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New Year’s Resolutions

This year, I decided not to have any New Year’s resolutions because I never stick with them and end up feeling depressed on New Year’s Eve when I think of all of the unused potential the year had had. So, instead of allowing myself to feel sorry for myself, this year, I decided to actually do something, rather than resolve to do it. Therefore, I have taken up wall climbing, a feat I have enjoyed in other years but haven’t made the time to stick to it. In my January efforts, I have only been wall climbing once (however, I did go on Dec. 30th as well). I’m pumped and have stuck to a very non-rigorous workout routine when I’m not wall climbing. So, my question for all of you is, how can you build up arm strength – without looking like a steroid-pumping wrestler? I have some restrictions. While pulling my weight in wall climbing isn’t bad, my ability to do push-ups is so so. This is because I interviewed a guy at a boxing club. The man was acting in an independent horror flick, which was being filmed at the club. There was a punching bag on the set and I tested it out. Having only thrown Karate punches that my dad taught me, I did not know how to properly hit a punching bag without slightly injuring my wrist. In any case, if you have any suggestions, let me know.

A big circle of Jersey

“Who wants to live in Jersey? It’s a goddamn Communist country; you have to pay to get out.”


So we’re at the MetBlog Meet-Up, watching Chris (also Kariyanine) consume his eight vodka and cranberry type concoctions at the New Wave at 3rd and Catherine. And he starts spouting off about Jersey. I thought the quote at the top of this entry was good enough to write down so it’s been sitting in my journal, waiting for the opportune moment to drop the quote in a casual entry here on the MetBlog. This is that entry…

Cory (my partner of choice) and I are in Mississippi, enjoying the vast amounts of nothing that there is to do down here. At the moment, we’re watching Futurama on [adult swim]. Fry ended up apartment hunting and found several amazing “deals” including a delish adventure in undersea living. Then, of course, he spies an ad that says “Suspiciously Awesome Apartment”. Of course they go looking, and the discussion is as follows:

Fry: “So…what’s the catch?”
Landlord: “Oh, there’s no catch. It’s just we’re technically in New Jersey.”

Which brings us back to…

A Dying Hockey League – Any Support?

For any of the guys or girls that are interested in playing competitive roller hockey, there is a phenomenal outdoor hockey league that runs year-round on Wednesday nights. The CT Hockey League is based out of Palmer playground at Comley Road and Thornton Avenue in the Northeast (just across from the Philadelphia Flyers Skate Zone).

The league almost died after its most-recent season, as the number of players began dwindling. Right now there are four teams, which means its dedicated core can play on for at least one more season. And yes — in case you were wondering — I am among those that play.

Both whole teams and individuals are welcome to come check it out. There isn’t really a whole lot you need for it. The players are competitive but inexperienced and looking to learn. They pay about $40 for 10 games plus the playoffs (best of three series)…unheard of among organized roller hockey leagues. Fees go to pay a set of referees, so nobody makes money off the league except those that serve as officials.

I know this is short notice for tonight, but — barring rain or snow — I will be out there tonight and every Wednesday. You can come ask for me personally, or for Chris, who runs the league. If anyone would like details about this league, or would like to see about signing up for it, shoot me an e-mail.

Philly Roller Girls

Philadelphia Roller Girls

I happened to find this posting from the Roller Girls and figure it’s worth sharing:

The Philly Roller Girls is an all-girl roller derby league that formed in March 2005 with a diverse group of women from Philadelphia and New Jersey. We consist of self-motivated, hard-working athletes of all ages, body types and backgrounds creating an awesome blend of radical, free-thinking chicks. We are a not-for-profit organization and completely DIY (do it yourself), meaning we are a skater-owned and operated league.

The Philly Roller Girls have scheduled an open recruitment meeting for Monday, September 12th at 9pm upstairs at Cosi on 36th and Walnut (140 South 36th Street), Philadelphia. We are currently recruiting for referees and score card girls as well as rollergirls. Keep in mind, you must be female, at least 18 years old and have current health insurance (or we can help you find health insurance coverage) to skate with the Philly Roller Girls. Other information such as our practice times/places, what kind of gear you’ll need, the sport and its rules, etc. will be covered during the open recruitment meeting and open skates for new recruits. In the meantime, interested potential rollergirls should get a pair of skates on and practice, practice, practice. Feel free to contact me with any questions, etc. or simply check out our webpage at

Love & Bruises,

Mo Pain #8
Recruitment Committee
Philly Roller Girls

PSSC Soccer

So I am at this moment on my couch, icing my knee, watching TV, with a large smile on my face. This is normal for me, both the day of, and the day after, a game of soccer. For most this might sound a bit much, (and yes I am planning on seeing a doc) but this feeling of ‘Post Soccer Bliss’ is hard to explain. To put it simply, I feel like a kid again. Obviously there is more to it than that, I get to compete, be outside in beautiful Fairmount, run around for a very long time. Basically these are the things I cannot do in my normal day to day of sitting in an office chair.

It helps my happiness that we FINALLY won a game, it’s been a rough summer for my team. We finished 2nd last season, but we had a few that couldn’t play this summer and one that decided to move to Boston, so we still need to replace the one that left and find some solid defense.

When I started playing 2 years ago, I realized I was very unaware of how much I missed playing, including the feeling of this Post Soccer Bliss. I have a feeling that Dopamine plays a factor in my happiness, but I will ignore the medical reasons for now. I tell you, there is nothing better than driving back home after a game. Windows down, music cranked and a HUGE smile on my face.

If anyone has a chance, and feels they are missing some fun take a look at their website. Philadelphia Sport and Social Club is an amazing organization. For anyone new, or anyone into playing anything, you can join a team as an individual. It’s that easy. In fact my team of amazing people all joined as individuals, and we were all placed on the same team.

I know there are probably 100-150 people that play soccer in two leagues, one less advanced than the other. Touch football has something like 5 different leagues, which means a ton of people. They also have kickball, and have added a few new ones since I’ve joined.

So far, in my experience, I have had the best teammates, all of whom I now consider friends, and I look forward to every game and every season, even though I have to ice my knees after each game. I also still have the largest smile on my face, and probably will take it to bed with me.


According to Men’s Health, Philadelphia is #50 on their list of most active cities, which nets us a solid C+ grade.

I’m willing to offer my guesses why we aren’t more of an active city, but I’m more interested in what other people think. Is it the lack of good bike lanes? The fact that our only good bike trail is the one in Fairmont Park? Are we just lazy? Is it our weather?

More reading: The whole list @ BostonChannel

Philadelphia Sports Clubs

Philadelphia Sports Clubs (PSC) is owned by Town Sports International and has a few nice locations in Philadelphia and it’s suburbs. I used to belong to the one in New Jersey on Brace Rd. but now I’m over at the Society Hill location on 5th St. between Locust and Walnut.

As a gym, it rocks. The equipment is great, the price is decent for what you get, you get pool access (and in the city that is something valued), and it’s nice looking. It’s not your dilapidated gym in South Philly or anything and it’s a bit more convienient than Sweat, so I suggest if you want to stay in shape, you check out PSC. They also have BSC for Boston, WSC for Washington D.C., and NYSC for NYC of course.

Oops (or the dangers of treadmills and dating)

Last spring, I ran the Broad Street Run. This was the first road run I had ever done. It was (in fact) the first time I had ever run ten consecutive miles. I finished, I didn’t totally humiliate myself and so I considered it a success. I’ve now committed to doing the Philadelphia Distance Run in September. Considering the mediocre job of training I did for the Broad Street, I’ve been trying to be a little more focused and directed about getting ready for this one (I’m still going to suck, but I will finish).

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