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Merry Christmas!

On behalf of everyone at Philadelphia Metblogs, have a Merry, fun, safe, and rockin’ Christmas!


Hors D’Ouevres (Which Shall Be Obeyed At All Times Without Question!)

Don’t mention the war…I think I did it once..but I got away with it..”

Yeah, The Germans” is my favorite episode of “Fawlty Towers“. Which reminds me – My awesome new friend and I checked out the 1st ever Christmas Village at City Hall on Tuesday. Now I’m REALLY angry that my new computer isn’t here yet – because I took some rockin’ photos of some hilarious stuff I found.

I’ll tell ya about it, any way.


Support Philly Boys, and the Cradles to Crayons Foundation, in the Santa Speedo Run

Since the year 2000, the Philly Boys, a group of balls-out guys with hearts, have headed to Boston for the Santa Speedo Run, a charitable and hilarious 1.25-mile jog through freezing Boston. Every year, they raise money for a different charity, and this year it is the Cradles to Crayons Foundation, an organization that collects winter essentials for disadvantaged tykes. They really need some support, as a speedo isn’t enough! (I know, that was terrible.)

Our Philadelphia “boys” run on December 13. Please consider giving to this wonderful cause today by clicking on the “Philly Boys” link, above. Thanks!

Storming the Bastille

My first post today, the storming of the ‘Bastille’ (Eastern State Penitentiary) is reflected in this costume contest winner’s sunglasses.  Much merriment, Tastykake throwing, and watermelon beheading…


La Prise de la Bastille

The “storming of the Bastille” at Eastern State Penitentiary has become such a staple of mid-July Philadelphia, complete with “Let them eat Tastykake!”, but were you aware that this is a full four-day French extravaganza?

The Fairmount French Fling Weekend begins on Thursday, July 10, with a bar crawl starting at 7pm with Belgian Café, then moving on to other local drinkeries like Bishop’s Collar, London Grill, Rembrandt’s, St. Stephen’s Green, and Urban Saloon.

On Friday, Fairmount restaurants host food and wine tastings and dinner specials. Starting at 7:30pm, Ratatouille, Pepe Le Pew cartoons, and Paris Je T’aime screen outdoors on the lawn behind Eastern State.

Saturday brings the entire Bastille Day Street Festival, including tours at Eastern State, crafts and treats for kids, vendor tents and French foods, and live music. The storming of the Bastille begins in front of Eastern State at 5:30pm, followed by twilight tours of ESP and after-parties at participating Fairmount restaurants.

But then there’s still more food on Sunday! London Grill, Rembrandt’s, Trio, Belgian Café, and Urban Saloon offer French Champagne Brunch, featuring brunch specials with crêpes, beignets and other French delicacies.

Full information can be found on Eastern State’s website.

Because April is boring…

With Easter over, I began thinking, “when is the next major holiday?” Not in the near future, I can tell you. SO, I’ve searched far and wide for some excuses to celebrate. 1. First notable thing to do in Philly in April is to join the Philly Spring Clean-up. That should count as a Philly homestyle holiday. 2. Here is a list of April “holidays.” My favorite is Earth Day, April 22. Some of these are quite silly. Let me tell you that if the mail is delivered, it’s not a REAL holiday.

Lastly, I would like to remind you, Philadelphians, to look up. The cherry trees are blooming. The birds are chirping. And for today, the sun is shining! I don’t know how many times I’ve seen some piece of architecture I never noticed before, because I simply look up. I was reminded of this last weekend, when I was approaching the city from the east, Penn’s Landing, and only just noticed 2 new tall buildings along Front Street (which have probably been there for a while)! On top of that, there’s all this buzz about a new tall, tallest building, the American Commerce Center. Check it out!

I’m looking for funny bonnets

Does God care what you wear? I will be out and about to see what other people think they should be wearing to celebrate Easter. There is some sort of Easter-fashion-wear-your-bonnet parade/contest in Headhouse Square (2nd & Pine) on Sunday, March 23, from 1-3. Since I don’t really give a flying you-know-what about religious holidays, I will be going to people-watch. It sounds fun, and if you are religious, you can partake in this fashion show/contest! I think I read a mention of drag queens in the City Paper. Here is the real information.

Furthermore, if you want to play Halloween on Easter, you can just go drinking, dressed as a zombie. Thanks, as always, City Paper!

Michael Nutter is crazy…crazy like a FOX!

What a week!

Incredibly and unseasonably warm temperatures!
A new mayor!
A new mayor’s questionable moves!
A new mayor’s dependence of the phrase “educated workforce”!
The Flyers crushed the Rangers in New York!
Donovan McNabb knows how to type!
…and so much more!

Tomorrow it looks like it’s going to be sunny and fifty, and as Crazy Ray said today at work, “Ah dude, it’s gonna be sick!”
So get outside. Football doesn’t start until 4:30, so that gives everyone plenty of time to stroll around Olde City (watch out for bums,) Center City and the shopping district (watch out for bums,) South Philly (watch out for bums,) and maybe even Northern Liberties (watch out for hip bums.)

Tomorrow night is also the season opener for the Philadelphia Wings, the pro lacrosse team in town. Duuuuuuude, indoor lacrosse is a lot of fun to watch. It’s real fast, high scoring. Just good ol’ American, popped-collar fun. The Wings play the Chicago Shamrox. What a match up! The Shamrox! Not to be confused with the less-menacing Shamrocks.
I have no idea about anything involving this game except that it is tomorrow and it is at around 7ish and it is most likely at the Wachovia Center…but it might be at the Spectrum.
Go! Lacrosse is fun!

And hey, for the Eagles fans mouring the dismal 2007 season, yet still chanting E-A-G-L-E-S at every chance they get, there is some good news.

Brian Westbrook, already named to this year’s Pro Bowl, was named an All Pro, named after LaDanian Tomlinson and Andrian Peterson. You can catch BWest on the NFL Network during the Playoffs.

Pats, Colts
Giants, Packers

Pats vs. Giants
Pats 31 Giants 19

Veteran’s Day

Remember those who have fought for us, Monday November 12.
Photo taken by myself, Friday, November 9.
Independence Visitor’s Center, 6th and Market St.

Christmas time is here!

So is this the first tree of the season?

In a follow-up to my post the other day about spotting the christmas tree at Macy’s, I present a photo of said tree. Now I’m glad I didn’t have my camera the other day, because today you can see the lovely lights attached.

Christmas Tree at Macy's

Apologies for the blurriness, I took this photo near the elevators. Can someone get a nicer, better shot?

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