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Commerce Square Fountains

Was coming back from lunch and saw that the fountains ‘twixt Commerce 1 & 2 buildings on 20th/21st & Market were standing idle and not performing their usual shower of activity. Bad water valve? Water conservation? Maybe they are only on during peak lunch hours? Lastly, does anyone really care but me?

Istanbul vs. Constantinople

I am (finally!) heading out of the office, but before I go home, I needs to do me some shopping down at Target.

Which imminent drive has me wondering:

How many of us still think of it as Delaware Ave. instead of Columbus Blvd.?

(raising hand)

Wax On, Wax Off

Approximately 15 minutes ago, according to my clock and as Philly Will Do initially brought to my attention, the waxing of the Liberty Bell commenced.

On Tuesday, May 23, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm, Independence National Historical Park preservation technicians and curators will perform the semi-annual protective waxing of the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell, cast in 1752 for the original tower of Independence Hall, consists primarily of copper and tin. The Bell’s pitted surface traps airborne pollutants which can further erode the soft metal. The application of a neutral wax to the Bell’s surface protects it from dirt.

I understand the tiniest bit about conservation techniques, and a fair bit more about the necessity of appropriate conservation activities for historical artifacts. Nonetheless, I’m with PWD in finding this a wee bit giggle-worthy. Although I think PWD’s title incorrectly interprets the “semi-” prefix: doesn’t that mean this waxing happens twice each year, rather than once every alternate year?

15 Seconds of Fame

Got an all-staff bulletin earlier this afternoon—we’ll have a film crew wandering the Franklin Institute tomorrow making some short film for showing at our April awards ceremony. According to this bulletin, the film-makers will be finishing the day with some big group shot: the more people the better.

All we staffers are encouraged to attend, to bring family members, and to bring friends. And bloggers and blog-readers are a big group of friends, right?

Comment or email if you’re interested. I’ll try to track down the details and distribute further information through email—I’ll even try to post the filming plan, once I make sure that such gestures won’t get me fired or anything….

Four More Area Boscov’s to Open

Boscov’s recently closed it’s outlet store in Franklin Mills Mall but will open up four new stores in the area after acquiring 5 of the closing Strawbridge’s and ten overall new stores from Federated Department Stores Inc. The stores are located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland. The four new area stores will be located at the Deptford Mall, Montgomery Mall, Oxford Valley Mall and Willow Grove Mall.

All four of the area stores were Strawbridge’s that were in malls where Macy’s (owned by Federated) are already installed as anchor stores. Retailers are still being sought to fill the other area malls that are anchored by Strawbridge’s: Cherry Hill Mall, Christiana Mall, King of Prussia Mall and Springfield Mall.

My one question is will the Christmas Carol display that had been done at Strawbridge’s at Eighth & Market continue?

Why Am I Not Suprised?

Yesterday and today’s closing of the South Street bridge was one of those “news” events that feels so utterly predicted that it was hard to suppress a yawn when I heard it on the TV. After all, every time I drive beneath that beast on 76 (twice a day every weekday), I create my best psychic bubble of protection in hopes that any falling chunks of concrete will safely hit the water, rather than some wayward car, boat, or pedestrian.

What was news to me today was the afterthought in all the reports: the bridge is scheduled to be closed and replaced in 2007.

About effing time.

Dating in Philadelphia Part 4 – just outside the city

It’s freezing. If it isn’t your coughing breath in the air, it must certainly be love.

So why not spread the giddy feeling- or your cold- in Peddler’s Village, located in Lahaska, PA?

Tonight, the shopping community lit their numerous lights, providing a magical view of the unique marketplace. With decorated trees, buildings, and a gazebo, the seemingly 19th century area has made friends with PECO. If you don’t belong to PETA, you can add to the well-lit but quaint atmosphere by taking a horse and carriage ride. Or you can tour Peddler

The Morris Arboretum

One of my classes consists of trips in and around the Philadelphia area. I’ll be writing about some places you may want to check out.

I imagined grandeur. I imagined myself surrounded by every flower in existence. I was going to walk into the Morris Arboretum and be greeted by kind British royalty offering me tea and escorting me to their secret garden.
I wasn’t. Instead, I got lost. I ended up on a street where the entrance was; however, in between the entrance and my car, were a couple of blocks and a gigantic mansion, which resided where the cross through should have been. I guess online directions are not from the god of maps. By the time I entered the arboretum, I had missed my make-believe tea party.

Visit These Local “Haunts”…If They Let You

Hey guys and girls, my name is Brady and I
am the mysterious friend that Jay Vertucio refers to in a lot of his posts. The good
news is that I am now writing for the Philadelphia Metroblogs. The great
news is I had a week to put my first story together. The not-so-great
news is that I waited until this morning. More good news is that I
uncovered some interesting reads. I plan on also covering a lot of sports and
fun things to do around the "big bad city" from my country bumpkin
perspective. I hope you all enjoy this post, because I enjoyed putting it
together this morning.That’s it for now,
except I do have a few personal plugs on the bottom.

The Philadelphia area is practically bursting
with enough spooks and specters to keep us all hiding in bed for the month of
October. After poking around online, I was able to come up with some of my
favorites. Alright, so while only a handful
of these places are ones I have actually gone to, each is worth a separate trip
for Halloween from what I’ve read. The phone numbers for most of these places
are available by visiting Superpages or by googling
(is "googling" a word yet?) the name of the place and Philadelphia.
Hope you all enjoy, and if you are looking for someone to take with you to one
of these scary places, shoot me an e-mail.



Did you know that Philadelphia has a stock exchange?
Yeah, I didn’t either.

“Founded in 1790, the nation’s oldest financial exchange converted to a for-profit entity last year from a member-owned organization, freeing the exchange to form strategic alliances with other exchanges or potential partners.”

But according to Reuters, four big multinational banks just bought into our exchange (PHLX, for short) to the tune of $19 million.

“Morgan Stanley, UBS AG, Credit Suisse First Boston and Citigroup, are joining previous investors Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc. and hedge fund Citadel Investment Group’s derivatives unit in buying stakes in the exchange, also known as the PHLX.”

When I first heard the story, I scratched my head for a bit because…well, why? But a little more digging has netted me a little more info. Turns out because of the shakedown with the NASDAQ pulling out of the current network of traders and the possible (likely) acquisition of a new, electronic trading system by the NYSE has people worried about a duopoly. So thus, new markets are being built up as back-ups. Thrilling; PHLX is a back-burner project in case fees and hoops on the NASDAQ and NYSE get too much to handle. But that also leaves open the possibility for a big pay-off. We could, very well, be the next big thing. Our stock exchange could very well be IT.

That’s an investment I’m willing to make.

More reading: Full article @

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