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No Smoke for You!

I would like to let you all know that I performed my civic duty on behalf of all non-smokers today. Our building, Two Liberty, bans all smoking within twenty feet of the entrance. I entered the building and let the security personnel know what insidious behavior was occurring only five feet from the building entrance. Mr. Nice Security Guard promptly got up to notify the pro-cancer-stick mob that they must move.

It felt good.

More joys of managed care

A quick follow up to my 20 Feb 07 post Joys of managed care. Yesterday I finally had time to look up local OB/Gyn offices to try to schedule my annual exam. I expected to wait at least a month, if not two, even in Chestnut Hill.

Guess when my appointment is? Today at 3:30. Even as a new non-pregnant patient they fit me in the very next day. I am, once again, amazed. I guess managed care isn’t quite so bad as long as you’re not trying for the convenience of a center/university city doctor.

Joys of managed care

Up until now my medical experiences in Philadelphia have been less than stellar. When I called my primary care office in University City I was regularly given wait times of 2-3 weeks for appointments, after being put on hold for quite some time. In lieu of actually being able to see a doctor, they would put me on the phone with a nurse. This persisted, even when I was coughing up blood in one instance. I’m sure the practices in University City give great patient care, but I have no idea how anyone actually gets in to receive said care.

The only experience more ridiculous than that was when I tried to find an OB/Gyn. I called around several practices listed with my PPO. Most of the time I was told “the doctor doesn’t have a calendar in.” I have no idea what that means, but anyone who would talk to me gave me wait times of up to six months for an appointment. Six months. If I’d been pregnant I may very well have given birth in my backyard by the time they were able to see me.

Getting Healthy with the Wii

So you made a resolution to excercise more, or maybe to join a gym, and most certainly to lose some of the extra weight you packed on but you have yet to make good on any of it and it’s not looking like it is going to happen either. Well Mickey DeLorenzo has a work-out routine for you that can be done in the comfort of your own home right in front of your television, and he’s not talking bow tie or RIchard Simmons either. Instead Mickey claims he has lost nine pounds playing video games.

Not just any video games mind you but instead Wii Sports for the Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Wii is the next generation video gaming console from Nintendo (the makers of such classics as Mario, Metroid and Zelda) and it features a new take on gaming. The Wii-mote uses motion sensing and DeLorenzo has molded a work-out routine to utilize these features. Of course it does involve a little more than sitting on your couch and waving your arm but I can honestly say that the Wii is a blast and if you can find one it is worth the buy and for $250 it’s cheaper than some year long gym memberships.

Check out DeLorenzo’s blog where he details his endevors here or check out the Gamespot review of Wii Sports.

The Phillly Plague Part 2

In a follow up to my own plaintive whine from Tuesday night, I am here to report two things:

1. This flu is tough. I made it through a morning at work before heading home again, since I refuse to pass out at my desk.

2. It’s not just me.

Who’d ever think I’d have any reason to be able to say “I’m just like Brian Westbrook”?

The Philly Plague?

A number of my co-workers have been sick and pukey during the last week or so, as was Matt’s family right after New Year’s. Now it’s my turn.

I’m wondering if this is the start of flu season ’round these parts, or just a natural outgrowth of the strange weather shifts we’ve been having of late.

Two Lungs Up

I wholeheartedly approve of the smoking ban passed yesterday, and I would like to officially applaud the city and the mayor for finally doing the right thing. For too long non-smokers have had no say in what they breathe in if they want to leave their house, meanwhile more progressive places such as New Jersey, Delaware, and New York realized previously what I’ve been saying for years.

Kudos Philadelphia. We have taken one more step toward being a legitimate first class city.
Now we just need to work on that “across the board” issue…

Not a dry eye in the house? Think again!

So according to the National Women’s Health Resource Center, Philadelphia ranks as number 24 on their dry eye hot spots list.

We come in right after NYC (#23) and Pittsburgh (#18); and this is a good time to be proud about being further down on the list. Bad pollution and poor weather are all contributing factors, which would probably explain why my contacts always go a little mad in the city.

Facials and Massages for fairly cheap

A couple of days ago, I got an email from a friend, with a recommendation. She had been having some stress related skin issues and so started looking around to find out if there was any place in Fishtown where she could get a good facial. What she discovered was Affordable Skin Care.

The email from Sara continued to say,

Now this place is nothing like the spa experience where you get the glass of wine and a robe and a fountain to sit next to . . but if you are thinking about getting into a skin care regiment this is the place. They offer hour long facials for $40, hour long massages for $75 (your choice) and waxing. The place is pretty basic – no frills – but she does seriously great work. I had a similar facial for over $100 in old city with the same exact line of products. She also allows you to take a sample size of any of the products for $5.

I’m not much of a facial girl myself, but this has me thinking that maybe I should check it out. You know, as research.

The ABC’s of HPV (free at Planned Parenthood)

A friend of mine works does a lot of work with the Younger Women’s Task Force in Philly and sent me an email about a presentation that Planned Parenthood is putting on about the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) tomorrow night. HPV is a mostly sexually transmitted infection that can cause women to develop cervical cancer. Researchers have recently developed a vaccine that can prevent infection, but it’s application is being held up by those in power who believe it will encourage women to act in a promiscuous manner.

More info after the jump…

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