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Murder in Daylight

No thanks to several delinquent teen boys from Simon Gratz High School, South Philadelphia has lost one of its long time residents. Sean Conroy, 36, manager at a local Starbucks, died of a fatal asthma attack brought on by blunt force trauma while waiting for his train at the 13th and Market subway stop. The murder occurred on March 26th.

What’s particularly troublesome to city residents and frequent Septa riders is that the homicide occurred in the middle of the afternoon in a relatively busy and seemingly well-patrolled area.

16 year-old Kinta Stanton has been charged as an adult with Sean Conroy’s death. His accomplices: Ameer Best, 17; Arthur Alston, 16; Rasheen Bell, 16; and Nashir Fisher, 16, will hopefully be charged with murder as well.

As a writer who tends to get a message across with as few words as possible, I am deeply saddened by such cruel and hateful actions by city youth. My heart goes out to Sean’s fiancée, family and neighbors.

I also wonder: what can be done to prevent such attacks in the future? What can we do to teach city youth that violence is not the answer?

Local couple communicate via printed M&Ms

I just stumbled across this announcement a little while ago, although it’s several days old. Apparently a Philadelphia couple were chosen by the M&M company to spend an entire month communicating only via messages printed on M&Ms. They wrapped up the month on Wednesday, July 26th and finally got to speak to each other at a ceremony at Franklin Square. It seems sort of crazy to me to be willing to spend 31 days not speaking to your partner, but people will do a lot of $31,000.

Day of Silence for online radio stations

If you normally listen to the streaming audio from WXPN while at work, you’ll find that the feed will be silent tomorrow. They, along with other internet radio stations, are going off the air tomorrow in order to protest the royalty rates that could go into effect as early at July 15th.

Silence is what Internet radio may sound like after that date because of a royalty rate hike scheduled to go into effect. The new rates will also be retroactive for 17 months and payment will become due to the SoundExchange collection organization under the terms of a recent Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) decision. The new rates could cost WXPN more than $100,000 annually; several times the annual funds raised by business support on the Internet streams.

The regular XPN signal will go silent for two minutes at 4 pm tomorrow afternoon as well. If keeping internet radio affordable and accessible is important to you, please take a moment to sign the online petition.

XPN Copyright Update

First Person Arts Memoir Writing Competition

Who knew that the act of memoir writing could be turned into a competitive sport? Well, the folks over at First Person Arts have deemed it to be, and launched their 6th Annual Memoir Writing Competition about five days ago. They say…

There will be two categories in the competition: Short Memoir (up to 3,000 words) and Short-Short Memoir (up to 500 words). The theme for both categories is Objects of My Affection – we want to know how objects in your life have impacted, influenced or changed you. First-place winners of both contests will have their memoirs published in the Philadelphia City Paper, and all finalists will have their work featured on the Philadelphia City Paper and First Person Arts websites. In addition, winning submissions will be read live by the authors or by readers selected by First Person Arts at the memoir competition showcase during the annual First Person Festival (November 7-11, 2007).

So start searching your soul (or your childhood) for those objects that had significance for you. The deadline for submissions is August 15, 2007. For more information, check out their website here.

Rittenhouse Magazine

Yesterday afternoon, I walked into the lobby of my apartment building, just as a young woman was talking to the desk clerk and handing him a small stack of glossy magazines. Being my nosy self, I walked up to investigate what was going on and discovered a brand new magazine devoted to Rittenhouse Square. The June/July issue is the premiere edition and they hope to continue to produce them at a rate of one every other month. It’s a free magazine that features the businesses, events and activities of the Rittenhouse Square area. There are copies being left at locals around the area, so you should be able to pick up a copy if you’re interested. If you can’t find a physical copy, you can check it out online here.


She wrote a column using a courtship paradigm for the mayoral race, and it’s wonderfully funny. I’m so happy my chosen candidate won, of course, but the day after elections always feels a little down. Sort of a hangover or crash if you will. Or maybe that’s the aftermath of celebratory Trader Joe’s chocolate lava cake.

Major fire closes Platt Bridge

Earlier tonight I noticed a funny smell, like burning rubber, drift in through my window. I didn’t think too much of it, but about an hour later, my roommate came bursting in, saying “check the internet, there’s a big fire burning down near the airport!”

I pulled up the NBC 10 website and it reports that there is a two alarm fire burning stacks of scrapped cars at 26th and Penrose. The fire has closed the Platt Bridge, so if you need to get to the airport tonight you should take I-95 and not I-76.

very much lost…

I am deep, deep, deep within the throes of addiction. It’s terrible.
My addiction? AM Talk Radio. Specifically KYW.
I know I have already written about this. But it’s getting serious. I’m serial.
Last night I went in to brush my teeth. We have a clock radio, it sits on the toilet, and it’s tuned to 1060am KYW. Every time I walk, no matter what I’m doing, I turn it on. I get snippets on news, traffic, weather. It’s great. I am very informed. Constantly. Honest.
But last night when I turned on the radio, it was static. Now sometimes I have to listen to my beloved traffic reports through showers of static, but I’m resigned to it. It doesn’t bother me. However, only static does bother me. I got concerned. I stopped brushing teeth and tried to tune the radio properly, to 1060. I couldn’t find it. I got worried and concerned.
I found something though and it sounded like news. Good enough, I thought. I was tired and went to bed.
But it’s now Day 2 and the madness continues.

You Can’t Smoke in Helicopters…Traffic Reports Depend on it!

A few months ago my sister, Erin, told me about KYS 1060am. She said it was great for traffic reports, and due largely in part to my newness to Philly and minorly in part to my lack of patience with waiting, I thought it would be good to check it out. So I listened, and have been listening constantly since then. I love NEWS! I love convienience! I love brushing my teeth and listening to weather reports! 1060am will give me all of this…in only 22 minutes! They will give me THE WORLD in 22 minutes. A hefty promise, yes. But only a dangerous one if they failed to deliver. But they don’t. They give you everything you need in a remarkably short amount of time. This is because they are committed to giving traffic reports every ten minutes. How deep can they possibly get if they have to report on the traffic on the Vine Street Expressway every ten minutes?

Craig Laban and Philafoodie

As some of you may have heard, Philadelphia Inquirer Food Critic Craig Laban is being sued for libel by the Chops in Bala Cynwyd for saying that their strip steak was tough and fatty. The restaurant states that he didn’t have the strip steak, that he actually ordered the steak sandwich and ate it without the bread and so was in no position to comment on the strip steak.

This has become pretty big news across the country, and today the New York Times Food Section ran a piece detailing Laban’s troubles and whether Chops has a chance of winning against Laban and the Inquirer. Philadelphia food blogger and attorney David Snyder (aka Philafoodie) was interviewed for the piece and was quoted nicely. Congratulations to our local food blogger on become a national media darling.

Serving You Tonight Will Be Our Lawyer

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