. How have they done this, you ask? Just this morning, Sacramento was released into the wilds of the Metroblogging world. Of all the cities for which I’ve written welcome posts, I think that this might be the first time I’ve actually been to the city. It’s quite a thrill!

Go on over and say hi to Metroblogging City #49, Sacramento.

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro!

I was just reading the Portland Metroblog (I grew up in Portland, so I like to check in and see what’s going on there once in a while), and noticed dieselboi’s post, welcoming Rio to the Metroblogging family. I realized that Philadelphia has been completely remiss in welcoming Rio to the crew, and so wanted to make sure that we said hi, even if we are a week late. So go over, say hi and take the Google Translator with you, because unless you can read Portuguese, you’re going to need some help.

Bombings in Mumbai

Our hearts go out to all those affected by the Mumbai bombings. Our fellow Metrobloggers over there are beginning to post what they know, what they think, what they feel. The current lead post offers an open thread for conversation abotu these events.

Let’s stop by and send our well wishes….

Happy First Birthday To Us!

It all started a year ago today, when the first post went up. The big news then was the rapidly approaching Live 8 concert on the Parkway, as well as all the other Welcome, America! events planned for the 4th of July weekend. We weathered it well and have gone on to write about the Flyers, movies, the Sixers, restaurants, the Eagles, Septa, music, closing department stores and our many run-ins with people on the streets of this town. There have been a total of 1357 posts and more than 1100 comments.

Not bad for our first year.

Heading into the final week of…

the Metroblog open application period. If you’re sitting on the fence, thinking how cool it would be to be a Philadelphia Metroblogger, but for whatever reason, you haven’t signed up yet, I encourage you to click over to the application site and submit an application. Because we want you!

We want you if you go to all the indie shows around town and would like to write about what you saw.

We want you if you are passionate about the Eagles or the Flyers or the Sixers or the Phillies or the Kixx or the Soul or even the Camdem Riversharks.

We want you if you regularly commute on Septa and happen to notice interesting things on your ride.

We want you if hike the trails of Fairmount park, if you ride a bike around town, if you’ve lived here your whole life or if you’re brand new to the city.

If you live in Philadelphia, like to share your experiences of the city and like enjoy writing, then we want you.

Whose space? Myspace!

The folks down at Metroblogging HQ down in LA recently discovered this little known website called Myspace and decided that it would be cool to be groundbreaking and set up a page. (Okay, so we realize we’re a little behind the curve with this one, but you still love us? Right?).

So if you Myspace, the Metroblog wants to be your friend! Come on, you know you want to!

A Metroblogging Birthday

The Philadelphia Metroblog came into the world on June 28th, 2005 at 7:14 am which means our first birthday is next week! We believe this is cause for celebration, and so we’re throwing ourselves a party.

The Philly Metroblog crew will be at Doobies (2201 Lombard St.) next Tuesday, June 27th (we’re celebrating a day early) starting at 6 pm. They’ll be some free food, live blogging and festive cupcakes (made by me!).

Please come and join us!

Snap, Crackle, Pop – Wasteland Radio now Airing

That’s right folks, joining both Jay V and Brady as metbloggers with podcasts, I myself have started a podcast. Last week was a learning curve week and ended up with some very worthless crap that was hardly audible at points. Early this morning the first official episode launched. Not very funny, witty or worthwhile (all areas I am hoping to improve upon) Wasteland Radio will detail Movies, Music, Comics, TV, Stupid Celebrity news, stupid local news, video games and whatever the hell I feel like talking about. As I said the first episode stinks, it’s basically just me droning on for 24 minutes sounding like I am broadcasting from a crappy AM station but it is online. The RSS feed is below, iTunes was having trouble picking up the redesigned format so it’s probably best to go with that feed. Drop your questions, comments and suggestions to

RSS Feed:

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