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Philadelphia Book Festival: This Weekend

Saturday and Sunday, April 21 and 22, from 11am-7pm in and around the Central library at 19th and Vine, on the Parkway.Two days of great fun for family, friends, and booklovers.

Author Appearances
A Street Fair of Literary Exhibitors and Independent Authors
Children’s Programs and Entertainment
Live Musical Performances
All Events are FREE!
Come to the Festival

Free Hugs in Philly

You might have seen that Youtube clip where the man walks around with a sign, stating that he is offering ‘Free Hugs.’ For the first bit of the video, he gets turned down and people look at him like he is crazy, and then suddenly, everyone is taking him up on the offer of free hugs.

He has actually succeeded in starting a worldwide movement where people mimic what he did, in an attempt to bring a little joy/happiness/friendliness into the lives of others. Well, some folks are organizing themselves to do some free hugging here in Philly this Saturday, April 14th at 1 pm in Love Park (seems appropriate). If you want to be a free hugger, make a sign and go on down there. If you just want a singular free hug, make sure to stop by. If you have any questions about this, email Jason.

First day of spring coffee

Although the weather does not support this truth, today is the first day of spring. Among the many things this means for gardeners, fashionistas and astrologers, it also means that Dunkin’ Donuts is giving away free iced coffee all day long. So, while it may not break 50 degrees today, go confirm for yourself that spring is truly here with a free drink.

Head of the Schuylkill

It’s a regatta, not a Philadelphia-based zombie movie. The latter would be fun, too, though. I digress. This Saturday the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta starts very early at 7:00 AM and continues though to dinner time with the last race at 5:15. Competitors range in age from high school through to masters in their 50’s and boats range from singles to those huge 8 person deals. My rowing jargon is not very good, so I’ll defer to the official web site to offer you more information:

I find some people have the misconception of a regatta as a snooty event populated by Bree Vandekamp types wearing cashmere twinsets and sun hats. Not at all. There are all kinds of people there from every age group. It’s a fun family event, and the fall foliage on the river should be just about at peak.

Free Photography Lessons

PhotoLounge, which I remember from the days when it was still CBOP, is offering a collection of free services in their attempt to be the single stop in the city for all things photography. I’m on their mailing list because I’ve had them do prints of my digital pictures more than once, and I like to go in occasionally and ogle the cameras on display. The most recent email I got from them included an offer for a free photo coaching sessions this Saturday, September 16th. Eric Mencher will be there from 11 am until 12 noon to share tips on how to take pictures like a photojournalist and Sarah Miller of Sarah Miller Photography will offer expert tips from 1-3 pm. If you want to go, let them know by RSVPing here.

The PhotoLounge is at 1909 Chestnut St.

Free Screening: The Saint of 9/11

Tonight at 7:30 on Penn’s Landing at the Great Plaza there will be a free screening of the documentary, The Saint of 9/11. The film detais the life of NYPD chaplain Father Mychal Judge who passed while giving last rites in the lobby of tower one. I wish I could write more but my eyes are already starting to well up at my desk. This isn’t an easy day for anyone. For more details see the Inquirer.

Looking for a way to make a career change?

I was mindlessly flipping through the Philadelphia Free Library website tonight, mostly to see what the lecture series is going to look like this year, when I stumbled across this nice little tidbit. The library offers a class called Workplace Wednesdays. It is a series of 6-7 classes on job hunting offered every two months from September through June each year. They say, “You’ll work closely with instructors on all aspects of getting a position, beginning with identifying your skills and finding the right job “fit.” There are two sessions on resume writing and the final class focuses on interviews.” If you are looking for a way to get some free help with your resume and job search skills, this sounds like an excellent option.

Classes are usually held from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the Skyline Room on the fourth floor of the Central Library, 1901 Vine Street. Please call (215) 686-5436 for more information.

Things To Do In Northeast Philly That’s Not Franklin Mills or Neshaminy Mall (Part 2)

Pennypack Park Music Festival
Pennypack Park, off of Rhawn Street

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. And, I guess, supporting imitators is the sincerest form of flattering those they’re imitating. The Pennypack Park Music Festival is the sincerest form of rocking out in Northeast Philadelphia. Every Wednesday for the summer, the park has been holding concerts for free in the park. Some of the acts that I’ve missed includes a Bon Jovi tribute band, a The Who tribute band, a Rolling Stones tribute band, and a Bruce Springstreet tribute band. I went last week to see the Billy Joel tribute band, and it really exceeded my expectations. The music was well done and the band really did rock. I saw croud surfing, people. There are three concerts left, including Supernatual (the Santana tribute band) tomorrow, and in two weeks, Led Zepplin and Black Sabbath tribute bands.

All the concerts are located in Pennypack Park, and they run from 7 PM to around 9-10 PM. They really are a lot of fun. Don’t mind that they’re not the actual bands, and you’ll have a lot of fun.

Up, Up and Away

Okay, how’s this for a fun marketing stunt?

Snapple, maker of “The Best Stuff on Earth,” celebrates high tea by taking Philadelphia area residents up, up and away in an oversized personal helium balloon tricked out with tea leaves. The event marks the launch of the company’s premium line of White Teas. A 22-foot oversized personal helium balloon will soar over the city, taking riders 100 feet into the air, providing them with a skyscraper’s eye-view of Philadelphia. Those on the ground will marvel at the sight of the bobbing balloon while enjoying free samples of Snapple White Tea. TeaMeister James Labe will be on-site, to share his expert opinion about the health benefits of tea.

FREE Wednesday, June 12
Noon – 2
King of Prussia Mall Lord & Taylor Parking Lot.

You see, white tea is purported to be especially light, and so that’s why the advertising is all about rising light as air in a balloon. It works on different levels, you see?

If I didn’t have a job, I might go. Alas, I must instead pay the piper with due attention to the responsibilities of employment.

Image source: Hot Alternatives custom balloons.


So this week’s WXPN Live Friday Free at Noon concert is rather on the sold out side; They Might Be Giants has quite a following, it would seem. And their fans like free.

If you’d like to catch the show and you weren’t lucky enough to score those free tickets, you can always listen live online or tune your radio to 88.5FM during your lunch hour.

I’m not so much a TMBG fan, but my loving and caring partner very much is so somehow I have quite a collection of their songs hiding away in iTunes. If I’m awake, I’ll be listening to see if they sing my favorite song (Yeh Yeh).

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