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Baby, It’s Friggin’ Cold Outside

The high next week in the Philly area is supposed to be around 20 degrees.

We’ll see how well I’ve climatized since I will have been back 3 months by then.

Five bucks says I’ll be dressed for -20 degree weather.


Why Is The Line For Tater Tots Backed Up To The Parking Lot?

From my peeps at Fox News….

An elementary school cafeteria worker and playground monitor, who had an extensive career in the adult entertainment industry, is becoming a New Jersey school district’s legal nightmare.

Some parents in Vineland, N.J., as well as the board of education president, want Louisa C. Tuck fired, but district officials were advised by their lawyers and those from the New Jersey School Board Association they have no legal grounds to terminate the 32-year-old from her $5,772-a-year part-time job as an aide in the lunchroom and playground, The Daily Journal reported.

“We have no real legal stance or legal right to do anything for two reasons — one, it’s not illegal, and two, it’s not on school time,” Superintendent Charles Ottinger told the newspaper.

Really? People are angry about this? Now people have to worry that their outside-of-work-and-previous-to-work-non-illegal-activities will catch up with them?!

“Hey, Joe, we heard that you were a huge drug addict when you were a teenager. Even though you’re 35 years old and have got a college degree and cleaned up your life, we’re gonna have to let you go.”

I call shenangians. The one guy who was interviewed on the Fox 29 Ten O’ Clock News last night sounded like he was waiting to pick up his kids at 4:20 and not 3:00, if you catch my drift.

The chick’s obviously trying to better her life – although I’m certain she could make far more money in the previous trade she plied instead of working for any public school.

Man, calm down South Jersey. Yeah, like half the parents who are upset don’t work for “legitimiate” “tow truck” or “concrete” businesses.

At least she was on Jenny Jones….


I didn’t even have to use one beef stroganoff joke.

Be seeing you,

– AP

5 days until: The Philadelphia Marathon

It’s that time of year again! The Philadelphia Marathon is scheduled for this coming Sunday, November 23 at 07:00, beginning at 22nd and Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Check out one of these “cheer zones,” too!:

* 16th & Arch (Mile 1) Starbucks
* 4th & South (Mile 4.5) Starbucks
* 10th & Chestnut (Mile 5.5) Starbucks
* Memorial Hall (Mile 9.5)
* Philadelphia Museum of Art (Mile 13.5 & Finish)
* Kelly Drive & Fountain Green Drive (Mile 15 & Mile 23)
* Main Street & Levering (Mile 20) Starbucks

The race is full (18,000 runners!), as is the half-marathon (same start time, same place, and the Rothman 8k (starting at 07:15, same place).

Come out and cheer on the runners who have worked so hard to prepare for this race! (Find the course here.)

Back on My Feet 20in24 Runs

For those who are looking to have some fun and help a good cause, July 19-20 will contain for you a variety of foot races. 20in24 is a collection of three races benefiting Back on My Feet, “a nonprofit organization that uses running as a vehicle to promote the self-sufficiency within Philadelphia’s homeless population.” I’ve signed up for the Midnight Madness Run (that’s midnight on Saturday night, July 19), a glow-in-the-dark race! There are two other races: a relay and an ultra marathon option. This is Philadelphia’s first 24-hour running event, and 100% of the profits go directly to the charity. All events are nearing capacity, so sign up today! If you aren’t running, come out with your friends and cheer everyone on!

Kris Benson, Frida, America and so much more!

Kris Benson!
Take that Mets and Johan San-who-tana. We just got Kris Benson. Yeah, the dude who pitched for the Mets and someone else and has a good-lookin’ wife. Sure, he might not be ready for Opening Day, but I am, so that’s good enough for this guy.
Down Market St though, you will find absolutely nothing about Benson or tragically enough, Team G.F.Y., Philly’s hottest co-ed softball team. There will also be nothing about Aaron Rowand, Tom Gordon, or Alfonso Alfonseca. For the next couple months, the Baseball Hall of Fame will be showcasing “Baseball in America,” at the National Constitution Center. Oddly enough, the exhibit is about both baseball and America. Check out the Constitution Center’s website for more information.
And then up the street, at the big ol’ Art Museum, the Frida exhibit starts up next week. You know, Frida. The uni-browed woman on all those tote bags. Salma Hayek played her a couple years ago. Well apparently, Frida is more than just tote bags and Oscar nominations. The Frida exhibit opens on the 20th I believe.
What’s crazy, is that only a couple days after the Frida exhibit opens, the Phillies play their first Spring Training game…and that is what they call a very nice seque. And then, crazier still, a month after that, Team G.F.Y. begins their first season with a heated contest versus…someone. But just who is Team G.F.Y.? That’s a good question and because I’m probably the only one who asked that, I’ll save the answer for later.
So for now, think about the “Baseball in America” exhibit, Spring Training, American Idol, Otis Redding, and lovely Frida.
There will plenty of time for Kris Benson, his wife, Team G.F.Y., and Sam Cook later.
I promise.

Album of the Week: Mass Appeal Gang Starr
TV on DVD series of the Week: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Head-shaker of the week: Roger Clemens
Booty-shaker of the week: ESPN’s coverage of Roger Clemens.
Hip-shaker of the week: Honey’s French Toast…and CNN’s coverage of Roger Clemens.

For Gym Bunnies (and Beasts)

Yeah, I like to call the girls who go to the gym, wear their hair down, and strut instead of working out “gym bunnies.” I think it’s funny. If you really go to work out, and sweat, you should know that a new branch of Sweat is opening on March 1 in Old City (43 N. 3rd St.). I got a sneak preview today. It’s beautiful! I went to check out the classroom, so I would know whether or not I wanted to take a yoga class. (Not too much thumping, bumping music and a nice-sized classroom are what I require, plus a good instructor.) I was impressed by the large size of the classroom, on the upper floor in the back of the building. Upstairs were also the cardio machines, with lots of elliptical runner machines (I think that’s what they’re called) and lots of treadmills. I think all of them had their own TV’s, if that is your thing. Downstairs were all the muscle machines, which I don’t know much about, but it all looked brand spankin’ new to me. Mirrors, hardwood floors – looked good! And my guide told me they’ll have a shop, a chiropractic person, I think he said massage, a salon, and other stuff! This marks the fifth location for Sweat, with others in Manayunk, Center City, Queen Village, and Fitler Square. They’ll have another in South Philly, opening early summer. I like Sweat because it is a nice, middle-ground type of place. Not too macho, not too loud, and nice and clean, with good instructors. Sweat!

Bike commuting class at Mt. Airy Learning Tree

Do you live in Mt. Airy but work in Center City? Did you know that there are ways that you can commute from your neighborhood all the way to work on your bike without hardly ever needing to share the road with cars? Mt. Airy Learning Tree is offering a class this Sunday, September 30th from 1-4 pm that will teach you all the tips and tricks you need to know to safely ride from home to work and back. It’s being taught by Jennie Love, who also happens to write one of my favorite local food blogs, Straight from the Farm.

Anti-Violence Bike Ride Saturday


If you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of violence happening in Philadelphia these days, think about turning out this Saturday at 9 am to ride your bike in protest. I realize that this ride won’t actually do a whole lot to stop things, but sometimes just taking some action, any action, helps with the feelings of frustration, fear and futility.

Penn Relay Carnival

On Wednesday afternoon there were signs of the beginning of the Penn Relays. From Spruce Street I could see people inside Franklin Field (click that link for a very cool wide angle view of the field) and my husband solemnly informed me that the Relays were beginning.

By Thursday morning the streets around the Penn campus had been transformed. On my way to work, I navigated past food and vendor tents on Walnut Street, groups of track uniformed athletes, and spectators asking for directions to the stadium.

The Penn Relay Carnival is a 112-year-old competition, open to pretty much anyone who wants to participate. This year there will be over 425 races run over the course of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The track events on Friday morning open at 9 am with the College Men “Championship” 400m Hurdles, followed by events for elementary, junior high, and high school, then there is the 100m dash for Women’s Wheelchair, Men’s Amputee, and Men’s Master’s broken up in decades (e.g., 40 and older, 50 and older, up to 70 and older). The track events for the day end with sprint and distance medleys. Field events on Friday include discus throw, high jump, pole vault, etc., mostly for college men and women. (See a schedule for much more detail.)

Tickets range from $14 for general admission per day to $45 for reserved seats.

We Are Mean People

I should be working, but I am not entirely motivated and decided to see what was going on over at Turns out not so much, but one link caught my eye, Why I Remain a Virgin at 26. During my initial scroll down I saw the little blurb and thought “because you are ugly and can’t get laid.”. After seeing that nothing was going on that I was interested in I scrolled back up and clicked on the link to read what the article was all about. I figured it wouldn’t be someone lamenting about how they were ugly and couldn’t get laid.

After reading the well thought out article, I am sad. Not because she hasn’t found someone to share herself with but more because my initial thought was exactly how many people were reacting to her article in the comments section. There is nothing shameful about her still being a virgin and all those that posted demeaning comments about her should feel sad too. They should feel sad because we are mean, mean people at least I already knew that about me.

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