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Parade On…Sort Of….

Officials from the Mummers left the Mummers Museum last night after agreeing to sign a contract with the city to stage this year’s parade. New Year’s parade time cut in accordance with $300K budget. (Photo: Rikard Larma/Metro)

Our annual Mummers Parade is a go this year. Which is great – because how idiotic would we look if we axed the Mummers Parade? Ever hear of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade getting shut down..or the boring ass Rose Parade?

It’s going to be a shortened parade this year, though.

Which makes me wonder: I thought the city itself made in excess of $20 million from the World Series.

Where did the $20 million go?

Budget crisis my ass. Maybe if Mayor Michael “The Honeymoon Is Over” Nutter wasn’t lazy, he’d actually go through the budget and find all the money the City is wasting on stupid stuff. Or he could take the “bail me out, please” route and just go beg Obama for the money. Yes he can.

TIP: It’s good to ask someone from the Illinois political machine a favor on their daughter’s wedding day

We should have nice things in the greatest City in the world. Like Mummers parades, libraries, and fire departments.

– AP

P.S. You can help the Mummers out by visting

How Do You Solve A Budget Crisis? Cut Firefighters, Right?

Well, that’s what the idiot Mayor thinks.

Luckily, everyone isn’t on board:

Click HERE to help out.

(Thanks to Is This Life? for the link….)

Lost Dog In Port Richmond Now Found (Updated)

A friend of a friend has lost their dog this morning in Port Richmond, right near Aramingo & Allegheny.

UPDATE: Dog found, thanks to the helpful folks at Petco on Aramingo Ave.

– AP

Support Philly Boys, and the Cradles to Crayons Foundation, in the Santa Speedo Run

Since the year 2000, the Philly Boys, a group of balls-out guys with hearts, have headed to Boston for the Santa Speedo Run, a charitable and hilarious 1.25-mile jog through freezing Boston. Every year, they raise money for a different charity, and this year it is the Cradles to Crayons Foundation, an organization that collects winter essentials for disadvantaged tykes. They really need some support, as a speedo isn’t enough! (I know, that was terrible.)

Our Philadelphia “boys” run on December 13. Please consider giving to this wonderful cause today by clicking on the “Philly Boys” link, above. Thanks!

The Douche Who Stole Christmas

Just saw a sad story on NBC 10 about a woman in Linwood who has had all of her kids’ Christmas gifts stolen.

Plus, I went to middle school with her! No joke!


PAWS needs your help!

Hello, Philadelphia dog-lovers! I’m sure you’ve heard of PAWS. They are in dire need of people to take in dogs from their shelters. Right now! There is currently an overload of dogs. If you can’t commit to a long-term situation, perhaps you could foster. It could save a life!

Directly from their email:
IF YOU CAN FOSTER, RESCUE, OR ADOPT AN ANIMAL: Come to the shelter (111 W. Hunting Park Avenue) immediately. A staff person or volunteer will be thrilled to help you find the right animal(s) for you to take into safety. Assistance will be available from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day of the week. To make special arrangements to come at another time of day, please email Natalie at (please email only as a last resort; Natalie is inundated. It is best to just come directly to the shelter.)

Back on My Feet 20in24 Runs

For those who are looking to have some fun and help a good cause, July 19-20 will contain for you a variety of foot races. 20in24 is a collection of three races benefiting Back on My Feet, “a nonprofit organization that uses running as a vehicle to promote the self-sufficiency within Philadelphia’s homeless population.” I’ve signed up for the Midnight Madness Run (that’s midnight on Saturday night, July 19), a glow-in-the-dark race! There are two other races: a relay and an ultra marathon option. This is Philadelphia’s first 24-hour running event, and 100% of the profits go directly to the charity. All events are nearing capacity, so sign up today! If you aren’t running, come out with your friends and cheer everyone on!

It’s gonna be a hot one! predicts icky, stick weather for the weekend: “HIGH TEMPERATURES ARE EXPECTED TO REACH THE MID 90S DURING THE AFTERNOON HOURS OF SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. THESE TEMPERATURES… COUPLED WITH INCREASING HUMIDITY… WILL ALLOW HEAT INDEX VALUES TO TOP OUT AROUND 100 DEGREES DURING THE HOTTEST PART OF THE DAY… ESPECIALLY IN THE HIGHLY URBANIZED AREAS. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT TEMPERATURES AT NIGHT MAY NOT DROP BELOW THE LOWER TO MID 70S… PARTICULARLY IN THE HIGHLY URBANIZED AREAS,” so I highly suggest you hit one of Alex’s Lemonade stands for some refreshment. Those folks are really nice, and your donation goes to a great cause. You’ll need to stay refreshed, and so will your elderly neighbors. Remember to check on them, and pets, too! (Let’s hope my a/c is fixed today!)

Monday won’t be much better.


Mayor Michael Nutter is encouraging all Philadelphia residents to join him in a city-wide cleanup. Tomorrow, Saturday April 5th, between 9am and 2pm, thousands of people will be out and about showing their dedication to beautifying the city. Post cleanup, Mayor Nutter will be hosting a BBQ at Lincoln Financial Field in South Philadelphia. Volunteers ride SEPTA for FREE to the BBQ and back home. Check out this link for details on how to help:

Philly Spring Cleanup – April 5

Mayor Michael Nutter is inviting you, citizens of Philadelphia, to help cleanup the city of Philadelphia, on April 5, from 9a.m. to 2p.m.

Here are his goals:
Recruit over 10,000 volunteers
Clean up 5,000 neighborhood blocks
Clean more than 50 commercial corridors along major thoroughfares
Clean 10 neighborhood recreation centers
Clean 10 areas in Fairmount Park
Remove over 1 million pounds of trash and litter from across the city!

If you’ve ever wanted to help out in making this city better, this is a great way to begin. It is very easy to sign up. I, for one, would be very happy for Philly to lose the reputation of “Philthadelphia.” Besides, aren’t we trying to become a green city?

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